This weekend I played Basketball. First I planed to go play Basketball on the court and bring a ball. Then I brang my ball and wore my shoe then I went out and played basketball. After I played I thought back to what I did.


      Hey, my name is Minh. I am a fifth grader and next year I would be in middle school! I am excited for the school year. First I am excited to join the sports team! Secondly during grade five there would many more different super units. Last but not least I can’t wait to meet new friends and teachers. But I need to ask you a question, “Are you guys excited for a new school year”? Thank for reading my blog and make sure to read more blogs from me, BYE!

⚓️Explorers Blog⚓️

I liked the plays that fourth grade performed. I think that we kind of fail, because our main character was missing. So our group had to replace him with someone who hadn’t practice yet. But I enjoy explorers unit away. My favorite part of the Unit was when our group had to build Marco Polo’s ship.On a scale of 1-4 I would give myself a 2. My group had Me, Peter, Hoang and Quang.

SSIS Dragons Soccer Tournament

 I think that our Soccer Team did very well! We got 4th place in the tournament, which I am proud of. I think I passed the ball nicely and quickly. I also got two goals in the tournament. Our 1st game we won 2-1. In the second game we WON 4-0. I liked playing in the rain and getting wet.But sadly I a injury on my left foot.Image result for SSIS sisac soccer

⛵?Ship Building?⛵

Hi during the past week me, Quang Tran, Hoang Nhat and Peter Tran had been working on building Marco Polo’s ship for our explorers unit. I am pretty happy with our work so far,but we were kind-of messing around instead of working hard. After we concentrated we did alot of work. Now we are almost done the ship! My favorite part in when I got to build the ship. I learned that if we work hard on our project we can complete a lot of things. First we planned our ship and drew a model. Then we headed down to the maker space to build! I am looking forward to sharing this to my Mom and Parents.