My Favorite Game CWS

My favorite game is Overwatch, and many people like that game too! Once I was playing competitive mode in Overwatch, and someone was just yelling out and staying bad things. I reported them , and I thought there were many kinds of people in the world. When I was playing other game mode, I just tried to relax and chill. Although I wasn’t mad, but there was a user that used hack! That was the first time I saw people using a game hack in Overwatch. I reported them.

When I first finished my competitive placement matches, I got the score of 1412, and it is bronze. I was shocked and I worked really hard, and I finally got to silver. I was bragging to my friends because he was also playing, and he was still bronze. After I went to silver, I went to gold. I bragged and I went to platinum, and I bragged. Finally, I went to diamond, that is about top 13 to 10%.

I think this game is the game I will remember for my life forever.

My goal was… I will write at least have 70 correct word sequences.

Cyberbullying Pharagraph

When the cyberbullying happens on the school grounds, schools should be responsible for punishing cyberbullies because some schools know the usage of the laptops of the students. Lucas Chen states, “Deb Socia, a principal at a middle school in Dorchester, Massachusetts, monitors activity and data on the laptops the school gives to students.” Schools should be a safe place for students to be educated. For example, when there’s cyberbullying happening at school and nobody knows what is happening, that is the worst thing that we could imagine. It is logical that when someone keeps track of the students, the situation will be better for students to get education. Because they will know what’s happening faster for the victim. They can possibly help or keep track of cyberbullying better. Therefore, knowing what is happening in school is a job of the principal. When there is cyberbullying happening at school, that is when the principal has to prevent that situation from affecting the education badly for the students. Cyberbullying shouldn’t be happening, but it should stop immediately when it happens.

Schools (should) be accountable for discipling cyberbullies when both the victim and bully is from the school, and see if they have any impact on the academic performance. One reason is that the victim can prove that the bully violated the victim if the victim’s performance in school is not as expected. To illustrate, some victims in the school need to take a screenshot the harassment to show evidence of the bully if needed. The cyberbullying might make a bad affect on the students. For example, the target might be distracted in the test time by the bully, so the victim’s grade might be impacted. As a result, once students or the target show the harassment message to the school, it’s 100% school’s responsibility to discipling the bullies so the performance of the students isn’t negatively affected.

  1. What new insights do you have into cyberbullying? What aspects of this problem do you know about now that you weren’t aware of before?

I didn’t know that some part of cyberbullying needed to be take cared by schools. I thought the cyberbullying was just a job of the messenger or a game company’s problem.

     2. What did try throughout the writing process? How did it help you be successful?

I tried to use different words in different sentences and conclusion. It helped me to not repeat the things that I said.

    3. What is your biggest take-away from our class discussions about this topic? Why?

I think the biggest takeaway was the word choices, because we got some academic words that fits into the topic. Because it is really useful. For example: School-ground, emotionally, physically and etc.