The room goes silent as the judges get ready to show which light it will be. The green light is shown the crowd roars, and the ones who can’t believe it are the ones who are up on stage. 

My name is Dylan and my group is the Hut Of Learning, the team members are me, Kris and Kelvin. We were selected from seven groups in our devision to perform in the MPR room, since the auditorium was booked. There were seven groups in the final shark tank. 

When we went to Cat Tien I didn’t really see how the national park was that sustainable, but I now I know that at least there are still some parts of Vietnam that are still full of wild life and is still green.

The first group was Organic Cleaning Products, after that group it was The Hut Of Learning (My group) the moment we got called my stomach did a triple backflip. When we got onto stage Kelvin was doing the introduction to our proposal, then it will be Kris who will introduce us, after that it would be me talking about the reason we should have an outdoor hut.

When I was talking for the first time in the final shark tank, I messed a bit of my sentence and as Iw as talking I got more confident which got better and better and better until the end, where the judges got to ask us questions. First question they asked us was why we were using artificial straw instead of real straw. We answered with the reason if were to use real straw then we would have to change the straw every now and then. If we use artificial straw the roof will be better because artificial straw is more durable, and if we use artificial straw we won’t have to change the straw every so often. 

After all the groups were finished presenting, we got to see what he results were for each group. We were the second to get our results. The room goes silent as the judges get ready to show which light it will be. The green light is shown the crowd roars, and the ones who can’t believe it are the ones who are up on stage! 

About 30 minutes later the presentations were over Kris, Kelvin and I still can’t believe that our project got green lighted. 

My final thought about the final shark tank was that I really liked how none of the teams got red lighted, and the fact that it felt like a real shark tank because it was so intense having to speak out loud in front about sixty people, and having to look at the judges as you were talking was pretty hard to. Considering that there were over sixty people.

I also really liked it because of how hard we had to work and it was really fun. 

Cat Tien Reflection

When we went to Cat Tien I was excited to find out who my roommates were, what roasted marshmallows tasted like, and to see all the wildlife. 

When we got to our final destination we had to take a boat ride across, and once we were at the real Cat Tien, we went to eat lunch straight away. And while we were eating lunch I heard birds singing. After lunch we got to find out who our roommates were, my roommates were Adrian and Daniel. Our cabin block was called Gaur, we were with Mr. Edwards and Mr. Hale

Once we got to our cabins we got to rest for about 30 minutes and then we went to play some group activities such as the Human Not, and Alaskan Basketball. Then after that we did a Micro Eco-System activity, the objective was to observe all the living organisms in the eco system, we saw some ants but they were to fast to get a photo of them. But then we saw a giant spider and we named him Marley. This was also when I lost my camera and things went down hill. I liked Alaskan Basketball more then the Human Not because, it was less complex and it relied on throwing and running two things I like to do. I didn’t really like the Human knot that much because it was so complicated and it was hard to do.   

After that we went to our cabins and went to bed, but you got a choice to do the morning hike and and listen to the Gibbons sing, but we would have to wake up at about 5 O’clock which was pretty early. In the morning it was pretty cold so most of us were wearing jackets, anyway we walked to meet up with the others. 

Once we got to the others we started the morning hike. We hiked a few hundred meters and then we stopped on a bridge and listened to the Gibbons sing. Once in a while the Gibbons would make these loud alarm like sounds, and then a Gibbon would make this alien like sound and all the other Gibbons would be quiet. I really liked this because we were breathing fresh air and it was nice and cool outside. Also I liked when the gibbons got loud and quiet.

When we got back we ate breakfast and group 2 (my group) went to the Primate Center where they help endangered and injured species. At the Primate Center they had Gibbons, Black Shank Dukes and Pygmy Loris’s.

We walked until we got to this viewing platform where we could see birds, gibbons and other animals. In the trees we saw to young Gibbons playing with each other in the tall trees, we also saw a large bird that we thought was like a hawk or eagle. I liked this because we got to see wildlife and it was nice and windy at the top of the platform.

After that we got to go back to our cabins and rested, then we got dressed for dinner, and after that we went to do the Night Sensory Hike, it was really fun and cool because we were walking down the road at night, and we got to use our night vision which is basically when you eye switches from the normal eye sight to that sight that has night vision. We walked a few hundred meters and stopped then we were lying down on the road watching the stars and listening to the animal sounds, I liked this because it was nice and peaceful.

 Then we had dinner and then we had a Bonfire which was teacher-led the teachers would tell us scary story’s and let us play games around the bonfire. 

That night group 2 (my group) did the Night Safari where we got to go on a bus that only had seats on the roof, so that we could see some wildlife.

When we got onto the bus, I sat next to Daniel and a few minutes into the safari our guide spotted a baby deer, which was our first animal then we spotted a female, and then we saw a giant male deer that looked at us for a few seconds. Then after that we saw a family of deers hanging around, and we saw a Porcupine and a Jackrabbit which quickly hopped into a bush. I thought that the Jackrabbit was scared because of our tour guides light.

After the Moon Bears we were told to go meet everyone at the field where we did our group activities. Once we got there we were sorted into groups this was based of which one you picked, I picked photography so I went with the photography group, but remember how I lost my camera well Mrs. Tram found a camera and it happened to be mine.

As we were walking down the road looking for things we could take a photo of, we spotted a nice tree to take a photo of, and that was where I got my winning photo.

This is the photo I won with?

 Also the person who gets the best photo wins a prize. Anyway we walked on to see the Ancient Tongue tree and it was massive. It is about 300 years old now.

The Ancient Tongue Tree!

This was where we got to see who had the best photo, and i’m pretty sure that the highest score you could get was 15, and I got a 14.5.

Then we walked back to get dressed and ate dinner, after that we had another Bonfire but this one was student-led, and we got to practice and make up scary story’s and games. But when we got to the Bonfire everyone was nervous and no one wanted to perform, so then complicated group performed some sort of game show, and after that me and Kristofer’s group performed a game called Last Reaction First Reaction.

So basically one of the judges will say last reaction or first reaction if a judge says First Reaction jump then the first person to jump is out, and if a judge says last reaction jump the last person to jump is out. The last 2 contestants in the final were Halia and Ben. When Halia and Ben where competing for first place it felt intense, and it was strange to see the two M.C’s battling each other. 

Then the next day we went to the Moon Bear Center, where we got to hide some food and spread Peanut Butter on trees for the Moon Bears to find.   I got to name two Moon Bears because they ate my food, I named one Cookie and one Fuzzy. Fuzzy was a smart  bear because she spun a barrel and my food dropped out. We hid there food in there enclosure, the reason we hid the food was so that they could use there sense of smell, climbing abilities to find the food. At the Moon Bear center they also had small Sun Bears that had short fur.

That was everything that I thought was fun about Cat Tien and I hope you enjoy it to.??.


My Reading Goal For Two Weeks


My goal is to read more non-fiction books than fiction, I also want to read for a longer period of time while I am reading non-fiction books.

Action Plan

My action plan is to set up a schedule for what time i will read every night and for how long I will read every night.


So far I am only picking out which non-fiction book to read for my goal.

Yesterday night I forgot to read so I will do double this night so that i can get back on track.

Yesterday night I read 100 Facts Of Everything for about 45 minutes.

Last night I forgot to read so tonight I will read more.

Yesterday night I read 100 Facts of Everything for 45 minutes, I read about the best and the worst movies and about Dinosaurs.

This Saturday I will start to read a different non fiction book.  

Last night I forgot to pick a book and read so today I will do extra.

Guinness world records of 2017, for 35 minutes.

Science Report

Maybe a  week ago we started our Science Reports. Kris and I chose Dry Ice and vinegar, to see if they would react to each other.

Our deadline for this experiment is on Thursday, right before our Information Report deadline on Friday.

It was really fun because at the end after we put the vinegar in the Dry Ice it gave of smoke and was more rough because the Dry Ice was breaking down, because of the vinegar.




On Wednesday kris, Billy, Daniel and I went to SISAC for A team, but B team stayed at school.SISAC was hosted at ISHCMC.Once we got there I was nervous but all my friends looked like they were at a normal basketball match.

The first team we were gonna’ play was BIS who apparently is the best at basketball.But before we were about to play AIS  was about to play BIS, and when the ref threw the ball up my friend Noah tapped it backwards.But a BIS player was there so he stole the ball and got an easy lay up.After that it was AIS’s ball when they were dribbling  up to the half court line, I felt some rain on my head.That was when the game stoped and we had to move inside.

When we came inside we saw ISHCMC and ABSIS going at it, so far ISHCMC was winning and we saw a person that used to be in SSIS Tim.He was sitting on the bench relaxing for a bit.But before we new it the game was over ISHCMC won it, then after that AIS and BIS continued there was 4:0 when they left off.When we were watching BIS and AIS, ISHCMC was going head to head with ABCIS.But there was only a few minutes left and ISHCMC was winning by quite a lot.

After the  IHSCMC game was over and the AIS game was over it was our turn to warm up and play a game.We were playing our game outside because it stoped raining.Once we were finished warming up our coach was picking who would start the match.

When we started the match, it was super intense because when the ref blew the whistle, and threw the ball up the court went silent. But we one the tip off then the ball went to Emre who scored the first 2 points for us.But later we fouled them and they got both of the shots in from the free throw line.

But in the end BIS won for the third time and the Dragons came home with second place.


Another week into research for our Ebooks we are making on a thing, a person or anything really. But we only have two more weeks including this one to gather all the information we need and to answer our questions.To make sure we follow our plan and we don’t forget it, we are using planners.

This way we don’t need to try to remember all the steps and what parts we are going to write, and at what time so we can just open the planner and then we can just follow our plans.If they don’t work out than we can just change the plan for the planner.

Our Inquieres

I am making a biography about Michael Jordan and when he was at his prime, and the secret to how well he was doing in his career.But I have to get moving quick, cause I only have three weeks to gain as much information as possible.

Then thats where I have to put the information in different spots like the Introduction, Middle and the conclusion for the biography. But I have to spend more time in the middle because there are three sections I have to fill up, in three weeks and then I have to figure out a good conclusion and not just say the end after happily ever after.