In Greek Mythology, Persephone is the daughter of Demeter and is the goddess of Spring. Persephone is largely known for being Hades, the god of Hell's, wife. I am going to tell you the original story of her encounter with Hades.

According to the common myth, Persephone was abducted and kidnapped by Hades. According to a more unpopular version, however, Persephone was picking flowers when she accidentally found the gate of Hell. Curious, Persephone began to explore, leaving her maids behind in the mortal's world. As Persephone began to explore, the more she began to like the place. Although Hades was very surprised to see her, as Persephone was not dead, he was happy to let her stay.


A gorilla escaped from Tokyo Central Zoo was found near Ginza yesterday, on top of an electric pole.

In the middle of the busy Tokyo, where the city is bustled with people, citizens are freaking out. A humongous gorilla has just escaped from the zoo, climbed up the electric pole, leaving the people devastated with no way to get it out.

The gorilla screamed arms widen, threaten to harm anyone who gets near. After 30 minutes of the incident, a group of zookeepers was immediately sent to the center of Tokyo where they tried to persuade it to leave. It doesn’t work. Therefore, a zookeeper was forced to put the gorilla to sleep.

According to a Moriko, a bystander who was taking a bus to school, “The traffic on that day was immediately stopped as soon as the gorilla appears. As a result, I arrived at school at 10 AM, when I should have been there at 8. Many of my schoolmates suffered the same results.”

When was asked about how the gorilla escaped, the zoo answered that the zookeeper forgot to close the gates after feeding the gorilla, and the zookeeper shall be punished.

The results were very surprising. I checked my ecodome 4 days later expecting all three of the crickets to die, since I put only soil, a squirt of water and crickets inside of my eco dome. However, one of the cricket is still alive. In fact, it seems to be very healthy. The second cricket’s corspe was nowhere to be seen, and the third one is dead with one missing leg. This lead to two conclusion. Firstly, it seems that my experiment succeed as there is one corspe missing. Which means, one of the cricket was eaten by another. The second conclusion is that oxygen was able to travel into the ecodome. From now on, I will have to put seran wrap on my ecodome to avoid the oxygen to travel into my ecodome.

Components Amount Reasoning Daily Observation
Crickets 3 Because it is the main components Cricket 1:  Is dead with one of the legs missing

Cricket 2: is missing (the corspe at least)

Cricket 1: is alive and healthy


(the dry and brown type without the leaves)

2 shovels Because this type of soil is effective and clearly benefits the ecodome and the crickets Is a bit wet from the droplets of water but overall, it looks the same


  • Water
    • Although I didn’t put any water inside of the ecodome, when I open it, there are droplets of water on the box’s wall. I’m guessing that the crickets got its source of water from there.
  • Soil
    • The dryer type of soil definitely is better from the previous type since there are no crickets died buried in the soil. Also, ever since I used the new type of soil, the eco-dome became much less moist and wet.
  • Oxygen
    • As I mentioned before, thanks to this experiment, I discovered that air was able to travel in and out of the ecodome; therefore, I will have to put seran wrap over it. This explained how the crickets get their source of air from. Without oxygen, they would have died a long time ago.

What will I changed?

So, since my experiment succeed, I will of course changed my eco-dome based on information that I have learned through my past eco-dome.

  • Soil
    • The dryer type of soil proves to be pretty effective as no crickets died in the soil so far and it also reduces the eco-dome dampness. The soil also help the ecodome to be less moist.
  • Water
    • Based on my past experience, there will be water anyway in the eco-dome, so I only put a very small amount of water, about a teaspoon only.
  • Plants
    • I put a lot of plants inside of my eco dome because it will perform photosynthesis and convert carbon dioxide to oxygen. I also included a handful of dry leaves.
  • Apple
    • I chopped the apple into small pieces so that the crickets could easily devour it
Components Amount Reasoning
Soil 2 shovels So that the cricket have something to lay eggs on and for the plants to grow.
Water 2 tablespoons So that the crickets have something to drink
Apple 1/4 apple So that the crickets can devour and eat food.
Plants 3 So that it can converts carbon dioxide to oxygen and then the crickets can breathe.
Dry Leaves 7 So that they can take shelter under and they can also eat it in case of extreme hunger

During the trip, everything was pretty awesome. I had break from any form of electricity, like my phone and macbook, which was a relief. I tried a lot of new things, like canyoning. My favorite part of the trip is definitely the rope course. I have always love climbing, so the rope course was perfect. Even Mr. Benck said that the rope course is the best he had ever seen. I actually have no thorn for this trip except that my friends weren’t there for Week Without Walls, and it got pretty lonely sometimes.

Here are two sentences that I made mistakes:

  • I had break from any form of electricity, like my phone and macbook, which was a relief.
    • for this sentence, I am supposed to add a before the word break, but I forgot
  • I have always love climbing, so the rope course was perfect.
    • I used the wrong tense of the word love. In this case, I am supposed to put loved instead

  1. What new insights do you have into cyberbullying? What aspects of this problem do you know about now that you weren’t aware of before?
    Before, I don’t really have any opinions about cyberbullying, and regards of it as an unimportant matters. However, as I learned more about cyberbullying, the more I am aware of it.
  2. What did try throughout the writing process? How did it help you be successful?
    Proof reading the passage again after I finish writing it help me so much since it helps me to realize what I did wrong or if it doesn’t sound wrong.
  3. What is your biggest take-away from our class discussions about this topic? Why?
  4. That cyberbullying is no less dangerous than traditional bullying.

Schools should be accountable for discipling cyberbullies when their actions cross the boundary. One reason is that cyberbullying can be dangerous in terms of violating one personal space. To illustrate, some cyberbullies may try to post the victim’s private information online through the social media or the internet. This clearly shows that cyberbullying can be equally harmful or even more harmful than traditional bullying. As a result, the school should punish and take responsible of the cyber bullies because they could cause some dangerous potential results.

School should not be responsible for punishing cyberbullies that happen outside of school. According to my Lucas Chen, J.C., an eighth-grader in Beverly Hills, California, took a video of her friends making mean and sexually explicit comments about another girl and posted it on Youtube. The principal suspended J.C. for two days, and J.C.’s father sued. He said the school could not suspend his daughter “for something that happened outside of school.” A judge agreed, and the school ended up paying over $100,000 in legal fees. This example illustrates that although cyberbullying is a very critical issue, the school have absolutely no power on the life of students outside of school. No matter how badly the trouble is outside of school, the school should not interfere with the student’s personal life. Therefore, students should not have interfere with student’s personal life, and therefore, they should not be responsible when dealing with bullying outside of school either


Attempt 1

My last cricket finally died today, and although I didn't actually expect much from my very first eco-dome, I think that it is pretty successful as the crickets survive after such a long time. The box is very moist and there are water drops everywhere. I put three crickets in my eco-dome, and all three of them suffer pretty much the same death. The first one died in the wet soil, and the reasons are unknown since there are plenty of water and food, plants and its dead body is still there (which means it is not eaten). The first dead one, Black, died after 4 days. The other two crickets, however, seems to be pretty healthy for the next 7 days. On day 11, however, Brown lost one leg and although it was alive, it was limping. Ombre, on the other hand, was very weak and only stay in one place. After two days, both of them were dead, both in the wet soil.

Components..... Amount incl        Units Reasoning Daily Observations
Crickets. 3 Because they are the main subject Black: died after 4 days, buried in the soil

Brown: died after 12 days, lost one leg on Day 11

Ombre: died on Day 13, was very weak on day 11

Water 15ml For the crickets to stay hydrated There are dirt inside of the puddle of water. The amount of water didn’t change much even after 13 days.
Wild Plants 8 For the photosynthesis. The plants can help to convert the carbon dioxide to oxygen. It can also act as a source of food in case of extreme hunger. They are all dying and turning brown, probably because there are no one to water it.
Soil 2 shovels To help grow the wild plants It is very damp and moist. In fact, all three of the crickets died in the soil
Green Apple 1/4 To feed the crickets The apple was about 1/10 gone. They are all rotten and there were even molds on it. It also smells gross


  • Food
    • The food was rotten and there are molds appearing on top of the apple, and overall, it just smells horrible, but then crickets can eat rotten food, so that is not a problem
  • Water
    • I only put a small amount of water in the eco-dome, but even after 13 days, there are still plenty of water for the crickets to drink.
  • Soil
    • All three of them died in the wet soil, and the eco-dome is incredibly damp and moist, so I think that changing the black type of soil to a dryer kind is a must. I think that the soil must be too moist, but I don’t know why the crickets died on it. There are many questions, but I should probably change the soil.

What will I change?

  • Firstly, the main thing that I expected from this experiment was for the crickets to eat each others during extreme hunger. This is important as when I make the official eco dome for Winter Break, I can put several crickets in the eco dome. The benefits are clear: the crickets will be able to consume a lot of proteins, they will not starve to death,... Therefore, for the next experiment, I will put three crickets in the same eco dome, with absolutely no food, water or any source of oxygen.
  • For the soil, I will change it to a dryer type because of the reasons listed up above. I am thinking of the the brown type, because it seems dry.
Components Amount Reasoning
Brown Soil 2 shovels Because it is much dryer
Crickets 3 So that they will eat each others

My Eco-dome

Today is my first day putting the cricket inside of the eco-dome that I prepared for them. I work alone has no partner. This is the design of the eco-dome.

My three crickets name is Brown, Black & Ombre.

List of things that I plan to put inside of the eco-dome:

  • 3 cm of dirt because I was going to plant some plants
  • 1 cricket
  • Grass seeds because then they will have food no matter what since grass is easy to grow and take care of
  • Rotten leaves to feed them
  • Wet sponge because crickets might drown if I give them too much water
  • A glass jar with reasonable size

My very first plan.

On the next day, I bought the materials needed and then made changes that fit with the materials that I have.

List of changes that I actually put inside of the eco-dome:

Component  Amount incl Units Reasoning
Crickets 3 Because I want to see if they are going to eat each other in case of extreme hunger
Water 15 ml For the crickets to stay hydrated and the box to stay moist
Wild plants 8 So that it will perform photosynthesis and convert carbon dioxide into oxygen.
Soil 2 shovels To help grow the wild plants
Green apple ¼ of the apple, chopped in small pieces Also to feed the crickets
The Lock&Lock plastic box 23.5 cm in length

8 cm in height

16.5 cm in width

So that space is not too small, but not very big either

So, here is my final product!!!


The hardest part about the Journalism unit must be to brain-stormed ideas and to write my article. At first, I was going to write about how anime and manga in the Middle School; however, since my mom suggested me to write something about SSIS, I changed it to the School New Cafe. For me, the greatest achievement is definitely when the newspaper is printed and so that I can see the result of my hard work. For what I want to achieve for Quarter 2, I want to have A+.

Don't Panic is a video about a Swedish guy named Hans Rosling. He talked about how the world poverty is going to end in 15 years and differents family in poverty income and life situations. A crazy goal, yes, but as he explains, I am kind of persuaded. However, I think that I am more surprised about the data and graph more. The information that he showed are unreal. I wonder where he got the information from. Anyway, here is my video.

  The project that my group - me, Melody and Tin did were making the video to advise the 6th Graders on their Dragon’s Apprentice project. To be honest, when I heard the mention of the name, it gave me bad memories. However, it feels really really good when the project was finished and it gives me this very satisfied feeling. There are numerous of problems that went wrong during the Dragon Apprentice that takes place last year, but my old team and I manage to get over it somehow. Anyway, the Dragon Apprentice competition is about the 6th graders making team and try to create a product that they will then sell. Although I am not a big fan of the competition, I must admit that I really think that after the competition, I really grew when it came to money. Because I actually have to make my own money, I learn how to appreciate more and to keep track of my money. Also, I learn how to work in group smoothly and a lot of other things. I hope that the 6th graders will learn a lot through the competition too. If I can travel back in time and fix my mistake, it would be to focus more on teamwork, since it is the main thing that will keep the project going the right way. And it is also the hardest thing. I really hope that the 6th graders will do a better job this year since they are gonna have the advice from us, the “original”.