Minecraft Social Study Project

The thing I learn about Ancient Egypt and Canaan human settlement is how helpful the Nile is to Egyptian. I also learn about the advantage of desert protection people from invaders.

The two things I am really proud of this project is the quality I put into the project. I am also proud of the way I role played the whole thing so I can make it more interesting.

If there is one thing I could improve, It would be  doing a clearer voice over and adding background music which made can make it better






End Of Year Blog Post

The most important thing we learned in fifth grade was math, We learn about adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions. The funnest thing I have experienced was going to Cat Tien with our classmates. We did a lot of fun activities and we did a lot of travel around the Cat Tien National Park. The most challenging part about 5th grade is when we presented our sustainable Idea to the Shark Tank. Next Year’s 5th graders, beware of shark tank. It is really stressful. In Middle School I look forward to meeting new friends, learn new subject and enjoy the Week Without Walls.


Hackathon is when work together we tried to make SSIS a better place by coming up with idea and present it to teacher. My group including: Dylan, Anh Quan, Eric and Nam Nam. We figure out that our cafeteria needed to add more variety of food in the cafeteria. Our group drew a poster a poster talking a bout STAR: Situation, Task, Action, Result. The situation is People don’t eat lunch because of the limited amount of choice for lunch. Our task is to bring more international food into SSIS cafeteria. The Action is going to be ask volunteer parents for to cook for more food choice. The result we wanted is for everyone to have a full/healthy lunch everyday.

For Ecology: Each person can only get enough food so there will be no waste food

For Economic : The food might cost more but having better food and no one will skip lunch is a good exchange

For Politics: The Project is not illegal and it help student so there are no thing wrong about politics.

For Culture: This is really good for culture because people that’s having hard eating the food we currently have can have more choice which makes it good for culture.

Our group did pretty well, we tried our best and I think we can get Green light

Cat Tien Reflection Blog Post

We went on a field trip to Cat Tien and it was really fun. The two best activities was watching the gibbons and feed the moon bear. The gibbons is really cool, they swing really fast around the trees and the hang with there legs. We watched documentary about the gibbons. We learned that they was treated badly when they are pets. Feeding the Moon Bear was also really fun. We hide the food for the Moon Bear so that they can improve wild skill. 

In Cat Tien we learn that wild moon bear got capture and treated badly and locked in cage for most of their life. After the moon bear where rescue they can’t released back to the wild cause they can’t hunt, find fruit anymore after got stuck in a small cage. The rescue center create an environment to make them feel comfortable and happy for rest off there life.

The Challenge part of the trip is when we go scavenger hunt for about 2 hours, It was really difficult to get through the wood.

Next Year if we have another one I want to have more bonfire cause it’s really fun.   


The Amazing Race

My team (Yellow Team)

Grade 5 have a event simulate the TV show named Amazing Race. Amazing Race is a race that you need to get your first  the Challenge Master. The Challenge Master will give you a challenge, you need to solve it and the Challenge Master will give you the clue to go to the next challenge. The first team to finished all the challenge will win, but the problem with our school Amazing race is we can’t use public transportation like Taxi and Buses. We need to walked around district 1. It sounded easy but with pollution from the motorcycle and the traffic, it make me sick. But the challenge are not hard as i thought it was.

The best one is the The Hunt Field, you got to go around Annam and find a food that fit the description. It’s not that hard but it’s really fun, 



Buu Long

We have a very big field trip going to Buu Long. Is very fun, Phat Tires is in charge of all the activities. They did really well of setting up the activities. The first activities we did was abseiling, We got to practice on a dirt hills first and it was pretty easy. Then we walked up a dirt road but is raining season so it become a mud hill which is super dirty. The  real abseiling make me panic, I was so scared, It was different from what I imagine. Finally it turn out well for me, I feel like I make a very BIG achievement









The next activities is Zip Lining, It was my favorite activities. We got a challenge that everyone go on it need to dab (cool move)

life-death-of-dab-dance+ 29867195905_17260d9e78_m= Fun!!

At the afternoon we played the Team Building games. I did bad in the Cooperation maze. It was hard for me cause I have GOLD FISH memory. We also played sky wars, the game is like you have circle that you need to stand in. When the guy said move, you need to move to a different circle. There will be less and less circle. Until there will be one left. I got lucky to survive till the last round, Finally we got a solution that can fit about 35 people in a circle.  I learned that you only need to put your leg in the circle so we all fit in nicely.







Peer Pressure Scenario

Hey is me again and today I will also do the scenario of Peer Pressure

Here is the scenario:  You are at a friend’s place for sleepover. This is a very popular student and it is the first time he invite you to his place. Once his parent are asleep your friend suggests that you both sneak to the liquor cabinet to try some of the alcohol his parents have stored

What should you say to your friend to dissuade him from doing this?

I would say: You are not old enough, Alcohol is poisonous and it can harm you badly your body is too weak to obtain it.

If you drink I will never come to your house again and I will also telling your parents tomorrow

First-Aid Scenario

Hey guys, this is the scenario for first aid. It is a scene that the teacher give and we need to solve it in the best way.

Here is the scenario: You’re on a camping trip with your friend, roasting hot dogs over fire. Suddenly, a log shift in the fire and throws up sparks, which land on your friend. His arm is burned. It’s not a large burn. but it’s starting to blister and turn red. Use what u learned about first aid this week to tell how you take care of this wound and what you would want to have in your first aid kit to be prepared



I would go to a nearby restaurant, a tab or pubic toilet, Then I will put the burn part in cold running water for 10 minute and cover it so nothing touch it.  

Nutrition Scenario ?

The teacher give us a scenario and ask us to solve in the best way.

Here is the scenario: You come home from school with your brother (Grade 1) and find a note from your mom saying she will be home at 6 PM, and you need to care for your brother till then. You are both hungry and your mom has asked you to you to make  or buy a healthy snack. Describe  one snack that you could make (using thing in your kitchen) and one that you could buy. Explain why it’s healthy–what nutrients are in the snack, and how they are good for your body


-I could make tuna sandwiches (whole grains bread. It would be healthy because Whole grains is healthy, also tuna have Protein