My Favorite Game CWS

My favorite game is Overwatch, and many people like that game too! Once I was playing competitive mode in Overwatch, and someone was just yelling out and staying bad things. I reported them , and I thought there were many kinds of people in the world. When I was playing other game mode, I just tried to relax and chill. Although I wasn’t mad, but there was a user that used hack! That was the first time I saw people using a game hack in Overwatch. I reported them.

When I first finished my competitive placement matches, I got the score of 1412, and it is bronze. I was shocked and I worked really hard, and I finally got to silver. I was bragging to my friends because he was also playing, and he was still bronze. After I went to silver, I went to gold. I bragged and I went to platinum, and I bragged. Finally, I went to diamond, that is about top 13 to 10%.

I think this game is the game I will remember for my life forever.

My goal was… I will write at least have 70 correct word sequences.

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