Book Club: Very very hard

I'm Zack and today I'm going to tell what is my job in the meeting and about my amazing book. So my first meeting job was the Word wizard and I had found two word.They are milling and grin. The definition of milling was day dreaming and grin was kind of smile. My next meeting job was connector I mean highlighter. My passage was in page 78 and it's: Her reply was,"It's general Burgess. Check the score, dimbo. Girl rules, boys are loser, As usual, You're gonna get totally schooled!"

 Is it good? Okay, so my last job for the final meeting job was Illustrator and my picture look like this.

Ok. Now, I'm going to let you see my book. it's name No Talking written by Andrew Clements.


Andrew Clement has wrote many different books like Frindle, Lost And Found, The Report Card, Lunch Money,Room One, Extra Credit and more. Check it all out











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