Bucket List – CWS writing

On my bucket list, there are lots lists that I desire to do before I die. One of my favorite dreams in my bucket list is “Watching Champions Finale at stadium”. Champions League is the European annual tournament that chooses the best football (soccer) club among European football teams. This tournament is also called stage of the stars because loads of superstars are playing on this tournament. For fans, I always cannot wait until Champions League season starts. Therefore, the Finale of Champions League is one of the most well-known football events. Every year, I always watch the Champions League Finale on TV. Even though I have to wake up at 3 am and sometimes get exhausted and cannot wake up at next morning, I will be satisfied that I watched the Finale. To sum up, watching the Champions League  Finale at the stadium is my favorite task on my list to accomplish before I die because it is worth it to dedicate my time and money to accomplish it.

A “funeral” cafe exists for real – EAL

A “funeral” cafe exists for real

In Gwang-Ju, Korea, cafe with exotic themes are trends for teenagers. Funeral cafe is a cafe which assume customers are dead and held their funeral and experience the feelings of death when they are lying on the coffin.

In 21st of July, Mr. Kim who is the president of this cafe said, “I planned to make this kind of cafe because few months ago, my mom passed away and I advanced her funeral. While I was advancing it, I felt the feelings of death and fear. After her funeral, I reflected myself and it became a good irritant for me to survive this world. Therefore, I build cafe which is this cafe for my clients to share my experiences that I felt at funeral.”


According to Korean newspaper, they did a survey to civilians for the most meaningful exotic cafe, and funeral cafe was selected. It’s no exaggeration that funeral cafe is the cafe which is the hottest in Korea.

This cafe’s main clients are teenagers who needs to relieve their stress from study or have curious thinking about death. One of this cafe’s customer who was student living in Yeosu said, “I was tired at studying and I seriously concerned about committing suicide. While I was planning committing suicide, I saw this cafe in article and decided to visit here to experience my funeral because I wanted to feel the feeling of death. When the president of funeral cafe told me the incident how you died before I went in to coffin, I felt a bit of nervous. After he told me the incident, I went into the coffin and closed my eyes. Suddenly, I felt the feelings which I never felt about. My brain was reminding all of my positive memories, seemed like my brain doesn’t want me to die. While I was reminding my memories, I vaguely thought I don’t want to die. And I cried in the coffin for quite long time. After my funeral finished, my perspective of life totally changed. I realized how life is important.”


As funeral cafe is showing great popularity, it’s fever will not chill down for long time.

Cyberbullying Reflection-EAL

Schools should be accountable for discipling cyber-bullies when the bullies are harassing the victims continuously both inside or outside of the school. One reason is that I strongly believe that teachers should prosecute the role of parents in school instead of their real parents which means they are in charge of taking care of students. However, teachers should protect and make them feel safe from harm when the students are hard to get help from their parents. According to my own experience, there was my friend who his parents divorced for some reasons. For few months, no one knew that his parents divorced but when someone knew that his parents divorced, he started to get bullied from bullies for 2-3 months and get harassed by his parents divorced. When the degree of bullying gets stronger, he asked his teacher for help and the teacher solved the problem successfully. However, the bullies tried to get revenge on him and bullied him outside of school and the victim asked school for help, but school denied to help him because that incident didn’t happen inside of school. Therefore, the victim moved to another school. As a result, the school should be responsible for bullying accidents, even if these events are happening in outside of the school.

Nowadays, cyber-bullying by teenagers is hot issue in society because after electronic devices and social media popularized, bully can also bully victims in “online”. In my perspective, police should be responsible for punishing cyber-bullies because the major job of police is keep people safe from any danger or harm. First of all, according to Lucas Chen’s reading “The New Bully at School”, Lucas Chen argues, “The Ridgewood principal balanced the school’s responsibility with the students’ rights. This evidence indicates that school has responsibility but also have rights to protect students’ privacies. However, school cannot perfectly prohibit bullies from victims. Moreover, to mediate this unison between school and students we need police. Second of all, according to the given the evidence, it is logical that it is hard to mediate relationship between school’s responsibility and students’ right. Also, the development of technology intensifies the degree of cyber-bullying because when the technology develops, bully may get more various methods to bully and harass victim. This incident will affect victim to commit suicide or get mental problems. As a result, police should control cyber-bullying. To conclude, it should be mandatory that police should under control the cyber-bullying due to development of technology and school cannot protect students in online 100%.


Science Ecodome 2nd Rebuild

After Week Without Walls, Alex and I built another ecodome for the 2nd rebuild. We change our variables such as amount of plants, a small flask (plastic water bottle tap) to contain water, and few pieces of carrots as foods. Especially, this time, we put 2 crickets. Also, we placed our plants at the edge of  containers to make enough areas for crickets to move around.

This is our new table for new components:

Component Amount incl Units Reasoning Daily Observations
Black dirt 1 over 6 of our container Dirt is mandatory component for ecodome. Dirt stays the same
Plants 3 full grown  For eating and rest Some plants were ripped and they are using plants for rest.
Plastic water bottle cap With water To sustain water Crickets drank water inside of cap
Water 1 full water bottle cap (Dasani) To supply enough water Most of it seems to have tried to evaporated
Carrots 5 small pieces For eating and health and such. Some of carrots were eaten

This is our new ecodome picture. As you can see, theres new components (water bottle cap). 


This is our cricket that resting on the plants.

After 2 days….

Our succeed to survive over 2 days for the first time since we started to build ecodome!!!

Our 2 crickets were still alive, even one cricket is really active!

You can watch our 2nd rebuild ecodome video here:

http://<iframe src=”https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ucXORMSGDTfEr3dBkLhm9ZQQLDq2VdeM/preview” width=”640″ height=”480″></iframe>


CWS Blog Post – EAL

Paragraph that below this sentence is one of my CSW writing that I wrote in EAL class. I modified this writing after Ms.Crowell marked my writing:

The song that I love to listen is “Lucky Strike” by the American band, Maroon 5. There are mainly two reasons why like this song. First of all, Maroon 5 was my first foreign artist that I remember their name due to my interest. The reason that I remembered their name was their song became the advertisement song of Samsung mobile. When I watched TV at that time, I sometimes saw the advertisement of Samsung, I got interested at the melody of that song and I began to search the name of the song. I tried so hard to find it, so I learnt how to type keyboard faster to search it and finally, I found a music video of commercial song from Youtube. I was so excited even I sang that song all the day.

My goal is to decrease word count until the mistake count becomes 5 by May 2017.

Ecodome Blog Rebuild – Science (Block D)

After our cricket died by mold fruits and not enough water supplement, we built the another ecodome.


  • Put soak sponge to supply enough water to cricket
  • Put only apples and plants for foods for cricket (no nuts or vegetables)
  • Use other kinds of soils.

We couldn’t take a photo of inside because we are not allow to open the ecodome yet. However we couldn’t see inside due to vapor all around the ecodome.

For the next rebuild, we will put plastic plate to maintain water instead of soak sponge, collocate foods and water in the plate properly, and put soil stable so it won’t mess around.

You can watch our reflection for our rebuild ecodome below this URL.

Movie on 24-11-2017 at 10.46 AM


Ecodome Blog – Science (Block D)

Day 1 Ecodome

Grade 8 students are doing project name “Building Ecodomes” to learn how ecology works. We put crickets in to our ecodomes until they die. However, there is one mandatory rule that every students should follow which is we are only allow to use natural sources such as soil, water, plants, etc. As a result, the objective of this project is observe how ecology works in certain area. In day 1, we brought our own containers to build our ecodomes and put crickets in it.



Component Amount incl Units Reasoning Daily Observations
Black dirt 2 inches For growing stuff. The cricket hopped around in it a lot
Pak choy 3 of them For eating It ate most of the pak choy
rocks 3 of them For recreational uses Rocks have mysteriously disappeared
sponge With water For stopping the cricket from drowning itself Too hard..en we didn’t use it.
water 6… inches? To supply enough water Most of it seems to have tried to evaporated
Fruits and veggies .380 For eating and health and such.


Here are some examples of components:

  • Amount of soil
  • Type of soil
  • Number of plants
  • Type of plants
  • Number of crickets
  • Other types of animals
  • Amount of water
  • Food amount
  • Etc.

This is comparison between real ecodome and design paper for our ecodome before we start to make it.

Result: Few days after, I opened my ecodome to check did my cricket still alive, but my cricket died.


You can watch me and Alex’s reviewing video of first ecodome building.