If I could change anything about SSIS, I would make each of the sports seasons longer because at our school we only play one sport for only three months and move on to the other sport. I don't really like this because usually in Japanese middle school, students choose one thing you are interested in and work on that for one year. I think just three months of one sport is not enough for players to improve on their fundamental skills. If you just move on to the next sport after building your skills and changing to other sports every three months, there is a chance you can lose all your skills when you play the sport after one year.

In my opinion, I think volunteering should be required for high schoolers because some people’s lifestyle might be different from what people think, but we’re still the same human being. I think from high school they should learn how to take care of other people that have less authority than them. High school volunteering should be mandatory because from high school they should learn how to take care other people and they should be able to use that skills later in their life. From my own experience in Cambodia when I volunteered to pick up the trash on the street, I realized that so many people are lying on side of the street begging for money. Some kids were mopping other people’s car when it stops so they can earn money from that. I watched the kids doing that for 10 minutes, but I never saw anyone giving them any money. As a same human being, I felt bad for these poor people who are sitting on the street begging for money. Why don’t they have the same right as us and go to school and have better future? From that day I felt like volunteering should be required.  Everyone is same even if we look different, we should help each other as the same human being that lives on the same ground. Even slowly, the school should persuade the students to volunteer to help other people who're concerned with poverty and any other social problems because they should have the same right as us.

In January 1st, a gorilla escaped from the zoo. A group of people found a gorilla, who escaped from an isolated cage in the zoo. It all happened when one of the zoo workers was eating his lunch, who was just married and enjoying his life with his wife. He accidentally left the cage wide open, so the gorilla got out from it. This was located in the middle of the city in Tokyo, Japan.

It climbed up to the pole trying not to get caught by the zookeepers. It happened at January 1st right in the middle of the afternoon where everyone was enjoying their lunch and it was a 2day after the New Year’s, so everyone was celebrating for the new year.

The gorilla went on to the utility pole and tried to run away and somehow it didn’t get electrified by the utility pole. The zookeeper, who is in charge of this gorilla finally came to rescue the gorilla, but it never went down from the pole.

The zookeeper set a net to start the rescue. He used a crane to go all the way up to the top, but the gorilla won’t try to go off from the pole. Then the gorilla started to scream with an angry face, which scared the zoo worker from grabbing him.The zookeeper backed up for the second to make some time for the gorilla to calm down, who was still screaming with its mad face, acting like it doesn’t want to go back to the cage.

After 15 minutes, when the gorilla started to calm down zookeeper decided to use the paralyzer which may harm the animals. Zookeeper slowly shot the paralyzer to the gorilla which made it fall down to the net at the bottom. The rescue was over.

When the gorilla was back to the zoo, it was time for him to go back in the cage. Then he suddenly woke up, he started to scream again. Even when the zookeeper tried to force him to go inside the cage it will try to escape. At last, it was decided that the gorilla will be sent back to Madagascar, which was his hometown.

When the zookeepers arrived in Madagascar, they released the gorilla freely to the forest and looking at his back everyone cried by sadness.

After our first rebuilt our crickets died after about 3 days, which was an improvement for us because last time our crickets only survived for 1 and a half day. We think that this time our crickets died because we had too little food because all we cut was a piece of an apple, so if we would change it next time we would add in more food and more variety of food. This is our table for what we used to build our eco-dome.

pebbles 3 handful Stabilization
Black soil/dirt 3 cm Soft place so the crickets can dig inside
Plants 2 To give the crickets oxygen
water 25 ml For the crickets to rehydrate
Dead leaves handful resting
rock one shelter
Dead grass 2 handful For crickets to sleep on and for soil healthiness
apple 3 quarters For them to eat
water 25ml For plants

We didn't change as much as before, all we added was an apple and placed fewer plants because last time plants took most of our places, so we decided to only use two plants. Next time we decided to add more food and some kind of way to correct a water easily for the crickets.

During WWW, one of my roses was to play a dodgeball tournament. It was my favorite because I did really well catching the opponent's balls and hitting other people. We lost one of our games, but the rest of the games we won all of them. My favorite moment was when I caught, one of the Asiamotion people named V. That was my favorite because he was the only one standing from the other team and I caught a real fastball to end the game. My second rose was a rope-course because I missed the zip line last tear and I had another chance to do it, so I really enjoyed the rope-course. My thorn was when I lost my glasses during canyoning because I had to walk all the way back to the camping area and went to buy another glasses with Mrs. Jardin, so I had to miss 2 hours of the rope-course

My goal is to have less than 5 mistakes every time I write CWS by May 2017.

1. What new insights do you have into cyberbullying? What aspects of this problem do you know about now that you weren’t aware of before?

From what we learned about cyberbullying in this unit, I learned that cyberbully can happen even without knowing that your getting bullied. First I thought cyberbullying was serious problem for students because I thought it was like trash talking each other and using swear words to harm the victim, but after reading an article cyberbullying can get really serious sometimes. My aspect from cyberbullying changed a lot because sometimes it can isolate the victim from everyone and in the worst case victim might cause commit suicide.

2. What did try throughout the writing process? How did it help you be successful?

In my writing process I mostly focused on making correct grammar and using academic vocabulary words. As a result it went pretty successful. It went well because I read over my paragraphs after I written all of it and if I found a word that I can change it more academically, then I made the words sound more professional

3. What is your biggest take-away from our class discussions about this topic? Why?

My biggest take-away from our class discussion is that cyberbullying is never done physically because most of the time cyberbullies has some kind of issue or scared of telling the victim face to face. I think this was most important take-away because by using social media you can post bad stuff about other people without knowing anyone that you posted that. That is why cyberbullying can be very scary sometimes and cause a huge problem.

Schools should be accountable for discipling cyber bullies when they cross the boundaries too far. One reason is that cyber bullies doesn’t know what they’re doing. To illustrate, some SSIS students might hurt the victims feeling by revealing their privacy that they don’t want anyone to know, such as secrets, nudes, and private information that person don’t want to tell anyone This shows that the cyber bullies doesn’t know what they are doing, and think they will feel better after bullying a person that they dislike. As a result, the cyber bullies might be forced to  have a talk with a principle and apologize to the victim’s family, because it can lead to a serious problem. The bullies might get suspended or in the worst case they might be expelled by the school. From those reasons bullies should be responsible for what they’re doing before it becomes a serious issue. And not just the bullies are responsible for this, but their parents should also be responsible and teach them how to behave on other people by punishing them.

School should not be responsible for punishing cyberbullies if it happens outside the school. According to an article called “Should School be Responsible for Punishing Cyberbullies?”, there was an eighth grade girl who bullied the victim, so school tried to suspend her. However her dad disagreed and sued that the girl should not be suspended because it happened outside the school. Court agreed to the girl’s dad and school had to pay $100,000 legal fees. The evidence suggests that if cyber bullying happens outside the school, school has nothing to  do with that because school tried to help the girl how to be more responsible for what she was doing. Although, the school wasn’t wrong at all, at last school had to pay $100,000 all because it happened outside the school. Therefore, school shouldn’t be responsible for cyberbullying if it happens outside the school because they might end up paying lots of money.

Our first rebuild

Our crickets died 2 days after we left them inside our ecodome. From our observation, the crickets moved the dead leafs and eat some of the corns. Here are our pictures of our comparison between two ecodomes which is separated by before and after.

Before                                                                                            After


This is our video reflecting about our original ecodome and how we think we can change in next rebuild.

I think the temperature was too hot for the crickets to live because it had a lot of water vapor around our bottle just in one day, so I think it was a bad idea to keep our crickets out in the sun. Our ideas to improve our ecodome is to make a shelter for the crickets to go in, so it can keep some certain temperature on it own. From the research we found out that the good temperature for crickets to live in is 21 to 23ºC. However the plants need the sun to occur the photosynthesis, so we are planning to place our bottle still in the sun, but have some shady area for our crickets to rest. Overall, We added rocks, sponge, and a hole for cricket to live and placed our ecodome out in the sun.


Our Original Ecodome

In our ecodome project, we took our first attempt. In our ecodome we used following items to create our ecodome. Rocks, black soil, plants, clean water, carrots, corn, dead grass, dead leafs, water for our plants. Heres our quantitative data that include amount of items we need for our ecodome.

Component Amount incl Units Reasoning
Rocks 2 layers of rock in  the box To make the surface stabled
Black soil/dirt 3 cm Soft place so the crickets can dig inside
Plants 22 To give the crickets oxygen
Clean water Two bottle caps For the crickets to rehydrate
Carrots 20 strings of carrot For eating
Corn 50 piece of corns For eating
Dead grass A hand For crickets to sleep on and for soil healthiness
Dead leafs A hand For covering sunlight
Water for plants 5ml

And here is our picture of our original ecodome.

We decided to keep our ecodome directly to the sun because we thought that our plants need some sunlight to produce more oxygen for the crickets.

  1. Hardest part of SS

In quarter one I learned many new topics about a light bulb and Ancient Korean history. The hardest part of social studies this year was the debate. The reason why it was hard for me is because you don’t know what other team is going to say until the last moment and you only get two minutes to prepare for your counterclaim, so it was really hard for me to do that.

      2. What was my greatest achievement

My greatest achievement this year in social studies was my questions & answers for my lit circle book. In this project I had to think of ten good questions about my book and using different sources, I had to answer the questions. In this project I think I did really well on my works cited page because I used different sources every time and I used a newspaper article which is a great source to use.

      3. Pics

     4. What will I work on 2nd quarter

In second quarter I want to stay fit, so I can get ready for other sports. To stay fit I’ll join track and field and swimming.

  1. What was the hardest part of journalism? Why?

The hardest part of journalism for me was to make each paragraph short because we usually write a long paragraph in narratives. Also, in those short paragraphs you need to include a quote, so it was really hard for me to do both at the same time. I also had hard time interviewing because the schedule didn’t match until the last moment our article was due.

     2. What was your greatest achievement? Why?

My greatest achievement this quarter was making my first news article. Although it was really challenging for me, I learned lots of new thing like using pages. It was my first time using pages and I thought it was very interesting because you can do many thing compared to google doc.

    3. Pics of article + finished newspaper

    4. What will you work on second quarter?

In second quarter I want to work on my grammar because on my news article, lot of mistakes came from my tenses and subject verb agreement.