We are innovating the “Easy Curtain Up” with little bits. It makes turning the curtain up easily. We figured out our problem first, then we prepared the project. Our problem was electricity was wasted when outside is bright, so we got idea of the “Easy Curtain Up”

We are thinking we connect 2 strings with pulley, and when the slide dimmer was put on the left side, the pulley works left, and it will go up, we are preferring to go with the middle, and down. It would be like it when the slide dimmer is on middle and down. We made pulley with moter.

Image HERE


Photograph by Hyunseong

  1. True-It has four angles, sides, vertices.
  2. False-This shapes has 2 parallel sides. It should have 1.
  3. False-Attributes doesn’t match. This shape has right angles, and rhombus needs same length of side.
  4. True-It has parallel sides.
  5. True-2 set of sides’ length are same. It has (4) right angles, sides, vertices, and it’s parallel.