SISAC tournament: Easy Peasy like a queazy??!!!

Yesterday was Elemantary A soccer team SISAC. We was so tired that we can't walk after tournament. It was a lot of fun. But at least we get second places. First, we beat AMIS 5-0. Then unluckily, we lost Ishcmc 5-1. Ishcmc was super good. I remember that there's a guy who wears number 2 in Ishcmc, he is like that best player in the tournament he scored a hat-trick. Well, at least we can score one. Move on to the next match we beat Bis 2-1 It was a decent match. In the last minute, I don't know there's a triple hand-ball inside box so we have a penalty and Emre had score it. And in our finally match, we beat AIS with only 1-0 and Emre has score. Because of the it's rain really badly so the refuree has stop the match earlier. I can't believe that we get second place because our team thinks that all of these school are really tough but however we get second. 



                                                                         SECOND PLACE


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