Ecodome Project – 2nd Post


Ecodome Status: Failure

Leaving my Ecodome for more than a week, the Ecodome failed as seen in the picture below, everything has fallen. Opening my Ecodome, the smell was terrible but more importantly, the crickets died.  The cricket hasn’t move for days and the plants started dying, probably from the lack of carbon. Now I know that I have things that I definitely need to improve on.I found the food to be spreaded everywhere and the water from the pond evaporated away into the atmosphere, creating a bad ultra moist atmosphere. 


Overview of Ecodome                            Carrots on the dirt



Component Amount incl Units Reasoning Daily Observations
Container N/A The container is the Ecodome. Water condensed on the sides but mostly on the top
Food 6.1g of apples and 4.4g of carrots To prevent starving of the cricket Mold is growing on the food
Water 200ml Water for plants and crickets Water is evaporating and condenses at the top of the Ecodome.
Plant 5-6 To give oxygen to the cricket The plant is alright
Cricket 2 To test my first Eco-Dome One became missing and the other one was active

Next steps:

  • Less water
  • More food
  • Put sponge in
  • Remove pond
  • Provide a roof for the cricket
  • Put more dirt

The website also recommended us to place in wet towels instead of water because crickets have the tendency to drown. We will also need to need to place a roof over the cricket as a place for it to hide.

Ecodome Project – Day 1


On the first day, my partner Mia and I worked with each other to plan out our Ecodome, a paradise/hell for our crickets. Our plan was to successfully let our cricket(s) survive over winter break.

After the first day, one cricket went missing. Untraceable, we assumed that the living cricket ate the missing one because it was more active than when we put it in. Over time, we noticed that the lonely started getting slower, seems to be weaker. After a few more days, the moment arrived. The cricket died, causing the plants to slowly turn orange.


  • How much will be too much water?
  • What does the cricket consume?
  • Are crickets claustrophobic?
  • Do we need to prepare food beforehand?


  • 5-6 plants
  • 200 ml of water
  • 6.1g of apples
  • 4.4g of carrots
  • Soil/Dirt Enough to cover the bottom and reach a height of 0.75 in
  • Grass
  • Rock
  • 2 crickets


Component Amount incl Units Reasoning Daily Observations
Container N/A The container is the Ecodome. Water condensed on the sides but mostly on the top
Apples and Carrots 6.1g of apples and 4.4g of carrots To prevent starving of the cricket Mold is growing on the food
Water 200ml Water for plants and crickets Water is evaporating and condenses at the top of the Ecodome.
Plant 5-6 To give oxygen to the cricket The plant is alright
Cricket 2 To test my first Eco-Dome One became missing and the other one was active

Gap Minder Activity

  1. The ‘Don’t Panic’ Video is a video talking about the data of poverty today and how might the United Nations end poverty by 2030. The video also included some interesting graphs that’s different than what we are used to.
  2. I loved the visuals he showed us, they were very professionally made. I think it’s because of his voice and his different kinds of charts.
  3. In the future, I could use this video to show my audience my purpose using the new charts and get some tactics from him like using something different and engaging with the audience.
  4. After watching the video, the only question I had was ‘How do I make the charts?’


Swimming ?‍♀️

Uh, please don’t judge my swimming ?

Freestyle: When my hands enter the water, I think it should hit softer rather than smashing the water. You know, water have feelings too ?. My shoulders should rotate a bit more and I think my arms should be higher avoiding the water to drag my arms wasting energy. Another thing with my arm is it looks a bit floppy, weak. I need to keep it straight to maintain the direction I want to go in. I also should let my arms and legs let my body glide before swinging them again to save energy because after the first 10 seconds, I can clearly see the massive lost of energy. I think my legs should swing slower and try to keep them underwater for effect. That also saves water from spilling out of the pool and people walking on the side.

Breaststroke: My legs are clearly not working together, they push and swing at different times. I should also try to do less of the freestyle push because it’s not correct and wasting energy even though I do it because it pushes me when I breathe.

Backstroke: Man those floppy arms are terrifying. They flop and 100% messes up my direction. They’re so bad it looks like I’m doing it on purpose. I think I need to try to let my arms touch my ears every time I swing so that I know it’s straight. My chins definitely needs to be up, and arms needs to enter the water softer so I wouldn’t look like I’m drowning from the splashes. My shoulders rotating needs to be more, smooth. It kind of looks like stop motion, they look like I’m trying to raise my shoulders to touch my face. I think a bit more smooth rotation would be perfect.


Thank you for not watching the video ?



Water Filters Reflection

During the last few weeks, we have been working on building a water filter to make water drinkable. Objectives were to remove salt, sediments, copper and lower the pH to around 6 to 8. We had some restrictions though making it more challenging. Our build needs to be a low budget filter, no need of complex maintenance and one simple-to-use product.

From our first prototype, we placed cloth at the end of the filter to help with sediment and a rubber band to keep it in place with sand on top and gravel topping it off. Our prior results had a pH of 3, 600 ppm (Copper), a low amount of sediment, and around 60% of salt. New results gave a pH of 3, 350 ppm (Copper), barely any sediment (Lower than low) and around 50% salt.

In the second prototype, we changed the design. With cloth at the end like the first prototype and held in place with a rubber band, we put a mixture of gravel and sand on top of the cloth. We also welcomed charcoal as a part of the filter, placing it on top of the gravel and sand. The top layer is another mixture of sand and gravel. So the second prototype looks like a charcoal sandwich with gravel and sand buns. Our prior results had a pH of 3, 450-600 ppm (Copper), a turbidity of medium and around 60% of salt. Our new results had a pH of 3, 100-200 ppm (Copper) and an incredibly low sediment level. Even lower than the lowest testing water there is! In the salt test, the new results has a 60% to 75%. The salt took more area because there was more water in the petri dish but our salt was significantly smaller than the prior results.

In conclusion, our water filter is undrinkable due to high acidity (pH), salt, sediment and copper. We still have many work to do.


First Prototype Sketch/Design ??

Second Prototype Sketch/Design ??


A Part Of My Pixelated Life

In writing, we are told to make a video about one of our poems we made during class. Of course, it was a bit of challenge with time and power. I just didn’t have time editing for a minute of video. I took a stopwatch and timed my editing period. The final time was roughly 8 hours… for one minute of video. Power didn’t help too. It was like a hurricane most of the time! It keeps shutting down, power keeps cutting off because of how lightning stroke. Some unsaved progress disappeared but that was pretty hard remaking everything. I feel like I chose the music well, the tune, beat and ending were near perfection. My voice, music, and editing helped me to show my ideas and voice and pace so it sounds more, like what I had in my mind. My voice was one of the most important parts, though. I attempted to emphasize my voice, the pace, speed and pretty much everything. It went out pretty well even if I sounded weird. I would change my voice, I feel like my voice is the furthest from perfection even if it seemed good, just a little adjustment. An advice when doing this is to not even think about 2 minutes. Don’t talk slow, fast just normal like how you want it. Like mine, 1 minute when recommendation tells me to have 2. Turns out mine seems natural and normal.

Explain Everything.


In this sketchnote, I did some drawing and made some boxes. With that, I also used colors to make the sketchnote pop out. Making it very colorful. My sketchnote is sadly note perfect though. The boxes look confusing, and drawings are confusing. Next time, I will make rectangle/square boxes and use less drawings that are unnecessary.

Poetry Reflection

The past quarter, we were focusing on poetry. We made several poems about ‘conflict’ or ‘theme’ or overall just free verse. Over the unit, I learned about line breaks and white space. Line breaks are pauses, making a stanza. While white space is the white space around the poem. For example, I’m F                                                                                                                                            A                                                                                                                                            L                                                                                                                                            L                                                                                                                                            I                                                                                                                                             N                                                                                                                                            G.                                                                                        Using both of those we made our poems more fun. After learning and making poems, I still wouldn’t consider myself a poet, though. I make a lot of mistakes, received loads of comments telling me to fix this and that and overall just awful. Another reason why I wouldn’t be a poet is my lack of vocabulary and terrible grammar.  In the future, I can see myself writing poems occasionally, not regularly. Bummer. Sometimes I write, I don’t see many interesting points of poetry. It’s fun at times but I wouldn’t consider it my hobby or something I like doing. Overall, my experience with poetry has been incredibly interesting, but not enough to drag me to into it but on the other side, I feel like I have definitely grown as a writer :D. That is my experience with the poetry unit.


They’re all me.


In this activity, we were told to find 3 fictional characters which describes ourselves. For myself, I chose Nevile Longbottom, Pen Pineapple Apple Pen guy and from Suicide Squad, Harly Quinn. First off is Nevile Longbottom, just that ‘handsome’ guy in the first movies of Harry Potter. He is just super derpy and I am literally him. The way he laughs, the way he talks, he’s like my twin ❤️. I MEAN HAVE YOU SEEN HIM NOW?! I hope I look like that. Next, the PPAP guy. Look at him. I have to say the weirdest guy I have ever seen. His weirdness is seriously over 9000! I’m weird, he’s weird, he’s the best guy ever and he makes an accurate twin of me (Except for the looks). Lastly, Harley Quinn, the creepy girl version of me. “We’re bad guys, that’s what we do”. Sometimes, I am such a bad guy. Failing throwing trash in the bin and leave it there, turn off the lights when someone’s showering and unfriending people on Facebook on their birthday. All of those reasons together, I think she makes an accurate reason to be me.