Coco is a fascinating cartoon produced by Pixar and Walt Disney Pictures. The film earned 739.2 million USD at the box office. We can see that Coco certainly is as excellent as expected because we know that Pixar and Disney would never let us down. The movie was released initially in Mexico on October 27, 2017. Its genre is fantasy and mystery, which is about Miguel’s unpredictable adventure to the land of dead. Coco carries the two main messages of the movie: always remember how much your family loves you, and how powerful music is. The film presents the story of a boy named Miguel with talent who desperately wants to be a musician despite his family’s hatred for it, how he got himself into trouble for stealing the famous guitar to follow his dream, stuck in the land of dead and try to return to the living land. This is an excellent movie directed by Lee Unkrich and Adrian Molina. Contributing to the success of the movie we have to mention the casts: Anthony Gonzalez (Miguel), Gael Garcia Bernal (Hector), Benjamin Bratt (Ernesto de la Cruz), Ana Ofelia Murguía (Mama Coco),etc.

Miguel is the main character of the movie. He loves music and wants to be a musician but his family hates it. Miguel understands the whole reason why his family hates music which is the great grandfather that chose music over family but he still loves it, he practices with an old guitar by watching videos of his hometown hero, the late musician, Ernesto de la Cruz. The conflict begins when Miguel is planning to join the show secretly but his grandma discovers him practicing with a guitar so she gets furious and destroys the guitar. Not giving up, Miguel thinks of a risky idea, borrowing the famous guitar of Ernesto de la Cruz. The cost of stealing the guitar is a scary curse that he was getting trapped in the land of dead. Miguel needs to get back to the land of living before sunrise or he will be stuck in the land of the dead. To do that, he needs the blessing of his ancestor and hero, Ernesto de la Cruz. There are lots of plot twists in the movie which make the mission more and more impossible to complete and his journey begins.  

My favorite scene is when Miguel sings the song “Remember Me” “(written” by Benjamin Bratt“)” to his great grandmother, trying to remind her of her father. Her dad wants her to remember  that he would always love her and don’t forget him. This is the song her dad used to play for her when she was a kid and they would sing it together. This part will definitely bring up your tears.

I think that the audience would really enjoy the movie because it makes viewers feel more optimistic that life after death is not as miserable as people used to think. Viewers could easily see that they had drawn successfully on a colorful picture about life after death. In the movie, skeletons in the land of dead live just like us, they sing, they have fun, they wear makeup,etc. There are even lots of different animals which called “spirit animals” with weird but interesting combination and so many different colors with interesting texture. The characters’ line are very classic, realistic and simple which won’t make the audience feel cheesy or dramatic at all. The film is stunningly animated and carefully edited with 105 minutes length, I think it is a perfect way to refresh your mind on an unexpected adventure. It’s a fast-paced movie with multi colors but unpredictable ending that will leave a big impression on anyone who decides to give it a try. I love the messages that the movie is trying to bring them to viewers that are your family always love you the most and the power of music and how magical it is. The movie was not just about these things, they also put lots of funny little details that could make you laugh so hard.

Overall, this movie carries a lot of important messages and themes that everyone should remember that their families always love them the most and want all the best thing for them. Also, music is not just a thing, a subject at school, a song, it’s a medicine that can cure sickness, a strong inspiration and a way to bring you to a whole new world. I would recommend this movie to my family and my friends and that’s what you should do as well.