The panel above shows a close up face of an SSIS soccer player reaction after their loss against UNIS in the MRISA finals. In this panel I decided to use an extreme close up angle of the player's face because I want to demonstrate the feeling of the SSIS players after the loss in the finals against UNIS.

What will be easy? I think it will be easy to paint the sculpture when done
What will be challenging? Making a strong structure will be hard for me because this is my first time
What ideas do you have? I want to have a big rock that will have a mini waterfall coming down into the bigger river, I also will have the tree trunk coming up into the surface and have many rock that looks like spikes at the bottom
What is your chosen theme?Why? I chose cave because I really like exploring them even though it can be dangerous and scary, I've been traveling to about 24 different caves in my life
Why do we use the design process not just take our first idea? Going with your first idea would be rough because you will have to think about and problem that will interfere with the whole designs
What are you looking forward to about this task? I am looking forward to making the tree trunk because it is pretty challenging and I like to learn more about how to make a tree trunk
Briefly explain what you think about your chair. I think that my chair is pretty creative the way I am adding many types of caves together to create a grand cave that hand all the caves in it.



From the starting point I feel like I was not going to be able to finish on time because I had no clue on what to do but at this point I see that I have been through a lot. My sculpture now have so many deferent techniques like the mess wire in the back ground to the dead tree in the front.

Should Parents Have a Say In How Their Teens Use Social Media?

A boy called John private informations was revealed to the world when he was hacked by an anonymous hacker online. John was hacked when he told a fake facebook admin, with little experiences online the hacker easily got John’s informations without even trying. This story shows an act of losing private informations to the online world, and it causes parents to be concerned about their child online.Parents should check in on their child’s social media whenever the child demonstrate strange activities because they may be cat fished by a stranger and having a relationship with a drug dealer. Critics may state that the child may use their social media to keep long term friendship over social media, however, this is not a valid argument because teens may receive sexual comments from strangers online.

Parents should check in on their teens if they demonstrate strange activities because it could lead to death of a child. If the teens starts show acts of depression like not smiling much or not sharing stories about their day, then parents should check in on their teen’s social media accounts. According to (Dan), (a father of three teenagers),  “If at some point you started lying to us or deceiving us, then we would lose that trust.” As a result, teens should not keep anything away from their parents because it could cost them their life. Therefore, parents should check in on their teens if they demonstrate strange activities that causes the child’s parents to lose their trust.

Above all parents should check in their child’s social media accounts because all teens must have their own privacy that they all deserve unless the child loses that trust by going out with strangers that they met online. No doubt all parents must be concerned when their child meets a stranger from the internet because the child may not know if the stranger is a real person or not. Not only that, Harlan Coben revealed that one of his spyware made an incredible revelation that shows that one of Coben’s friends daughter was using drugs not only that but she also have a relationship with her dealer. Also,  this could lead into great danger for Coben’s friends daughter because drugs can lead to addiction which cost a fortune not to mention that, if the daughter couldn’t go out to get drugs for a day may leads to death. Therefore, parents should check in on their child if the child shows strange action that is not natural for a teenager like them.

Others may hold an opinion that spying on their children’s social media is essential because the child may face sexual harassment without their parents knowing. In Harlan Coben: Parent Spy, by Marisol Diaz stated that trust is a significant factor when it comes to responsibility between parents and teens, knowing that technology can reveal the entire world access to your house. Given the evidence, some conclude that spying on their child’s social media is necessary because the child may go on to the great world of social media with very little knowledge. Although this argument appears convincing at first, that is complete untrue because the child may use social media for maintaining relationships with friends. To illustrate, the document called A Matter of Trust mentioned that a middle school principal in New Jersey, have banned all students from accessing social media but this causes students to lose their friends after their friends changed locations for school. The evidence points to spying on your child is completely wrong because it causes students to loose their friends after they left the school. After looking closely at both sides of the issue and the evidence, one can see that spying on your child’s social media is not necessary because students learn to keep relationships with their friends although it is very dangerous on social medias.

To conclude, teens should let their parents check in on their social media because it could lead to the death of the child. Based on the evidences above it demonstrates that teens can lose their important informations to the open world. As for that teens may also experience cyber bully that can leads to the death of the child. Evidently I can clearly stated that parents should check in on their child’s social media whenever the child demonstrate strange activities because they may be cat fished by a stranger and having a relationship with a drug dealer. Critics may state that the child may use their social media to keep long term friendship over social media, however, this is not a valid argument because teens may receive sexual comments from strangers online.

In our eco dome project my pair successfully created an environment that our cricket lived perfectly. There was some flaw of how I chose to put in fruits because that doesn't do anything and it create mold that may poison our cricket or even trap it in the thick layer of mold. We chose to not add any water because it can lead to the cricket drowning and having too much water, instead of that I put water into the soil not too much to turn the soil into mud like the other groups did. Because of that water it evaporates to the sides of the box when sun light was applied and that water the cricket used to drink. Sadly both of our cricket came to an end when one of our died of hunger and the other died because it ate the dead cricket. Based on research after the first failure I have found out that once a cricket eats its mate it will die about 4 hours later. Because of my research we have changed the amount of crickets in our second attempts. I have changed it into one cricket only and I have also found out that crickets lives best in grass and dirt with a big terrain so I have decided to put dirt at the bottom and grass at the top to create a wild feeling for the cricket. I have also found out what type of leaves does crickets eat.

What did your group do today? What methods did you use to remove bacteria? What methods did you use to remove salt? What methods did you use to remove sediment? Would you drink your water after it has passed through your filter system? Why or why not?

Our group fixed some little problems to make it work but then we cut a hole too big so we have to flip the entire system upside down to make it work. We are going to neutralize the water to a base by adding lemon. We are trying to create a tunnel for the water to go to a evaporation bottle but we don't have any bottle for it. We will remove sediment by putting a sieve so that it will remove the big solid then we use two cloth to remove small sediment. I think I wouldn't drink my water because this is the first time we are doing it so we are not professional and we won't make it work really well so I would probably get sick.

For my group we use natural and chemical for our design which means we will use solar power to evaporate our water up and we will use lemon to neutralize the acid inside the water, the reason why we do this is because last time we tested it out and it succeeded because the water heats up and started evaporating. Tomorrow we will be putting everything together into the 5L water bottle that I brought, plus we will add aluminum foil around the bottom of the bottle where it evaporate.

How did you work with your group to brainstorm? What ideas can you offer? What is your group’s next steps? What should you bring?

Our brainstorm was correct and spot on, our hypothesis was correct because we think that after it goes through the sieve it will remove big blocks of dirt and take out some of the sand then the cloth simply remove the small dirt. Our prototype was successful, it was successful because we manage to have the sieve and two cloth to fit into the water bottle. So our next step is to cover aluminum foil around the bottle so that we can heat the water then the water will be able to evaporate. Next time I will need to bring two cloth so that we can extract the dirt out of the water.

What is a "tragedy of the commons" problem? What situations right now are we facing that shows how water is a commons problem? Which one is the most important for us to solve in the next ten years? How can a student in middle school help their community learn about the problem or create a solution?