My Social Studies Minecraft Project

What are three new things I learned about geography & early human settlement?

  • I learned that how does the flood helps the farmer to plant vegetation.
  • I learned that there was a place called Canaan
  • I learned some new vocabulary words like ‘silt, vegetation, topography and flood(noun and verb)’

What are two things that I am proud of in my project?

I’m proud that I did my world in flat land, and made everything up by my self, and also my editing skill.

What is one thing I would do differently if I were to do this project again?

I would make my video shorter, so anyone can watch it fast and easy.


Our topic is ‘Standing Desk that Generates Electricity from Kinetic Energy by Swing’. It’s basically higher desk that is adjustable height, and swing underneath that you can swing, that can generates electricity. I’m interested of this topic, because this was new. I’ve never saw any, and I didn’t think of this idea, but I got what is it. I researched, but there’s not we are finding. We want to make a tall desk, but there’s only ideas like coffee table on the desk, so it’s higher. Now, I’m finding how can we make energy by swinging, and how much does a desk coast. I’m using MISO like a check list that we should complete everything, so we can be perfect.

Cát Tiên National Park

Moon Bear Center

We went to moon bear center on day 2, and it was the most interesting part in Cát Tiên. We didn’t cross the river, we just walked there by the path. First, we hide the food for them, like watermelon, guava, banana, and taro and pear looking fruit. We all put at least one scoop of peanut butter. We hid food on the tree, the barrel that can roll, big top for bears, and under the tree. Another group different than mine made bamboo food that they need to open it to eat banana leaves and others, Catherine and I put extra fruits for them. Moon bear center was the place with most scorpions. When we are going up the specter’s place, there was still many scorpions so we couldn’t get up the stairs, after few minutes, we could get up. Some moon bears were going up the big top, some were walking around for fruits on the trees, some were spinning the barrels, and some were trying to open the bamboo. Interesting behavior of the bears with bamboo was they were rolling the bamboo, hitting it, and put his tongue in the hole of the bamboo. One opened it by using their paw holding with one hand and taking out with another, it was really interesting. Another one was still using his hand for rolling it, so it was different with another bear. They both got their food after some time, so they actually were smart. Other bears spin the barrel and got their food, other bears went up the big top and got their peanut butter, but the interesting thing was they were going down backward like humans, we all thought that they will go straight like other animals, but they didn’t.

Unexpected Moments

I wasn’t expecting that there would be night safari, and it will be cold there, we saw many animals(almost all were baby sambar deer). I never saw cotton hopper before, but I saw them in Cát Tiên, and scorpions, I didn’t know that here were some scorpions that small, but I saw it there. My favorite moment was when we were roasting marshmallows because it was a new experience for me, and it tasted good!

Cát Tiên As Sustainability?

Remember that we are using it by a case study, that how Cát Tiên can connect with our topic!

Close Reading Reflection

Describe what Close Reading is.

Close reading is deep reading that is thoughtful and critical reading.

Did you actually read the text 3 times?

The last task was when you are riding it in 3rd time, you can answer these questions, so we read 3 times, but each time it was for different reason.

Did you read the text again before filling out the 3 sections, or did you look at #2 and #3 and just try to answer them without rereading the entire text?

I read 1 more time before I start the page, but I got help from the second section.

What is a Main Idea?  Can you give an example in your explanation?

Ecosystem was the huge main idea of it, and it means all the living things and non-living things in that area. Example:Ecosystem of this river has many fish and rocks with fresh water! All the living things and non-living things are nice. This is the best ecosystem I saw! 

How can Close Reading help you, think about heading to middle school and high school!

Close reading helps you to concentrate, and think deeper, and I think close reading in meddle school to high school, it’s going to be really helpful.

Green Dragons : Sustainability Practices

Today, we started a new unit called the ‘Green Dragons’. We were learning, and understanding word sustain and sustainability. Meanings of the sustain are protect, save, take care, have to, survive, help, and some more. Sustainability is keep going and maintaining. I wonder if this unit, we help the keep goes world maintaining, and can we help it, or not, and how can we purpose it to the head of the school? I’m thinking that we can help it by trashing less, get food as much as you can eat, and rather get a bag then a plastic bag. The unit connects me to know green, the nature, and dragons are us, so we can sustainable.


We are innovating the “Easy Curtain Up” with little bits. It makes turning the curtain up easily. We figured out our problem first, then we prepared the project. Our problem was electricity was wasted when outside is bright, so we got idea of the “Easy Curtain Up”

We are thinking we connect 2 strings with pulley, and when the slide dimmer was put on the left side, the pulley works left, and it will go up, we are preferring to go with the middle, and down. It would be like it when the slide dimmer is on middle and down. We made pulley with moter.

Image HERE


Photograph by Hyunseong

  1. True-It has four angles, sides, vertices.
  2. False-This shapes has 2 parallel sides. It should have 1.
  3. False-Attributes doesn’t match. This shape has right angles, and rhombus needs same length of side.
  4. True-It has parallel sides.
  5. True-2 set of sides’ length are same. It has (4) right angles, sides, vertices, and it’s parallel.

Lemonade War Reflection

In our class, we were reading a book entitled “Lemonade War”. It’s about 2 siblings. The sister is younger and the brother is older. The sister was accelerated from 2nd grade to 4th grade. Moreover, she became a classmate to her brother. He was being mad by that, and they made a deal that they sell lemonade and winner(closest, or the highest to 100) gets all the money. Two main characters are Jesse, the sister and Evan. I would say I catched some bug, and tryed to take some picture and when I trying to get camera, it went in, and I was sorry. If I was Evan, I would say I revenged. That’s it. I’m in Evan’s side, because Jesse started it first.


  • What book are we reading in class together?
  • What is the conflict between the two main characters?
  • What would YOU do if you were Jesse, and coming home from the beach?
  • What would YOU do if you were Evan, and coming home from your friend’s pool?
  • Any other thoughts you have in reflection about this book.


Question We Have Beginning Reflection

\¿/ Questions /?\

  • What have you done so far in this inquiry journey?
  • Be specific with the steps you have taken.
  • What has been a challenge so far?
  • What are you excited about?
  • What do you wonder?

\¡/ Reflection /!\

Adding informations from KidsInfoBits. Figured out how and what’s the best, so I found about 3 best information that exactly fits on my topic. I only took a step that I got the good information. I hope it’s going to be great. Not that many challenging things, but I can’t find the good information anymore in KidsInfoBits. I’d like if there’s more website such as wikipedia. I’m exited about learning good website for us, so we can find more information. I’m wondering why did Mrs. Johnson said “We will learn more website, but not Google like you learned in Library.” so I don’t get why not Google. We only learned one thing why Google is not the best choice, bad thing was, there was so many informations like-



I personally like this unit!