I learned the structure and function of Ecology. Ecology is a scientific study of interactions between different organisms and their environment. There are two types of ecology.; biotic organisms and abiotic organisms. Biotic organisms are living-organisms that influence the ecosystem and abiotic organisms are non-living. Additionally, food chains are an important resource for the ecosystem. It is the step of series where organisms transfer energy by eating or being eaten. For example, frogs eat crickets and crickets eat plants, who make their own energy by photosynthesis. Therefore, when one of the organisms become extinct, then the rule of the food chain might break and other organisms might also decrease too. Producers are also called autotrophs. They use light or chemical energy to make food. Plants and bacteria are examples of producers. On the other hand, consumers are also called heterotroph. Consumers rely on other organisms for their energy. For instance, mostly all the animals are consumers.

I learned the structure and the function of the carbon cycle. The carbon cycle is a movement of carbon dioxide through air, ocean, atmosphere and the crust of the Earth. It moves through several ways such as Photosynthesis, decomposition. First, carbon dioxide is absorbed to plants, then herbivores consume the plants. This process is the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen between plants and animals. Next, when animals die, their bodies decay and become waste, and carbon dioxide is released to air, which is also called as the atmosphere. This is the brief process of the carbon cycle. Additionally, carbon dioxide also goes into the ocean too.

I learned the structure and the function of Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration. When the sunlight is absorbed to the plants and the waters are going up through the stems from the soil, then the plants make oxygen and glucose. Photosynthesis occurs in the chloroplast. On the other hand, the animals consume oxygen and release carbon dioxide. The cellular respiration is a process which the energy of glucose is released out from the cell. It can happen in all cells. The energy stored in glucose by photosynthesis is released by cellular respiration and repackaged into the energy of ATP. Thus, anaerobe respiration is similar to cellular respiration. It occurs when no oxygen is available to the cell.



In this game, there are four teams and 3~6 players in a team. The first thing we do in this game is to collect the coins in the middle of the pool and put it in your bucket. While you do that you can also shoot goals for more points. After all the coins have been collected you can put your water polo ball into someone else's ring for more points. The team with the most points win.

Water Polo Ball - 20 points

Goals - 1 point

Coins - 1 point.


  • Do not hit a person with a ball on purpose.
  • Do not push a person into the water.
  • Only have one ball at a time in your hands.
  • You’re allowed to have a goalie.
  • Do not punch a person.


  • 10-20 balls
  • 4 water polo balls
  • 4 goals
  • 30- 50 coins
  • 4 rings
  • 4 buckets


People get hit by flippers and it can sometimes lead to arguing or fighting. Especially when you go get the coins. Therefore we have decided that only 1 person from each team should go get the coins while the others score goals.

This model represents rock strata. A strata is another word for layer of rock. When erosion or weathering happens, the rocks become in layers. Sometimes, fault interrupts the rocks and change the shape of the layers. Magma also appears in the layers too. I showed different colors for each layers to show the ages of each layers. The yellow layer that is beneath is the oldest because it was first created. I also showed the fault by putting two different colors in one layer. For example, the second layer is made out of green and blue blocks. This represents that faults are formed because when fault is created, it shows that rock layers are tilted.

Hello! In this blog, I will be posting my final draft for the social media essay.

Imagine teenagers in their beds at midnight while their parents are sleeping, hands holding their phones, their eyes wide open, and fingers double clicking the screen to like their friend’s artifacts. Teenagers usually use social media for entertainment and staying in contact with people. However, teenagers encounter some risks due to social media. For example, they can get kidnapped by strangers and also, they might get into arguments with their parents about time spent on  social media. Parents should warn but trust their children about uses of social media because teenagers need to know that they can face hazards from their social media. However, teenagers also have rights to have privacy.


Parents should warn children about dangers of social media but they should trust their children instead of checking their social media every single day. However, if parents find out that their children are breaking the rules and chatting with strangers, then the parents should check their children’s social media every day for their safety. “I believe the most effective thing for parents to do is to warn their kids by making clear exactly how easy it is to fall into an online, life-ruining trap.” According to this quote, Amnon, a high school senior, states that parents should warn their kids by having a discussion of how easy it is for strangers to kidnap the children. As a result, parents should enforce the rule so that the children could follow the rule. However, if the children go out of the boundaries set by parents, then parents should check their social media frequently. Therefore, parents have to trust their children at least they break the rule and get out of control.


Additionally, parents should not go to their children’s social media without telling their children is teenagers have their own privacy and they might not want their parents to get to their social media. According to Dan, father of three teenagers, “I also wouldn’t read your diary, or snoop around your room when you’re not home. I trust you, and respect your privacy.” In this quote, Dan claims that parents should not interrupt teenager’s social media or other programs that are related to their privacy. Instead of disrupting their privacy, he indicates that parents should trust and give belief to their children. Teenagers might get hurt from their parents because parents might have negative opinions about their children’s business and privacy. For example, parents might discover that their children have a crush and their parents might say, “He is ugly so don’t be in a relationship with him/her.” That will lead to a big controversy between teenagers and parents due to the honesty and credence and sometimes, teenagers might not want to tell their parents about their whole secret and information about them. In conclusion, parents should not go to any sites, social media or books that contain teenager’s privacy inside.


To conclude, parents should remind their children about risks by social media but parents should not check their social media consistently. Instead, parents should trust their children. Parents should respect their children’s privacy because teenagers are in the progress of growing. Teenagers should know how to fix their own mistakes.

What did we do in Archery?

In Archery, we tried to aim our target, which was the archery board. We learned about safety things that we had to follow while we did archery.

How do we stand?

We have to stand by the blue curtain in the gym which is vertical to the archery board. We have to leave a distance between the left and right feet.

What is Targeting?

Targeting is when you aim for a target or a goal and try to make it in. In P.E class, we did targeting for almost all the lessons. In frisbee golf, there were many goals so we could target from many different places. When we aim for something, we should focus only to that goal and until you finish throwing or shooting something, your eyes should be to the goal.

How do we hold the string?

Your index finger should be in the top of the holder and two fingers which are middle finger and the finger that is next to it have to be in the bottom.

What is grouping in archery?

Grouping is when you shoot your targets and it is in the same one place. The picture below is a picture of a grouping that I made when I did archery.

Video of my posture doing archery


  • I realised that my arms were higher than my wrist. Next time, I think I need to be careful of where my arms are.
  • I also realised that the bow was keep shaking while I was trying to aim the target. Next time, I need to give more power to my hands so the bow could stay still.

Hi people! Today, I'm going to post my paragraphs that I wrote about the social media. This paragraph is written in parent's perspective.

What concerns would parents have about their children using social media?

First, they might think that social media distracts us from doing our homework. Second, they might think that it is dangerous because some strangers might try to kidnap their children.

Many parents may be concerned about their children’s use of social media due to being out of control by doing too much of social media. Teens often stay up late rather than sleeping. Sometimes, it distracts them from doing homework. For example, teens may pretend to sleep but actually, they may do social media inside the blanket in the bed. As a result, teenagers might hardly wake up in the morning and sleep in the school. In conclusion, parents should control teenagers about times doing social media and enforcing rules to be cautious about times taken up for social media.

Today in Social Studies, we made 4 scenes of the forms of government which is oligarchy, monarchy, tyranny and democracy with the Gummies.


This is tyranny.                                                                     This is an oligarchy.


This is a monarchy.                                                              This is a democracy.

What did you know about these forms of government BEFORE we started this unit?

I knew nothing about tyranny, oligarchy and monarchy but for the democracy, I already knew that representatives could vote.

Why is it important to learn about forms of government?

If we didn't learn about these forms of government, then we wouldn't know the process that made to this awesome form of government, democracy. And also, governments are all around the world so it's better if you know at least 4 of the forms of the government.

Which form of government do you think works best & why?

In my perspective, democracy works the best because democracy gives citizens a chance to vote and participate to the country. If one person decide all the thing, then some people would not agree to the result. However, if people vote, they would think that they at least helped the country and tried to make it better and it will be FAIR.