CWS Writing (2)

What is on My Bucket List       

In my opinion, everyone should have a bucket list for telling them what should they do at a certain time. Some people have a really fancy and detailed bucket list, which has about hundreds of things on it. For me, I have a really simple bucket list. On the list there are around ten things, and personally I think the most important ones are getting good grades, graduating high school and going to a top 20 university. If I go to a good university, I could find a job easier, and I like to do codes and create things. Another big thing I want to accomplish in my life is to meet a famous singer or an actor and then get a signature. I guess that is a goal for a lot of people.                                                                        

The Gorilla Versus the Zoo Manager

At halloween day 31th October, 2017, a huge gorilla escaped from the zoo in Japan, which is the most famous zoo around Asia. The gorilla has been climbed on the telephone station by its own climbing skills and the zoo manager is trying to deal with the gorilla to make it go down by using an electric gun and a stick. This event made a lot of people watch from the ground.

According to the cleaner which has been working in the zoo for 5 years, one day he was wiping the ground, and accidentally saw the cage beside him has been cracked open and the gorilla inside disappeared. Also there were some big dark footprints on the ground, he was frightened for a few seconds and then went to the manager office to report this.

The manager had brought a huge group of people, who has been training for dealing with animals. After an hour and a half, the manager has seen a big black thing on the telephone station at street 5 and there is a lot of people are under and watch what is happening.

“It took me at least half an hour to get beside the gorilla because there was no one besides me and I need to call the zoo to get a lift. When I was there, the gorilla looked so mad, he even wanted to attack me” said the zoo manager.

The gorilla looked really mad so the zoo manager had get back to the ground, because he didn’t know how to deal with the giant gorilla.

An hour later the other members had arrived, which are all professional at deal with animals. All of them had went up to the lift, but they had all failed, until the last person-David, who is the oldest member in the group and has the most experience of dealing with animals especially monkeys and gorillas.  

“I first used the electric gun to make him feel sleepy, but it didn’t work well, so we kept “play” with him to make him feel tired. Although we shoot five electric guns to him, and I stayed there for an hour, he still didn’t fell asleep yet. Until the 6th shoot, he finally fell asleep.”

After the gorilla fall asleep he had sended to the animal hospital called the care center, which is the best animal care center for ages. The vet says that there is a peace of rock stuck in the gorilla’s stomach, and he can’t eat food, that is why he get mad.

The Third Attempt Ecodome

The Third attempt Ecodome               

My cricket only survive for 2 days this time I think the main problem is because of the plants I put in, the plant has a really bad smell.

Changes made :

  • The plant
  • I put a lot of food this time, because last time the cricket got not enough to eat


  •  plants smells bad.


  • I need to change my plant
  • more water
  • too much food were added in
Component Amount incl Units Reasoning Daily Observations
plant 13cm To have oxygen Seems alive
stone 20g Put it around the plant’s to prevent cricket to dig The cricket did not dig up
carrot 10g food Half of them were eaten
Black soil 4cm For plant to grow Stays the same
Sponge 12g For crickets to drink water Half dry

The Second Attempt Ecodome

The Second attempt Ecodome 

It is my second attempt of the ecodome, after the experience of the first ecodome, I have tried my best to improved, but unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to put much food in.  you can see that the cricket is still alive and it is drinking water. I think the cause of making the cricket survive is that, research shows cricket need to drink water really often and there is enough water for the cricket to drink, and there is enough oxygen because there is a plant inside to do photosynthesis.

So in conclusion the cricket still survive without food, but there is enough water for is to drink

PROBLEM                                                                                                                               – Not enough food                                                                                                               – Not enough oxygen







Component Amount incl Units Reasoning Daily Observations
Black soil 5.5cm high For plant to grow Nothing changes
corrot 5g For cricket to eat Almost all of them were eaten
Sponge and water 10.0g For crickets to drink Some water left in the sponge
Stone 20g Put it around the plant’s to prevent cricket to dig The cricket still digged up
Plant 14cm To have oxygen dead


The First Attempt Ecodome

The First Attempt Ecodome

 the half of the carrot had been eaten and the another half turned black


Component   Amount         Reasoning  Daily Observations
Black soil 5.5cm high For the plants to grow and the cricket to stay Same

Nov, 8: some parts of the soil had been dogged up

carrot 5.26g For carrot to eat Half of them were eaten
Sponge and water 10.0g For cricket to drink water Getting dry
Stone 17g To put water in side, to preventing the cricket from droning same
Plant To make oxygen. Some parts turned to yellow

Cyberbully unit

My Rose and Thorn for WWW

last week all the grade 8th students went to Da lat. It is really cold there, especially during the night. We lived in a place called National Park, which is as big as Singapore. I had a lot of fun there. My rose is doing canyoning beside the waterfall. At first I felt a bit scared, but when I was doing it I felt it is fun and not that hard. Also, it kind made me overcome my fear of hight. My thorn is the time at night when we were sleeping. It is really cold there, so I woke up at 3 AM.


my goal

My goal is to let my incorrect word keep decreasing.

I will write at least 90 correct word sequences.


Cyberbully unit 

1 I think that schools should be responsible for cyberbullying, When it happens in the school. One reason is that students can’t overcome the cyber bully by themselves. If someone got bullied by posting his or her ugly and embarrassing pictures on the internet, if teachers and principal do not care about it, the victim might have a bad feeling about the students, teachers and even the community.  The bully might hack into people’s account and post some ugly photo’s of the victim’s friend and they will never be friend any more, and even if the victim explains to his or her friend they will not trust the victim any more.This shows that if teachers don’t care about this the situation is going to getting worse and worse. As a result, the student is going to get in trouble and the teacher or the principal might talk to them to make them feel sorry and apologize to the victim.

2 The school should not be responsible for punishing cyberbullies and scan on their phone outside of the school because it is violating students privacy.According to The New Bully at School, by Lucas Chen, “J.C’s father sued, he said that the school shouldn’t suspend her daughter for something that occurred outside of the school. And the school paid 100,000 legal fees. ”The evidence indicates that the school suspended the bully for 2 days, but because the judge decides that it happened outside of the school so the school paid back legal fee to the bully. So the school shouldn’t punish the student because it happens outside of the school. It is logical that not to punish the students only if it is not happened in the school, because it might not violat to the school rule.Therefore, the school shouldn’t punish students or scan their phone if the bullying happen outside of the school.



  1. What new insights do you have into cyberbullying? What aspects of this problem do you know about now that you weren’t aware of before?

Some new insights I have for cyberbullying is that it is a really serious problem than what I thought before, I think this way might because of I have never experienced it before. Also I think that cyberbully only happens outside of the school not in the school, but research shows that the most of the cyberbully happens in school. Some aspect I have now is that it is really hard to control and figure out who is responsible for cyberbullies


  1. What did try throughout the writing process? How did it help you be successful?

In this unit before we wrote a paragraph we always pick some evidence then write the paragraph. It helped me most by making my writing more persuasive by using the evidence in the article.  


  1. What is your biggest take-away from our class discussions about this topic? Why?

I think the most take away for this class is that cyberbully is a really serious problem than I thought, and no one knows who should be responsible for cyberbully. I think this way because it is the main point in this unit and I really think that it is a serious problem.