Photograph by Hyunseong

  1. True-It has four angles, sides, vertices.
  2. False-This shapes has 2 parallel sides. It should have 1.
  3. False-Attributes doesn’t match. This shape has right angles, and rhombus needs same length of side.
  4. True-It has parallel sides.
  5. True-2 set of sides’ length are same. It has (4) right angles, sides, vertices, and it’s parallel.

The New Math Skills!

New Math Skill

Photo on 2-18-16 at 16_Fotor

     Yesterday, evening, I learned a Math skill that how to multiply the fraction, we multiply numerator by numerator, and denominator by denominator for example 41/100 times 12/100 equals 492/10,000, this is not that hard if do you know the multiplication. Nam Nam and Adrian said it’s wrong, but it’s actually right. 🙂 


     We learned a Math unit called fraction. Fraction means the part of the whole, example 12. One of my favorite things in fraction is improper fraction. Improper fraction is that numerator is bigger than denominator.


And mixed fraction is almost same with Improper fraction, but it’s mixed with a proper number like 1, and with a fraction. example 112.


 Yesterday, Oct 7, 2015, we finished our ‘Metric System’ Unit.

We learned Volume, Weight, and Length. It was not hard but tricky.

I think It’s importent part of the life.

I wonder what’s next unit^^