Cat Tien was so cool! It was like the 3rd coolest place in the world. The part I liked best was the part that we had to perform a singing thing it was epic. We sang a Llama song...It goes like this...Happy llama Sad Llama Mentally disturbed llama super llama drama llama big fat mama llama and more but I do not want to write the whole thing. (^з^)-☆ Also we played a game. It was like red light green light but instead of saying red light green light he said red fish blue fish , One fish two fish. It was by Dr.Seuss!

I used to love Dr. Seuss when I was young I still love his books. Mr.Adam must have read my mind because he chose just the right thing to say when we played the game! The game was really fun. But we had to back a lot of times. I was sometimes angry. We were so close to getting into the finish line but then he guessed it. After something like 20 tries we finally got to the finish line and we won! Yippy!

The singing with no music was ok. But it kinda sounded so normal. But still natural singing was the best. The fire gave us warmth. Without the fire I would have died. Because we were doing it in the night. The nights at Cat Tien was somewhat cold. Wait never mind very cold. I was freezing my back of. The back of me was facing towards the cold night. But my front was faced towards the fire so I was ok.( In Front )  (^з^)-☆. (^з^)-☆ I loved the Bon Fire It was the best.25245464996_9b20ef1232_o

Picture Of the Bon Fire.


We learned about how to subtract fractions and add fractions and what we learned there was we had to have the same denominator and and then we could subtract or add it and if the question was something like this 3/4 and 5/3 you have to do 4 multiply 3 and 3 by 4 and then you will get the same thing and then you have to multiply the the thing that was being multiplied so like this 3/4 * 3 and 5/3 * 4.

And we also did the bookshelf because we had to think about how to measure and stuff like that also cut it at an write angle and all that. We had to build an square box to think about the things.

Yesterday presentations, I was at this classroom. The presentation went very well at first I told them to wright specific comments but my listeners were people who didn't know english very well.

I was really petrified and scared when the people came because I was worried if they can hear me or if they can understand english. The hardest part was when I was interviewing Mr.Keller he would ask me some questions and I would not know.

It was nice though because they gave me comments and how to make it better.I proved myself I can give a presentation without getting nervous.

Dear Mrs. Jonhson,

This is my reflection.
My change agent I explained it well enough for people to get. Most people got what I was talking about and they now what my topic was. They got how it changed and affected lives. I know this because some of them said that if we did not have the Ozone we would not have food to live and it helps us from disease.
Also Mrs. Johnson said that I had to keep eye contact with the people that I'm talking to instead of the paper. So I have to improve on that I also have to improve the text and pictures because on the paper that we got back I needed more text and pictures. I also need to reduce the amount of text I have because I have to much text and only four pictures. I have to add more pictures so it can be balanced enough.
My digital presentation I should explain what CFC is because no one got what CFC is. I also need to make the text a bit more bigger so the people can read what it says. I also have to try not to read my notes a lot like it's a live and I should try to talk to the audience.I also have to talk more loudly to the audience because one person said that he could not here anything and didn't learn anything at all.
I explained my change agent well enough more most people to get but I still need to improve my voice volume. Most student did understand my change agent and how it changed the world because 17 out of 20 got what my topic was. My feed back from Mrs. Johnson was to make my text bigger for people to read and explain what CFC was because no one understood it.This can help me because if I change my text they would be able to read it and understand more about it. I can change my text to limit it because I have to much text.


   The Ozone affected society because it changed how people thought about space was just something that was there and that was supposed to be there and do nothing. But the Ozone changed the peoples thoughts about space.  The second reason that the Ozone affected society is how it helps people live and grow food and not get UV which hurts the human body and give the human body diseases and infections. Thirdly the Ozone affected society because it had a new subject O3 which is a subject that is used in the Ozone. It has O and O2 added together and O is only 1 subject and you add 2 more which is 3 and O3 is very rare you cannot have that on earth because it is very dangerous and if you breath it in it can hurt the body.

So today we had a to explain about a book that we read from homework and took notes so we can teach other people what we already know. We had a lot of fun when we did it.

As a teacher.......I had enjoyed it when my partner(Tracey) listened I liked it when she asked me about what a word is and I can explain it. A teacher has to also has to be a very organized on so if you can't do that you are not a real teacher.

As a listener....... I enjoyed being told what I didn't know. I also carefully listen and be quite and spoke when it was necessary. As a learner I had fun listening and feeding on the information. I had fun trying to listening and being partners. This also helped me on my listening skills.

I hoped you enjoyed reading.

see you bye!!!!!!!!!!




  • What was the most challenging thing(s) about doing the


process video?


It was trying to explain to people who will watch my video what it’s all about.


  1. Do you think you clearly explained your learning in your

video? Why or Why not?


No. Why? Well Because I didn’t really explain it about the mixing and experiencing I just explained how we learned how to measure right amounts for drinks.


  1. What would you change if you did this again? Why?


I would change the pictures because The pictures do not go well with the explanation.


  1. What was the most important thing you learned in doing

the Process Video?


The most important thing that I learned in the process video is putting pictures and explaining what the picture has on it in writing or talking.

This is my thingy dingy!!!!?

I learned how to overlap on my painting. I don't I'm not use to doing it because I was taught a different way. first we did warm colors next to cool colors. I also learned that you don't need to have a full thing like a cake or a cup in your painting you can crop. I also learned that you don't need to have a grey color for your shadow you can put in a cool color for your shadow.

we also learned to paint  the cake or cup with any of your surroundings.

first we made a cake with a cylinder or any of your surroundings,  then we fill it with colors like warm colors next to cool colors then we then we put overpainting. I also use the color blue for the shadow I did not do a shadow because I did not want ti put any shadow in it.

The most challenging part of the painting is the overpainting Because I like my painting the way it is but they say that you need to put another color over and but I figure put the  colors I like over each other and still have the color I like.

I like the part where I can decorate my cake it would look so delicious I actually want to eat it but that would make me sick which I would not want since my whole class and here is my painting!!!


Photo on 10-14-15 at 12.14 PM