G4 Talks (Independent Me Unit)

Today we present our G4 talks. I felt so nervous that my heart was bumping so quickly that my family, friend, and the teachers could hear my heart bumping! I was the 5th person to go to the stage. Then the 4th people went up.. then it was my partner and my turn! When I stand on the stage I was to nervous that I almost forgot my script! When we start I just pretend like I was not nervous. There was to many people. But I just say all my script and went down. When I was presenting I was so happy that I can say obesity right! After performance I a little sad that I said energetic wrong I said like energitic. On whole performance first I was very nervous then it was so fun! I am proud that I said obesity right! And I’m proud that I speak clearly. I say energetic wrong and I didn’t say loudly. I am thank you to every body that helped me example Mr. papaseit, Mr Ross, Mr. Hoa…. and lots more! Thank you every body!

Icky Ooey Gooey Experiments!!!

Have you ever touched a pig heart? Well, we did!

I touched the pig heart! It was so slimy, watery, and a little heavy! Also, Mrs. Fox have cut the heart into halves! The blood came out from the heart! Also, I learned many things about the heart, such as the heart being connected to millions of blood cells that connect through the body!

Have you ever felt or touched the lungs? Guess what, I did!

I touched the pig lungs! It was slimy. Then, Mr.Ross have put the air in it! Then, it got bulky! It was amazing! Also, I learned many things about lungs such as the lungs being the ‘Factory’ of carbon dioxide and takes in the oxygen and let us breathe.

Thank you for listening.


G4 talks

Today Mrs. Fossgreen, Mrs. Fox, Mr. Papaseit, Chelsea and Manabi showed us an example of G4 talks. Mr. Papaseit talked about technology. What I learned about technology is that it helps Earth to be developed. Mrs. Fossgreen talked about healthy foods. I learned that healthy foods are important to our body. Mrs. Fox talked about sleeping. What I learned for sleeping is that it is important. Chelsea and Manabi talked about pets. What I learned about pets are that they are important to people because pets are like your family. I think I learned many things about technology, healthy foods, sleeping and pets. I’m going to do my best on the stage!( I’m a little excited about G4 talks).

Miso (Unit 2)’s Post on Wednesday, January 25, 2017

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This blog is a reflection of this week in school.
We did lots of things like Lion dance, tet assembly, G4 project, and many things. My favorite was tet assembly.


I like tet assembly because it’s cool and fun. Also I like G4 project because it’s was very cool ?.


My challenging part was buddy because she was to slow that we only made one also my challenging part is Macro photos because the insects keep flying away.

Miso (Unit 2)’s Post on Friday, December 2, 2016

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This week in math, we started solving two step word problems. This is a word problem that you needed to know it’s fun and cool!


Before I learned about 2step problems it was hard to solve problems.


After Trying it, I know that it’s not easy to learn but it’s helpful.