Forms of Energy

Last Thursday and Friday, we learned about energy, and we learned Kinetic, Light, Thermal, and Electrical energy.

Roller Coaster=Kinetic energy.

Light Bulb=Light energy.

Brick Oven=Thermal energy.

Wires&Battery=Electrical energy.


Moter+Battery=Kinetic energy.

Battery+Wire+Iron+Light Bulb=Light energy.

Battery+Wire+Iron+Light Bulb=Thermal energy. because Battery(s) and/or Light Bulb(s) is/are burned up.

Electrical energy=All the way Up there.

Film Festival!

 Yesterday, Nov 6, 2015 we were trying to make our Vibrant Vietnam film festival good, but it’s even better! It was very nice for me, because I enjoyed yummy food, Art houses, nice lighting, (not on the stage) and microphone! I think it was professional, and amazing. I felt excited, and nervous.

Everyone’s documentary was very good, and every MC were nice too! The food, it was fantastic. I think we should make a trailer, too. It was super cool.


Bad thing is…

It was late… but, it’s OK, because it was cool, and I think… Photo Booth was not very good idea, but nice idea, I think we are awesome!!! ˚w˚but!!! my documentary has mistake… subtitle was late in ‘Anise’ but… It was funny too..(for me!) 

PS. my MC thing was not good 😥

Bye~ 🙂





After Making Documentary!!!

 About 2 months ago, We  were working on documentary, but I taught it takes a long, but it only takes 2 months!!!

 We work a lot in 2 months, it takes some time but I learned a lot. 

(Teamwork, Vote for better idea, Doing all our work, Don’t bully friend, When another friend is distracted to other thing remind them… etc)

And we were working to learn vietnamese culture and We learned about it. 

I enjoy to make subtitles, and I think almost all of the documentary project went well.

Um.. next, I think we should make voice over with good and nice microphone… but it was nice!!IMG_0711-2