Today, we had 2nd lesson about Volume and Area, in cubes. Where we had to find out 'How many different rectangular prisms can you make with 24 cubes?'. My partner and I figured there were about 4 so far, so we wrote down the 4 possibilities. After time was up for that, we were told to put together a rectangular model of 24 cubes, but first we tried one model, someone already had it, we put together another on, someone else already put it up, We tried one more time, someone already had it up there. There seemed to be only 6 solutions of 24 cubes, but there were 9 partnerships, meaning 3 partnerships weren't quick enough, or lucky enough. Then math time was over.

Today we started a new unit called "Green Dragons". Green Dragons is where we talk about the environment and of ways we can help it. A few questions I have about this unit are, If we are going to actually do things the help the environment during Green Dragons. I am also wondering where else we will go except from the Cát Tiên National Park Trip.

This has made me think about what will happen in the future when all the resources are all gone or some people call it "Peak Oil". I wonder if people are ever going to change their minds and start helping the environment or if we are just going to battle using stones and sticks in the near future, as Einstein said " World War 2 will be fought with deadly war machines, World War 3 will be fought with stones and sticks.".

          Close Reading is when you read to yourself in your mind, finding each detail it can tell you. Yesterday I close read 3 pages of a informational book and wrote down a 3 questions.

         I re-read the 3 pages, 3 times. Every time it asked me a question on the paper slip I got I re-read the entire text (3 pages).

          In those 3 pages there was a main idea and a main idea is where a specific part of a text (ex. 3 pages) has a meaning, and you write it's whole meaning in 1 sentence.

          What I think the text (3 pages)'s main idea is 'What ecosystems are and what they are made up of.'.

          Close Reading can help a lot, even in the future since finding details to get the hard to do science project done, or for a test.

In Hack Your Classroom, I am doing a VR landscape where we are making the School. My team agreed on this because we were thinking of the same thing. In Hack Your Classroom we are trying to make our classroom more exciting by using electronics and coding. So far we've done kinda great on trying to remake the school... I've made a classroom, Isobel has made the front part of the school, that's all really... Im not sure what Meherika has done but that's it.

Today, I will be figuring out what shapes this shape [see above] is.

It is a quadrilateral. It has 4 sides.

It is NOT a trapezoid. It has to have exactly 1 pair of parallel sides.

It is NOT a rhombus. A rhombus has 4 equal sides.

It is a parallelogram. It has 2 pairs of parallel.

It is DEFINITELY a rectangle. Because you can obviously tell and that it has 4 right angles, 4 sides, 1 pair of parallel sides that are not parallel to the other pair of parallel sides.

In class we are all reading one book which is named the The Lemonade War. In the story there are 2 main characters, Jesse and Evan. There is a conflict between the 2 characters because Jesse is Evan's younger sister and Jesse skipped a grade and they got a mail soon enough during the summer about Jesse being in Evan's class. Now Evan gets upset with Jesse at the last few days of summer. They get into a fight and they challenge them to a duel of who can make the most money out of lemonade. After 2 or 3 or so... Jesse finds out that they both have the same (well about) amount of money and Jesse pulled a very evil prank (I have no idea what word to call it) and put bugs and dirt in the lemonade was gonna sell in order to win the war but Jesse was gonna go on a vacation to the beach so she couldn't sell anymore lemonade, then Evan does the same thing to Jesse by stealing Jesse's hard earned money but if I were Jesse and I arrived back with my money gone I'd figure it's Evan and steal his money RIGHT before they count them... After Evan had stole Jesse's money and put it in his pocket of his pants his friends invited him to have a pool party and play with him... But, one of his friends said he had to go and he left and once Evan got out the pool he found that his pants where gone with Jesse's money... If I were Evan I would go straight to his house and say "WHERE IS MY MONEY???"

I'd really say this is one of the greatest books I've read/listened to so far...


Today I learned about multiplying decimals and how it works. Once I first got into the classroom we had to do a math sheet that ,me and a partner had to do together which was about multiplying decimals and we have almost completed it but then, the whole class came to the carpet and started using Base-Ten Blocks to solve questions we got from Mrs. Johnson. We got problems like 0.2 x 0.2 and we solved them using the blocks. Then we got our final question which was 0.23 x 0.3 which confused a lot of us since we were all (mostly) using the same strategy that was wrong. Then Mrs. Johnson showed us the answer and how it works. Here are a few pictures of our class doing it. (and pictures of me(and other people.).)


I have first asked a few questions and I put them into the Google Docs, then I got the questions and put them into topics. Then, I have gotten one of those topics and researched them on something called KidsInfoBits it's a website that Ms. Mandy told us about. We saved the info we got on KidsInfoBits and put them into our Google Docs. That is what we have done so far.

Researching the topics were what have been hard to research because there isn't much info that is JUST about military, most of them are just about main things like, Area 51 is a 'military' base then that's it.

I am excited about writing the book and showing others what I have researched and what I know.

I wonder why we are learning this topic and how it will be helpful to us in the future.

On Tuesday, We went to this thing called the Amazing Race (If you heard of the TV Show it's like that.).  We went through the first challenge but we could only go on the 3rd bus because we failed terribly, and the buses were for going to District 1. When we got to our second challenge it was called Drunk Waiter where we spun around 20 times and we got dizzy and we had to bring a tray with 3 cups of water to a bucket. The next station took forever for us to go to. Once we arrived we did a First Aid Challenge for fixing a patient's leg.

Then after challenge after challenge we had snack or lunch then we continued on to Annam Gourmet Market in Takashimaya and we couldn't find Mr. Edwards but then he was in McDonald's! The challenge was about taking pictures of items that had for example more than 30% of Vitamin C. After we did that challenge I was thinking "Hmm... Maybe I could open this because It needs one more number, so I could guess it!" After trying I did actually open the lock. We all were surprised but we all agreed to lock it again for good sportsmanship and not look at the last clue (I forgot the number while we were walking to the last station anyway).

Once we got there, there was no more time and we had to go to the meet up point but i'm happy we got 10th or 9th or 11th place, I can't remember but everyone won anyway for participating.

The most challenging thing about going to Bửu Long was the Zip lining because that was the time I was most scared because it was high up and I was thinking what would happen if I fell, but I overcame it because I saw someone heavier go first which tells me that it's safer for me and I went #YOLO.

I enjoyed the the rock climbing wall the most and before I went up I felt scared but confident. As I took my first step up and kept up climbing putting my feet up 1 by 1. I took a few slips back and forth but I managed to get all the way to the red line (The maximum of where a kid can go). I felt victorious but as I looked down everyone looked small which quickly scared me, luckily I looked at the wall and did as I was told to push against the wall straight legs with my feet and I slowly fell and got to the ground safely again.

I took a risk going down the zip line by YOLO-ing it. I stayed safe by holding the rope as I zip lined down and I made a thoughtful choice by figuring out as best when I knew I was gonna crash of how to slow down.

I would like you to know that you must be brave and take risks when you rock climb, abseil, and zip line w/ Phat Tire.

Here are a few pics.