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                                       WELCOME back to my blog. Hi, I'm Zack and today I'm going tell you about my blog. This is a blog were I will post the thing that I've learned this year. Like the project I've made this years or a story that I've wrote or I'll post something like what I post last year. Let's talk a little bit about me. ( just for new person that haven't read my blog) So I'm Zack again and this year I'm going to fifth grade. I'm a person that like to sleep because I can sleep any time and anywhere. I'm funny  to because I like to make jokes. But something I'll get a little grumpy because 6th grader always like to tease and bully me. I'm in Ms. Carnahan class and my TA is Ms.Dung. This is not my first year, I was here in SSIS last year. This year I'll be here for the whole year. Also I like to play soccer, basketball and dodgeball. I  like to eat pizza, noodles and Pho. Finally, if you to go in my school website then the link is here https://www.ssis.edu.vn/

    If you have any question or comments, please tell me in the comment section below.

                                                  Thanks for spend your time to read this blog and...

                                                                                 I'll See Next Time

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