Cát Tiên National Park

Moon Bear Center

We went to moon bear center on day 2, and it was the most interesting part in Cát Tiên. We didn’t cross the river, we just walked there by the path. First, we hide the food for them, like watermelon, guava, banana, and taro and pear looking fruit. We all put at least one scoop of peanut butter. We hid food on the tree, the barrel that can roll, big top for bears, and under the tree. Another group different than mine made bamboo food that they need to open it to eat banana leaves and others, Catherine and I put extra fruits for them. Moon bear center was the place with most scorpions. When we are going up the specter’s place, there was still many scorpions so we couldn’t get up the stairs, after few minutes, we could get up. Some moon bears were going up the big top, some were walking around for fruits on the trees, some were spinning the barrels, and some were trying to open the bamboo. Interesting behavior of the bears with bamboo was they were rolling the bamboo, hitting it, and put his tongue in the hole of the bamboo. One opened it by using their paw holding with one hand and taking out with another, it was really interesting. Another one was still using his hand for rolling it, so it was different with another bear. They both got their food after some time, so they actually were smart. Other bears spin the barrel and got their food, other bears went up the big top and got their peanut butter, but the interesting thing was they were going down backward like humans, we all thought that they will go straight like other animals, but they didn’t.

Unexpected Moments

I wasn’t expecting that there would be night safari, and it will be cold there, we saw many animals(almost all were baby sambar deer). I never saw cotton hopper before, but I saw them in Cát Tiên, and scorpions, I didn’t know that here were some scorpions that small, but I saw it there. My favorite moment was when we were roasting marshmallows because it was a new experience for me, and it tasted good!

Cát Tiên As Sustainability?

Remember that we are using it by a case study, that how Cát Tiên can connect with our topic!

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