Group Homework (Video Games)

Video Game

The first video game is made on 1958, and its ‘Tennis for Two’, and it takes lots of time to make the  game like Minecraft, or something like you know.

We need video games, because we play it, when it’s automatically move, in the game, we are just watching videos, but we are playing games, video games so we can play it and enjoy it, that’s why we need video games.

The New Math Skills!

New Math Skill

Photo on 2-18-16 at 16_Fotor

     Yesterday, evening, I learned a Math skill that how to multiply the fraction, we multiply numerator by numerator, and denominator by denominator for example 41/100 times 12/100 equals 492/10,000, this is not that hard if do you know the multiplication. Nam Nam and Adrian said it’s wrong, but it’s actually right. 🙂 


     We learned a Math unit called fraction. Fraction means the part of the whole, example 12. One of my favorite things in fraction is improper fraction. Improper fraction is that numerator is bigger than denominator.


And mixed fraction is almost same with Improper fraction, but it’s mixed with a proper number like 1, and with a fraction. example 112.

Guest Musicians in Music

Guest Musicians in Music

     I forgot when, but before the tet, we went to Music early, because the musician is leaving afternoon. There was many instruments but… I forgot the name, there was instrument like banjo, violin, bamboo xylophone and one stringed instrument. I played 16 stringed instrument.

Fantasy Share Day!

Fantasy Share Day

     Before tet, our parents came to school, because of our fantasy sharing. We tell what we learn, how to code, with scratch2 and I wanted to do it her self, but it was little bit hard for her.                             I read my story to her, and she say it’s good, but not actually. 😥

dragon-cut-out     IMG_1407