Ecodome Blog Post 2

For the 1st build, while it did not fail, we decided to create one more since we think that the size of the container can be greatly improved to provide the cricket a better place to stay in.

This was our first build and for our second build scroll to the bottom.


Component Amount incl Units Reasoning Daily Observations
Charcoal 5 To provide clean oxygen for crickets The Charcoal disappeared because of the dirt.
Circular Sponge 1 To hold in water because it was researched that crickets can drown easily. The sponge did not retain the moisture however the moisture went everywhere and i think because our habitat was bigger this time, the cricket died either of starvation or lack of water.
Box/Eco-dome 1 We wanted it to be easier to find the cricket, as well as have more plants in the habitat.
Moss 4 We used moss for taking away some of the moisture within the ecosystem, but according to some of our research we have found that it also helps with making the soil fertile and it is a great way to reclaim dead land + it is a great way to retain oxygen within the ecosystem. The moss like all the plants are still alive and healthy however it was covered by dirt so it looked like it was brown.
Boston Ferns 5 We used this for the Cricket’s food as well as oxygen, because according to some research it provides clean air and takes away some of the pollution within the air that could be toxic to crickets. The boston ferns are still green and healthy however this time it was a little too tall for the cricket to reach. This maybe a factor that have contributed to the death of our cricket.
Water 300ml We put 100 more ml to this since the eco dome was bigger and it had more plants. This process of adding water was a little last minute thus i don’t think was very calculated. Condensation was formed all over however i think one of the reasons why the cricket died is because of water. Maybe next time we will add more water since there might not have been enough water.
Sand (On top) 1cm This was used to create an environment that looks and feels like the outside for the cricket. Since this is softer than dirt i think it would be easier for the crickets to dig through to hide underground.
Dark Fertile Soil 2cm We chose this soil instead of the others because this was considered the “gardening soil”. The dirt we saw these plants were striving on was the red soil but since we couldn’t find that, we thought this would be the best option.
Crickets 2 We chose to add two crickets because of survival. If we were to only put one, it would die immediately if it can’t reach it’s food or not have enough water, however since we added two, in worst cases they can feed on each other. Like we suspected, one cricket disappeared and one died. I saw that Gia Ky’s group made this elaborate “house” building for their cricket. I think next time i would try to put platforms so that the crickets would have an easier way to reach it’s food.
Mulch 1 handful Mulch is a place for a cricket to hide in. Since Mulch mainly consisted of grass and dead leaves, it can dig through and hide from the sun or lay on it if the dirt and sand is too wet for it’s comfort.

Bean Ecodome Blog Post 1

Component Amount incl Units Reasoning Daily Observations
Water 200ml We chose 200ml of water because it was the perfect amount to put in because it made the sponge wet but not too wet. There was a lot of condensation, however, there was no mold.
Sponge 1 We chose to use the sponge because it will retain moisture among itself and it will give different levels to the land. The moisture was gone and all the water condensed to the sides of the container.
Cucumber Slices 1 quarter of a full cucumber We chose to put this in for food. It was gone.
Carrot Slices 1 quarter of a full carrot We chose to put this in for food. It was gone.
Tomato 1 small We chose this because it had a lot of moisture just in case the water ran out. It got mold.
Crickets 2 We chose two crickets because just in case there was not enough food they could eat each other. One died.
Dried Leaves 4 It provides shelter from the sun because from research i found out that Crickets prefer shade. It worked, the cricket hid inside the “natural” recreation of its habitat.
Dirt 2cm We used 2cm because if we used 3, it would have been too close to the lid. The dirt stayed moist.
Sand 1cm We used it on the side with the rocks to provide some more of a natural texture to recreate the area that the crickets normally stay in. It worked, the cricket hid inside the “natural” recreation of its habitat.
Boston Fern 4 We chose to put 4 because we wanted the crickets to have a lot of oxygen and a lot of food. However, the food part is unsure. A branch was bitten off and a lot of leaves were gone.

We decided to put sand, rocks and dried leaves on one corner for a hiding spot so that the cricket won’t be stressed about the new ecosystem. We decided to put lots of plants because we weren’t very sure about how much oxygen the cricket needs, and unexpectedly, the cricket started to eat the plants. We put in tomatoes, cucumbers, and cucumbers for food to the cricket, we decided to put these foods because it had moisture, lots of benefits and it seemed like the best options (the moisture is there just in case the cricket ran out of water). However, the moisture became a problem since the food had lots of mold on it. There were not many problems with our container since the only problems were mold, condensation and the disappearance of one cricket. It was however strange because we have provided enough food for both crickets but one still got eaten. I thought this through and came up with two theories, it was either for space (Maybe?) or because the food provided weren’t as familiar to them as cannibalism. (maybe?)

Art reflection

Introduction: We’ve been learning a lot about Hundertwasser for the past semester and our project was based on his drawing styles. We were suppose to choose a given place and transform it into something Hundertwasser would do. Tam, Bean, Cindy and I decided to make the interior of a cafe gallery in Hundertwasser ways. Although there were some arguments and struggles on the way, we still manage to create a great product in the end. As much as we love our products because of how pretty it is, we are not graded base on that. Our grades are based on, effort, reflections, and evidence of our work.


Process: Our group have developed a lot of progress to make our cafe gallery. We started with a pretty clear idea of what we’re going to do but as time past, our idea shifted to adapt needs. We had disagreements, rearrangements and all of that stuff but we still made it through in the end. We sometimes have disagreements mostly about how we should position things or what to add, because of our different minds and ideas. But in the end, one of us always stopped and agree with the other to stop the war.  ( For more info about our process go to link )


Evaluation: This cafe gallery got its inspiration from Hundertwasser styles and paintings. Because of how much he loved nature, we made the cafe partily about nature. We used variety of bright color schemes to create the happy excited feeling in the cafe. Most of the things in our cafe are not straight or perfectly made, and that became a good thing. Hundertwasser have always have a thing for curvy lines and have always hated straight. That’s why most of his buildings or painting are never perfectly made in a sense of reality.  I think we did a pretty good job on connecting it to Hundertwasser and had our own touch in it. I don’t think we should change anything if we’ve done it again, everything was just almost perfect.




  • Cindy: Overall, I think that our gallery came out really cool and it


  • Melody: This was a very different and unique project. We got to see the world through Hundertwasser’s eyes and learn/use his skills on our paintings and sculpture. One example is we learned the art of spirals trees.


  • Tam: These past weeks it was very different from the rest of the projects because we made tiny, fragile pieces to add to the entire building. Overall I believe that this approach for the team project was great.


  • Bean: The Art project, came out really great and everyone added their own unique pieces to it. I added, the colorful carpet for one side of the room, to symbolize Hundertwasser’s bright colors that he uses in his painting as well as the tree inside the bar, which combines an element of real trees to hunderwattsers love for nature. Overall this project helped me overcome obstacles that came with making such a tiny pieces of furniture as well as teamwork. But in the end, I think that my group did a great job on making the project

Math : How to end poverty in 15 years

The video is about how we can end poverty in 15 years. It shows the percentage of subjects that affect poverty in the world. there were a lot of interesting such as, how people can get out of poverty, how much risk there are even if you just got out of poverty and houses of the poor. This video helped me to realize that I’m very lucky to be able to go to school and have a great home. I am still a little unsure about how poverty can be stopped.


DA Tutorial Video Reflection

“ Hi, my name is Bean and today… “Before anything, this is the creation of our( Huong, Bean Jiwon ) tutorial video. In the beginning, we each were just thinking of our idea then Jiwon and I shared each other’s ideas, and interestingly, everyone had something they wanted to say that was similar in a way so that we can group into one category.


Lan Huong wanted to do something about colors and texts, while Jiwon did the “Introducing your product” and I did the “planning your table layout.” Lan Huong wanted to explain the process of how she chose her colors mainly, and though short, we think it captured some key points that you should follow. She felt like this was especially important because when selecting colors people just assume “ fancy colors for my product Yeah! “ instead of thinking about their dedicated audience.


Jiwon wanted to share to others the way she introduced her product because we thought that though people might already know about this, some struggled to find a way to share it, which Is why some products weren’t as well known as others until the sale day. But Jiwon personally thought that this was important because when you are trying to get people to know your poster better, you should not just place the poster everywhere instead place it efficiently, and show it to others!


I wanted to share with others my story of my table in the sales day. I felt like this was important because my group didn’t decorate it very well and felt like my table was ugly but at the sales day also saw people just bringing weird stuff that had nothing to do with their product. But we thought that this was a good idea because they realized this too. Since other groups decorated very well, especially Candle N*5 and Creme Naturelle, and Creme Naturelle sold 7 million that day which is crazy!


SS : The Witch’s true curse?

Though witches may not have ever existed, these are ways people accused people of being witches.The town doctors were very jealous because of the healer’s talent because the healers could heal others faster than they can. Usually, Women or Men who were knowledgeable of herbs were taken away by guards. They usually were able to help nobles recover very quickly, so when a noble was sick, then they would be sent to the castle to heal.
In the olden days, there were a lot of things that many believed, which would often make being a healer a scary job. People in the medieval times thought that being sick is a form of punishment, so they prayed to saints to be healed. In medieval Europe, they believed that the angels would heal them, but when the healers came and healed people, they believed that the healers were sent from hell since they had the power to heal people while not being saints.
Though they couldn’t tell that these people were witches or not, there were ways that they believed to find out if the suspect was a witch.There were witch hunters, and one of them is Matthew Hopkins, who would travel around searching for witches, One of the witch tests that forces you to be plunged in water and if you survived you would be burned and be called a witch. While if you drowned you would have proven your innocence. The cruel persecution of people who are accused of being witches took a hundred years.
Though witches may never have existed, people who are accused were mostly healers since being a healer usually meant that you would not follow what people believed. Being charged with being a witch is very dangerous because when accused of being a witch Death is almost certain.

Witches Brew a Hailstorm / Woodcut /1489. Fine Art. Britannica ImageQuest, Encyclopædia Britannica, 25 May 2016. Acces





Science Reflection

img_4156This first prototype we did had way too much layers that no water was able to pass through and that was why we took out some of the layers for the next prototype. But in the end the water turned blue, the copper amount was high, and the pH test came back with a 3 which was acidic.

Digital Poem Reflection ( Exploratory Writing )


In Exploratory class after watching a digital poem video we made our own. We used one of our final drafts ( one of our summative poems ), recorded our audio, find our pictures and music. Then turn it all into a video.

For me first step was to start with proofreading our poem. I did do that part although it took me about 10 minutes because I didn’t see any grammatical mistakes. Then I looked for the pictures, that was when I ran into some trouble. Because I realized that none of the pictures that I wanted were there, none were what I needed. So instead of looking for that kind of picture, I looked for something else. Then it was time for me to choose my music, I have went for the classical countryside-like soundtrack which strengthened the images that showed on the screen and I think that my voice showed that this poem was a happy poem.

Then I started editing, I am most proud of my transitions and how I used it with words and pictures because I felt that it made the quality of the overall video much better. The video helped to express my theme because the video is overall happy. Although I was proud of the video, if I were to do this again I would speak slower and I would probably add more music or change the poem a little more so that the theme is clearer. My advice is ” Use your time wisely and not use the library time to go on Facebook or something, because in the end it is gonna come back and bite you ”

Quarter 1 reflection

In quarter 1, I am most proud of my poem. This poem was called ” Cheesy Scrambled Eggs ” and it was written in Writing class for summative poem #2. I think it is important because it was my first poem that I submitted to teen ink and it is the first that got accepted. I found that figuring out ideas for writing poems hard and also doing the test in science. In poetry I learned that it’s better to write a poem about your own experiences and when writing try to read it and find out the image it shows to be able to change the image or finalize the image. I would like to improve my reflection writing skills and my submission time.