1. Describe what you did at each station
  • Getting water from river (buckets)
  • Head carry station
  • Shoulder pole station
  • Filtering station
  1. What was most difficult or challenging about the activity. Why was it difficult?
  2. How did you deal with the challenge?
  3. What ideas do you have for making this trip more interesting or realistic next year? (No–stopping for bubble tea is NOT an option!)

First, we were walking to Crescent Lake. Then we started our stations.

Station #1 : The head-carrying-water station. My hands were really numb after this. And water keeps sloshing around.

Station #2 : The shoulder-carrying-water station.  I didn't  slosh.

Station #3 : Purification. Boring

Station #4 : Water getting. I got muddy.

  1. The water-getting station. It was heavier than I thought.
  2.  I pulled for my life, and and ended up dirty.
  3. I think us students should end up less dirty.


Ms. Rayle's Question :

Explain about what activities you did at Bưu Long. (Don’t assume readers know what abseiling, zip-lining, and rock-climbing are!)

  1. Which was your favorite or most interesting activity? Why?
  2. Which activity was most challenging or difficult for you? Why? How did you try to overcome the difficulty?
  3. What did you learn about yourself by doing these challenges?
  4. What do you think this trip has to do with pursuing excellence?

Please add pictures to your post! I have put my pictures into a Google Drive folder and shared it with you. (Look on “Shared with Me”.) We will upload more pictures as soon as possible. It is easiest to save or drag the pictures to your desktop, then add them from there into your post (click “Add Media”, then select or drag the photo).


My Answer :

My favourite activity was Abseiling.  At first, I was über scared. But I gathered enough courage to abseil. When I was done, I was so happy I conquered my fears. I wanted to go again. But ...! It was time to face, Dun Dun, DUN! The Dreaded Rock - Climbing! I failed before I got before 4 meters.  Finally, it was time to go zip-lining. It was fun and people keep shouting "GOOD BYE, CRUEL WORLD!" and "HELP ME MOMMY!". But the zip-lining has some cons. On the way to zip-line, there is a bunch of sulfur, which is found of urine.

So far my drawings are going well. I will keep practicing. I spent my last few days drawing. I estimate, uh ... ... IDK, 2-2 1/2 hours so far? My goal is on drawing the infamous Star Destroyer. But not any Star Destroyer! It's Darth Vader's! My drawing of the Darth Vader and the Emperor is going well!. Now I'll set my eyes on the rebels X-wings and I-wings. Or I will keep drawing or sketching the destroyers and their fleet.

                Darth Vader will be proud of me! His Star Destroyer is on it's path to Tatooine! Wish him luck. First, of course,I  imagined me flying and inspecting the Destroyer. Then I plan on doing it's tip and cannons before going to the command post.

                 Then, I started making the tip, sketching up to the command post, then erasing some spots for the gun post, then the cannon and bombardment post.

                  Now that the Destroyer is done, I will draw it's surroundings. The planet Tatooine, the stars and the TIE's and more small destroyers.

The reflection I am going to do is about drawing.

First, I imagined what I draw. Of course, because I love star wars, I drew Darth Vader. I imagined his body, then his head.

Then, I planned the how i'm going to do it. I decided that I do the helm down to the shoes.

I did a few mini designs of him. Then I trouble shoot what was wrong.

After I trouble shoot, I create Darth Vader.

Voila! I have Anakin Skywalker! Now I evaluate what I did. Mental note : Don't make the head so big!



Thinking Reflectively About our Launch

Challenge #1

Backward-LookingWhat problems did you encounter while you were working on this challenge? How did you solve them?

 We did not encounter a problem because I am absent-minded

Inward-LookingWhat was satisfying to you or frustrating to you during the challenge?

I was satisfied that I customized Pong with a beard and freckles.


Outward-LookingIn what ways did your product meet or not meet the goals of the challenge?

We did not encounter success because we had problems balancing the string on under the straw.

Forward-LookingWhat would you change if you have a chance to do this challenge over again?

I would tape Pong with the chair and washers.

Feelings: What were some of the different feelings you experienced during the challenge?

I felt bored. Yet fun and exciting. That's it.

The unit was fun, but the play was real lumpy. We only got 1 practice because we took so long playwriting. Then when it was the day of the play, our most important actor, Quang being Marco Polo. But at the end we still got kind of a applause, which was fun.

SISAC was very fun yesterday, because B team got 4th place! I'm going to definitely going to join soccer next year, because SOME of my friends said that I might make A team next year! Well I sure hope so anyway ... .

 I think we did really well, and that we beat ABCIS, which my friend says that we were going to lose. We won AIS with grace and ease, but playing against RISS was hard because the water from the rain kept stopping the ball and making it harder to shoot and pass. Especially passing. Well that's it for today. 

My book was called "Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key". The book was very funny, about a ADHD and ADD boy who cannot sit still. And then he does something BIG, and he's the one to blame. The book was not only funny, but is exciting, fun, adventurous and daring. That is why I love this book.