My Wearable Art

This is my wearable art peace





What i like about my wearable art was the blue plastic because it look cool an futeristic.

I wish  that i could make this better by put colored feather, stronger plastic and get more form the teacher.







Cultural Fair

Today we went down to the Auditorium and do some Vietnam things Like.  (Vietnam Games,Playing the viet flute,Etc)To start our unit “Viable Vietnam” our teachers teach us Vietnam stuff.  The first station Was “Ao Dai” We get to see how people Make the “Ao Dai” Facts:”Ao Dai” is made from Silk.  The second Station was Musical Instrument we get to use to the bamboo flutes. Facts: The bamboo flutes is hard to play The third station was Vietnamese games we get to play the game An Quan. Facts: Farmers would play the “An Quan” Game in the afternoon. The Fourth Station was Rice we get to learn rice from Vietnam, We get to eat the rice from the station. Facts: Vietnam is the richest Rice Farming Country. The Fifth Station about The conical hats or as known as “Non La” We get to learn the “Non La” Also we get a strap for the “Non La” Facts: Conical hats are made for a fan,basket and a hat. The Sixth Station was My Favorite Because we Get to eat Meat with fish sauce. Facts: Fish Sauce is made out of fish and salt.