Its Finally he G4 Talks

I was nervous  to go on stage.  I went up I missed a couple lines but no one noticed. So I kept on speaking after all that speech I had a feeling. I was relaxed and glad to be done with the G4 talks. 

After all of that me Ngan Had to work as hard as possible you know why?  Because we were goofing around but we got reminded. so we work as hard as we can and we succses script the problem was we had to remember line so i remembered my line. Thanks to Ms. Ronzzeti Mr. Stevens Ms.Fox Mr.Hoa Mr. Ross Mr.Alfredo


G4 Talks

Mrs. FossGreen wanted us to be eating healthy and having the right decision to eat.

Ms. Fox wants us to sleep  for 9 hours so we can grow and have a developed brain and body.

Mr. Alfredo want us to be independent to change the world with technology.

Chelsea and Manabi want to perswey us to get a pets so we can hangout with our pets and be healthy also to get exersise.

Unit 1 -Understanding Ourselves’s Post on Tuesday, December 13, 2016

We have been learning about simple machines and how they make work easier.
Just for fun we have built a Rube – Goldberg machines.
Rube -Goldberg machines are the opposite of a simple machines.
They are complicated machines that do simple tasks.
My rube – Goldberg machine is made out of ramps and lever simple machines.
This video is our rube – Goldberg but so far it didn’t work but we are still working on it.
New update it worked Epic!!!

Unit 1 -Understanding Ourselves’s Post on Friday, November 11, 2016

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Area of rectangle We learned about the area of a rectangle. We were finding out if we can make a square with an area of 12 square units.
There’s is no way of making a square with the area 12 because the factors are not equal but if the factors are equal it could be square.