A Great Artist Loan Phi Nguyen!!

Today, September 23, 2015, in art class, we saw a great artist, Loan Phi Nguyen. She make an example for we, and she cut the paper with hands and she has a great skills to make artwork, and she help me when I was not doing very well. She’s artwork was so wonderful. When I was finished my artwork, and she signed for me.(only me in the class!!)She is a great artist.




Stream Table Experiment!

Yesterday, we did an experiment. It was so amazing and fun, because before experiment, we learned about the Grand Canyon. We had to make the sand very flat, but we didn’t make it very good, than Mr. Hoa come. Then, he made it very flat with right angled wood, but he made a mess with a popsicle-stick. It was so funny! We put that popsicle-stick in the hole, then we stuck the ruler to the green container with tape and we put some water on top of the ruler. Our container’s hole is small and the water is not going down well, but then, the sand is falling down!!! It was looking like a canyon. I want to do that experiment one more time! 😉



Field Trip!!!

 This Tuesday, we went to field trip, and first, we were going to water pupet show.IMG_0206That was so amazing, because the rice grown when farmer put the rice.(or some plants.)IMG_0207

Than we go to ‘Park1’ and eat our snack. Than go to some where and saw ‘Ho Chi Min’.IMG_1148 Than we go to Art Museum. It was too bad. Because I had an headache, but I think it was amazing art, and we walk to ‘Park2’. Than we eat our home lunch, that was so so so yam~~ than we take a bus and come to the school!! it was so fun!