My Moon Hat

Today I finished making my moon hat. I finished this in about 6 days? Yeah, about 5 or 6 days. I learned that it is hard to make the hat. Also it was hard to make ideas,  and hot glue. We sketched our model of hat first then, start to make it. It could be better if I had other idea.

Learning journey!!

On Friday, we did our learning journeys! Learning journey is that you show your  parent what we learned in this unit, and this year. We showed how to do stream tables, stream table is that you learn how the river goes through the sand and clay stuffs. Then makes a ocean. We showed our best math test. Oh! Also we read our books to our parents, we did this to show our parents our reading skills. We showed our documentary. Then we need to interview our parents, and our parents need to write feedback for us. What ever it was very fun, good, and fantastic! 😛


Our class ended our documentary, but I feel like I want to work on documentary again. It was very fun to me, and our team was the best. Thats why we had a best team work too! Our documentary topic was “Fish sauce”. When our teacher ask us what is your documentary’s company name will be, and we decided to do in ” Fish sauce studios”.  It was hard to get footages of what we need for our documentary. But the most hard and frustrating thing was making iMovie. The boys in our team didn’t even helped us! They were just playing! But, they practiced their script and translated to us. What ever we finished so! 😆

Cultural fair

Our class went to cultural fair, cultural fair is that you go to you’re station and learn many things.(or game) We had Cultural fair because it is our unit which is Viable Vietnam. The first station was rice farming, we taste the rice and guessed how much rice there was (Also we learned how the rice became.). Fact: They makes rice by wheat. The second  station was the Vietnamese Traditional Hat. we learned how the Vietnamese hat was created, and what tool or thing you need for making it. Fact: You make you’re Vietnamese traditional hat by using bamboo. The third station was fish sauce station. we got to taste all of it and we need to chose which one was the best. I chose third one because for me it was the best. Fact: You need fish to make fish sauce. The forth station was Ao dai station we learned how the make it, the tool, and what you need for making. Fact:Cloth are made of silk(silk is something you make cloth or Ao Dai.). The fifth station was music Instruments station, we get to play a instrument  Fact: The instrument that we played is made of wood.  The sixth station was the Vietnam traditional game. There was a story about how they started to play. Fact: Before they play they sketched first then they started to play. My favorite station was fish sauce station. Because it taste good, and we got to eat pork or something. 😛

Our field trip!

Today witch is December 14, our class went to field trip to make pottery! It was very fun, but I needed to be careful, listen, and look carefully. My favorite part of my field trip was making pottery! It feels fantastic when I tough the pottery. It was very fun and I was proud of my self that I was keep on  getting help from someone and finely I make the pottery! I was happy 😀  

Reflection of my exploring!

I think drama was the most excited thing because, I like to present  in front of the audience so I like drama the most. Also I like to do some jokes to people and at drama we present our jokes in plays, so. I am proud of my self when I remember all the script. Also  am proud of my friends that they did great job at acting, and memorize they’re script . Also the audience doesn’t know if I made a mistake or not. When I forgot to say “It’s over!” at drama the audience didn’t know if I made mistake or not. At drama our team (witch is Stella, Ngan, Katie, and I) did two presentation. It was interesting because we did first one and second one right away! (One=presentation) That was cool.  🙂 Hehe.