Drawing Reflection

Hello My name is Tony and I chose my art goal to drawing a robot using 3D drawing and shading. I learned how to draw 3D square first. Ms.M called me to come at recess time. So me and Ms.M practiced making 3D squares. We started to drawing a square first. And then I started to draw a robot with 3D shape. And I started to shade the parts with blaming stick. And then, my friends helped me to use blaming stick.

Explorer Unit Play Reflection!

Hello! Last week, we did the Explorer Unit Play! Our group made our own script in brought our won costumes!
Q:How did you prepare for your skit?

A: Me and my team talked about it and we decided what props or costumes are we going to bring. And we also wrote our scripts in our computers. I think we practiced for 2 or 3 days. We kind of argued about who is going to be the characters.

Q:Who was in it with you?

A; Our team was Tim,Tony,Zack and Sieun. Tim was the king. I was Christopher Columbus’s dad. Zack was Christopher Columbus. And Sieun was Christopher Columbus’s mom and the queen.

Q:What / who was your skit about?

A; It was about Christopher Columbus’s early life. Our play was when Christopher Columbus was born and his mom and dad named him Christopher Columbus. When he grows up, he gets 3 ships from King Ferdinand II and Queen Isabella.

Q; What are you proud of about your skit?

A: I am proud of my skit when we tried our best and prepared. Everyone didn’t forgot thier lines. I wish everyone enjoyed our play.

Q:What do you feel you could have done better?

A: Maybe we could make it more longer. Next time, we will bring more better costumes because my costume doesn’t fit with the scene.

Q:On a scale of 1-4, what would you give yourself on your performance and why?

A: 3. Because I thnk we did very well but I was sad beause we brought weird costumes like black cloth, or USA shirt.

Q: What did you really like or admire about someone else’s skit?

A: It was cool.


Hello! Yesterday, our soccer team had a SISAC tournament. 8 different schools came to our school. It was challenging but fun. It was raining when we had a soccer match. Me and my friends were so cold but still it was very fun. I wanted to be the 1st place but we didn’t. Our team was 4th place. We almost went to 2nd place but we failed so we almost went to 3rd place but we also failed. So we got 4th place. I am very sad and disappointed. So I am waiting for the next time. But when I am in 5th grade, I will do 5 or 6 sports!

Explorers Ship Making

Hello. My name is Tony. Last time, our group made a Christopher Colombus’s ship. We tried to make Nina ship. But, we couldn’t finish. But still, I like my boat. I think we did well, but the problem was that we used to much hot glue so it was kind of ugly. Our teamwork was not so good but it was not too bad. It was just normal. When I do this next time, I will not use too much hot glue.

Book Club Reflection

On April, we started our book club. In my group there is Miso, Zack, and Veronica. We had 3 meetings and we all had to read the books and discuss about the story of the book. We all chose our job. My job was summarizer, Discussion Director and hilighter. We discussed about the book, respect others, and no shouting. It was very fun.

Earth week!

This week is an earth week. Monday is meatless monday. I suggest you to don’t eat meat. Tuesday is Tinkering Tuesday. Wednesday is no trash day! Do not throw trash on the floor. Thursday is lights off day. I suggest you to turn off the light. Friday is gallery walk day.