Today, we saw a lot of mold. There are mold in the water container. One cricket decided to take a swim and drowned in the water container. Our plant definitely grew. One side of our plant died, it turned black and slightly white. I think it turned out like that is due to the lack nutrients (water and sunlight) because it was turned away from the window. The mold was green and it mixed with the soil and a big rock we placed in. There is a dead cricket in our container from our last attempt. The water evaporated a little to our container sides, so there are water drops on the sides which makes observing a bit harder. Our pebbles are covered in mold which is very disgusting. Next time, we will add more food and less water so it cannot evaporate. One of our grasshopper died on the third day when we started building. The other died after one week, before it died, I can see that our second grasshopper definitely grew fatter. I think it died due to the lack of food because before we closed container, we placed some lettuce in the container. But when we open it, there was no more lettuce in it.

To conclude, we will definitely add more food for the grasshopper, still use grasshoppers because it lives longer, make the water container shallower, and put less water in the soil to avoid mold.


Today, all of our crickets died. Our container got water covered all over from evaporation. My plant rot a bit but not completely. I think both of our crickets died because of starvation. Before I closed my container, I placed a lot of salad in the container, but after I opened it, there was nothing  left. The water container turned yellow because of the dead flowers and the cricket urine. Next time, we will definitely place more food, and we will use a grasshopper instead. We will still use this same design by just adding more water and 2 more grasshoppers.



Today, we re-checked our ecodome. Our crickets are both alive, and it actually got fatter. Our water holder poured out a little bit. Our plant actually got slightly bigger proving it grew. I think our position is too hot because it was steaming in the container, and when I just touched it, the ecodome is pretty warm. If I was in the container, I will think that the oxygen will be very hot and very hard to breathe, so I placed my ecodome in a shader place.img_4793img_4792

Today in class, me and Hina rebuilt our ecodome. We used a smaller container that is clear and squared shape. We put a fourth of the container with soil, then a big plant in a corner. Beneath the soil is a layer of pebbles and small stones. We placed a couple small plants for decoration. According to our last trial, the crickets doesn't have enough water to drink, so we decided to place a bottle base as a water container. We placed 2 flowers on the water for decoration. We placed a big stone in the other corner, so that the cricket can climb up and enjoy the sun. Last time because it was too moist, the container start to grow mold and stinks. This time, we didn't add too much water, so hopefully it will not dry up. Before closing the container, I blew some carbon dioxide in before closing it. Hopefully this time will be a success.

Next time, we will use:

  • 2 grasshoppers.
  • One full container of water
  • A lot of salad
  • Same plant
  • Same container


Observations: All of our living things died including our crickets. I can only see 1 cricket, so I think that all of the other crickets and a grasshopper decomposed. Our plant rotted and it turned slightly black. There are a lot of white mold in our eco dome, because the soil is too moist. The smell is so strong that it made Hina almost throw up.

To conclude, all of the living things in our eco dome died. In my opinion, I think that it died because the plants doesn’t have enough carbon dioxide to photosynthesis plus the soil is too moist so there's a lot of mold. The cricket and the grasshopper died because it have been covered in mold and due to the lack of food. The plant when we observed have completely rot. 

In our next eco dome, we will put a smaller plant, 1 cricket only so we can keep track of it better. We will also put less water in because last time it was too moist, and there was too much mold. We will also not mix rice together because it was a stupid idea. I will definitely place a bigger tray of water and more seeds or vegetables for the the cricket to eat.


Changes made on design day:

  • This could include any change from your original design based on your experience while building; like adding or subtracting of materials, change in habitat design, etc

Me and Hina made a lot of changes, first of all, instead of having stones and rice at the bottom as planned. We placed it on top and mix it with the top part soil only because we accidentally placed the wet soil in first, so we are unable to put the pebbles in.  Second of all, we didn't use a bottle as a water holder because we ran out of space and there is a leak. Instead of a bottle, we used a bottle cap, but it didn't went well because it spilled a couple minutes later because of the crickets. Instead of having 1 cricket, Hina and I decided to place 3 crickets and a grasshopper to see which one can survive the longer. The last change was instead of using the soil to place it on the sides of the container. me and Hina placed it on the rim of the container so we will be able to see it and still get more sunlight.


What are the components of your eco dome? Why have you chosen each one?

First, me and Hina decided to fill up a third of the container with soil, and the same amount of water. I chose to have soil and water equal to each other because I think that the worms I putted in and the crickets need water to survive, so I decided to put a bit extra. I placed a couple pebbles under the soil, because I think that it can save some more water. Hina decided to mixed up some rice into the soil because we both think that the rice can suck up the excess water. I forgot to mention that I placed some worms in the soil, so the soil can be healthy and the plant will be able to live longer. I placed a plant in the middle with small plants around it so the cricket will be able to eat it.

  • img_4757

In this project on Leonardo Da Vinci Inventions, we focused on improving/learning about Leonardo inventions and how it is important. This is an important skill because it inspired other inventors to make/create Leonardos sketches  One thing I improved while working on this project is my ability to add details in a sentence by just looking at it. This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I accomplished. The Renaissance was the last big project that we had, so I ha put lots of effort in it. The Renaissance project, we need a poster, an interactive game and us to present it. My interactive game was mirror writing based by Leonardo and it was a race so the audience can race to see who can finish reading it first. It was pretty hard. This Renaissance was a fun experience.

- What helped me stay organized?

Many things helped me organized, like the planning document. The planning document helped me stay organized because it helped me know what to do first (in order.) Another tool that helped me stay organized is my partner, PePe. She organized what I had and put it in order like what was less important to important.

- What trouble did I have and why?

I had trouble answering the essential question because in google, it doesn't answer directly. So we had infer it by evidence from sources. But in the end, we solved the problem by connecting evidence to the question. This was a really big trouble.

Photo on 6-1-16 at 11.58 AM

 How did you work with your group to brainstorm? What ideas can you offer? What is your group’s next steps? What should you bring?

We brainstormed how to get rid of the solids/dirt today. I offered to take pictures and put a funnel in a bottle. My group next step is to bring more materials and think more about how to get rid of bacteria and salt. I will bring foil and straws next class hopefully.