Caravelle hotel

Friday 20 April 2018 were in the lobby of Caravelle hotel. We got to see the inside out of the hotel it was not really cool.



I saw a heater that was cold I thought it was weird. Slowly I climbed up the  stairs and I saw the sewage system bleck!!!!!!! it was cool but wow it was disgusting. and we saw the cooler. 

my documentary

The Wednesday before spring break was are film festival when I first thing I did was take a couple photos then went down the red carpet I was wondering how long it took to set up and this is how it began.


First we picked are groups then we decided to pick weasel coffee. When we started researching we found the dark side of weasel coffee because we saw tiny cages and only coffee berries.


And then we made are story arks after that we looked for photos we gathered all the photos and video we put it in to Imovie we did are voice other then we were ready for the film festival 





I researched about Sir Francis Drake my explorer. what was really interesting I learned was he became. I enjoyed the living museum because we got to be a famous explorer. I found staying still for a long time difficult with this project because it was hard to pose for a long time. My explorer had a positive impact on the world. He showed this by making maps and being the second person to sail around the globe.


G4 talk reflections

When I did my G4 talks I felt scared but happy, nice. I would change to speak not to fast and more clear. I think I did awesome at expressing my self. And you should what you do. if you are on stage fake it till you make it. I was in pressed with my self. In the process it had the script, public speaking and  Tips for grade 3 speak clear, express your self.