living wax museum

I researched about ben franklin. my explorer had a positive heart because he helped a lot, and invented lots of helpful stuff for people to use. I used to think on the money there was a normal person. but now I now know that is ben franklin. I found memorizing the script was hard for me. I enjoyed the the living wax museum because I got to say my script again and again and I was very tired of saying it again and again.

Unit 1 Math

What I learned in math unit one is rounding number the way how I learned it was a new strategy of rounding. whose that knocking at my back door 5 or more? raise the score 4or less let it rest. the second thing that I learned was how to do adding,subtracting big numbers.after learning all of these I got a grate diffrece of the pre test and the post test.       But I think I need to pactice checking more cerefuly and work on doing more word problems.

This our rounding tips and tricks sheet



G4 Sleepover

at oct 5.  sleepover it was fun because we could be able to sleep with our friends but I could not sleep because it was too cold. and I ate in a restaurant that co ba vung tau. here is a funny story I  was wakeing up my friend to go to the bathroom but he did not wake up so I woke him up again then he woke up lukely. we also played games in the auditorium with techers and friends. we also played bord games in our class it was very fun.

G4 talk

What did you do in the auditorium for the G4 Talk? Describe it. To change peoples lifecicle more helthyer
How did you feel before you went on stage? First it was nerves then after proud
How did you feel during your performance? Nerves,happy,fun
How did your feel after your performance? very proud
How do you think you did overall? it was not that hard to do the job
What are two things you did well and are proud of? I tryed my best to perfom
What is one thing you thought you could do differently? speak clearly
Say thanks to all of those who helped you. ms.ronzetti,mr.steven and more teachers
Embed your video from the ssis youtube link after your writing.