Comics Analysis

In the first panel, I showed the time to show the audiences how late it is. When it’s 11:59 PM, people usually think of scary times because it is almost midnight. It is the time that commonly relates to ghosts and scary things. In the second panel shows that the main character is very scared because the hearts are pounding louder and louder. Also, it’s cold there by looking at the aircon sending out lots of wind and the curtain is moving. These images help build up the main character’s feelings and allow the readers to feel the same way. The next panel supports the idea that the main character is worried because he was watching a horror movie earlier. In reality, when you watch a horror movie, you usually have a nightmare at night so that’s how it supports the big idea. In the 4th panel, it is the panel showing the sound that’s going on in the room. All you can hear is the clock’s sound, where it won’t stop beeping which can freak the character out. The panel also shows that the character is shaking which letting the readers know how the main character feels like.

The challenges of the assignment were to be able to show the entire story that I want to show to the readers without using too many words but pictures instead. I need to be able to use the right techniques and should be creative so the comics would attract the audiences. I thought this unit was very fun, it is different from what I thought we would be doing in Writing subject. I think I really enjoy the unit.

Day 24 – Ecodome Reflection

Day 24

This attempt is our third attempt after we failed the last two. We observed the old ecodome and we saw the grasshopper was dead. Then, we started to work on deciding what to change, what to add into the ecodome or take out. The rebuilding part of this time is very important because this would be our last attempt, we would leave the grasshopper through winter’s break to see if it’s going to survive or not.


  • the grasshopper was dead, lying on the soil, it is camouflaged with the soil, it turned dark brown
  • some of the plants died and the color turn lighter and some of them turned white
  • there were holes on the leaves
  • there were lots of water on the plastic surface of the container
Bird's eye view of the ecodome.

Bird’s eye view of the ecodome.

Side view of the ecodome.

Side view of the ecodome.



We found out that the grasshopper would need more food to eat like wheat or corn because part of the reason why it died was because of starvation. Also, the plants were not as strong as they used to be because there were not enough water for them, they are starting to die. Adding to that, we think that the plants produced way too much water where we could see ‘sweat’ all around the container’s plastic surface. 

Rebuild and Changes:

For the next eco dome, we decided to get new plants since the old one is starting to die. We would also add more water to the soil to keep it damp and the plant’s photosynthesis to allow it to create enough oxygen for the grasshopper. Adding corn kernels is the what we decided to do to the grasshopper some food resource. The reason that we’re adding corn is because we think that the grasshopper is not having enough food to eat and they would die because of the starvation. This might also help them to be able to survive longer during the Winter’s break.




Day 14 – Ecodome Reflection

Day 14:

In day 14, we did our observation on the last attempt and began to work on the second ecodome. After making the observation, we decided to make a few changes on the second one and we also explained why we made these changes.


  • Both of the grasshoppers died
  • One was still stuck on the plants and the other stuck on the plastic surface of the container
  • They both death dried that we can see through their skin, the skin color changed from green to transparent
  • The plants grew a lot taller
  • There was water inside the container

This is the side view of the ecodome.


Bird’s eye view of the ecodome.



In the research, we found out that the grasshoppers need more oxygen, sunlight, and water to survive. We believe that the ecodome wasn’t giving enough oxygen for the grasshoppers and there were too much inside the container since we put it directly to the sun. Also, there weren’t enough plants, we only had 2 plants. The plants did grow, however, we don’t think that they produce enough oxygen for the grasshoppers. The other reason would be because grasshoppers are primary consumers, and we didn’t give them any food except for plants, leaves, this might be the reason why that they died.

Rebuild and changes:

  • Added 1 grasshopper because we still thought that more than one may fight for the limited resources
  • We didn’t add rock in because we realized that it took up too much space of the ecodome
  • We placed the ecodome in different area because last time we put it directly to the sun and the grasshoppers were dead dried so we put to an area that’s not directly to the sun direction
  • We added more plants because we thought there may be a lack of oxygen.


Day 1 and 7 – Ecodome Reflection

Day 1: 

Day 1 is the first that Victoria and I started to work on the ecodome. In day 1, we planned out by sketching how we want our ecodome to look like and deciding what to put in the ecodome. On the day 7, we began to work on our ecodome by bringing in materials that we need. We made few changes on this day.

Ecodome design components planning:


  • Grasshoppers (2)
  • Damp Dirt (to cover the bottom of our container) – To give the animal a natural environment and we added the water to make it less dry.
  • A small pond of water – water is part of an important source that even human or animals would need to stay survive
  • 4 different Plants – To give the animals oxygen and something to eat.
  • 2 Earthworms – To fertilize the dirt

Changes made on design day:

  • We added 3 grasshoppers
  • We only had two different types of plants
  • Our container was taller instead of wider

Day 7


  • All the grasshoppers had died
  • There was a lot of water from the plants so we didn’t need to add a pond of water from the start
  • 2/3 grasshoppers died in the pond of water
  • There was a fly inside our ecodome
  • The water got dirty




  • Lots of people made ecodomes the same way. Everyone seemed to add soil and plants. Some added more than others.
  • All organisms need water, sunlight and oxygen to live.
  • I think we had a good amount of plants because it was enough to produce water for our animal.

Rebuild and Changes:

  • We got rid of the cup of water because we found that the plants have produced enough water around the container.
  • We put in 2 grasshoppers instead of 3 this time because we found that the grasshoppers may have limited resources.

Science Revolution Reflection

In my Science Revolution Essay Project, I did well on researching information, giving detail fact about Marsilio Ficino. I was able to arrange my information in the right group. I think I also did well on creating notecards, the notecards help me a lot for the arrangement of the essay and it was a lot easier to look through the information that I found. However, I think I need to work on my time of writing the time because I spent too much time on researching that I was rushing in the end. I also need to be more careful on checking my grammar error because I lost few marks because of that mistake.

For the researching part, it was a bit hard because Marsilio Ficino is not as famous as others so when I looked up information about him, there was only few website that talks about him. It was especially hard to find information about him in books, I couldn’t find that actually talk about Ficino so it wasn’t easy to get the fact about him from different sources. However, few website that I found gave lots of information, so that was an advantage about the researching progress. – This is the essay link


Minimalist Poster about Marsilio Ficino

News Paper Reflection

In my newspaper, I wrote about basketball season of SSIS. To see how is everything going and the progress of every team. While writing the newspaper, I did well on being able to interview all the coaches and get very detail information from every one of them about what are they working on to help the ballers improve. I was also able to convey the readers the players’ thought about the practices and their goals. However, to make the article be perfect, I need to put more powerful words so it would help the article to be more interesting.

After this project, I learned how to ask good questions that help to get detail facts by using 5 Ws. This skill will help me a lot in the future. Furthermore, it was also a great chance for me to be brave and talk to other people because I don’t talk much to people that I’m not close with so I thought this project was really helpful. Also, from interviewing the coaches and players, I can also tell how much they love basketball and they are all trying really hard to meet their goals so it becomes my motivation to achieve my goals too.

I thought Quarter 1 is not too bad for me, I was able to go through it without too many stress and I was also happy with grades too. After quarter 1, my goal for the second quarter is to pull up my grades and do a better job on all of my projects that are coming up.

Renaissance Reflection – Famous Painting ?


In this project on Renaissance, Tracy and I focused on Famous Painting during Renaissance. We both focused on being able to understand the meaning of Renaissance art and why is it so unique and how does it impact on today’s world. This is an important skill because we got to know and understand more about the outside world and we get to know more new artists. For example, the art “Mona Lisa” was painted by Leonardo Da Vinci in the Renaissance time and it is now at The Louvre museum in France.  One thing I improved on this project is my ability to know when is the famous arts was drawn and who painted it. This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I accomplished.

While working on the project, which included finding sources, planning, and creating, took us about five to six classes to finish everything. Tracy and I did not run out of time doing the model and the interactive activities because we have planned out when to have the images print out and when do we need the paragraphs to finish.  We also have extra classes in ELA to work on the project so we have used the time smartly so we did not have any problem in time. Adding to that, we each have our own job to do and we have put out our own due day so we were managed to finish everything it time.

To organize, I have created a homework document where I write down what I need to bring and what homework do I have. I check the document every night to make sure that I have finished my tasks. Thus, when I need to print out the images or finding sources and doing annotation, I wrote them down in the document to remind myself. This is a very helpful way to remind me to do homework and finishing the tasks that I need to work on.

mona lisa

“Mona Lisa” – artist Leonardo Da Vinci

Filtration Challenge Refleciton

DAY 1:

How did you work with your group to brainstorm?

–> In the brainstorming section, as a group, we decided to sketch down how we think the machine will look like and how it will work. Every member has different ideas and in a team, which selected the best ideas from each person and turned all of those ideas into a sketch that we are all agree with. During the brainstorming time, I told them my ideas and drew down the machine that I imagined. The agreed with it and also added more ideas. 

What ideas can you offer?

–> My ideas were using the big plastic bottle that contained 1,5 litres of water become the containers of the river water. In this machine, at first, my ideas were, we are going to have two stations only because it might take lots of space if we have too many stations. Also, one of my ideas was using fire from natural energy to get away the bacteria because, in the constraints, the place that we going to put our experiment would not have enough electric to run the machine so we can only use resources from the nature of solar energy.

What are your group’s next steps?

–> Our next step is to start working on making each station and bringing materials that we need. We need to cut out the plastic bottle to create containers. Also, finding ways to boil the water by using solar power but still wouldn’t waste wood.

What should you bring?

–> We need to bring cotton, the large and medium size of the plastic bottle and clothes. 

DAY 2:

What methods (chemical, mechanical, biological, or natural) are you using in your design?

–> In our design, our method is natural by using the resource from the sun to boil the water without wasting wood or giving bad gasses into the air. To use this energy, we are deciding on making a solar oven out of pizza box. 

What steps do you need to do tomorrow to improve or test your design(systematic testing)?

–> The step that we need to improve is the first station where we are trying to get all of the soil out of the water. We need to glue the bottle again because the water spill outside. Also, we need to work on how to connect out stations together.

What is your prediction of how it will work? Add a picture to show your model.

–> My prediction is that it will work probably and like how we have planned because all of the works is going successfully so I believe it will work. 


DAY 3:

What did your group do today?

Today, we have continued working on our machine and we started to make the solar oven. I was the that responsible for the oven and others helped me. I used shoe’s box to create it. Zi Tao, Kyle and Antonio worked on the connection of each station by using a part of the water hose.

What methods did you use to remove bacteria?

The methods that we used to remove bacteria is boiling the water as heat can get away of the bacteria in the liquid that we have.

What methods did you use to remove salt?

For removing the salt, we haven’t really think about removing the salt so this is one of the most important thing that we need to think about on next class.

What methods did you use to remove sediment?

To remove the sediments, we have used clothes to remove it. The reason we use clothes is because as clothes have little, tiny hole where the water can go through but not the sediments so it helps getting rid off the sediments. Also, to make sure that there is no more sediment in the water, we have decided to put two layers of clothes and coffee drip filter. The coffee drip filter is sort of similar to the clothes that it has tiny holes but instead the material is fabric, it is make out of inox.

Would you drink your water after it has passed through your filter system? Why or why not?

I would drink the water that has passed through my filter because I believe that it is clean and fine to drink. I trust my work and I want to show that my team succeed.

Reflection on food drive promos

For the food drive promos, my partners and I have created a poster to post around and a video to show in the announcement. For the poster, my job was to edit the infographic/ poster, and our audience were the elementary students. In the video, I was responsible for filming and editing the video. During the process, the funniest part was when I was filming the others, and when we watched the video again. We all thought it was a very cool video. What was challenging was when we were filming, the two main actors, Trey, and Tommy, who were supposed to throw the food into the basket, however. Not every shot was a success, so Nghi became a catcher for the video. From these promos, I have learned that to write a persuasive piece of writing, I should be able to make the audience feel the same as I do, like if I want the writing to be funny, then the audience should be laughing when they are reading it. Also, to make it more persuasive, I should plan and choose the right age of the readers that would read my writing.