WWW Malacca Malaysia Memories

I was extremely excited to go off to Malaysia with my friends for a week instead of going to school. I was able to have numerous experiences that I have never done before, and I also got to learn many things. This trip gave me many great memories that I would not forget for a long time.

One of the activities that I enjoyed the most was visiting the local Malay school. In the beginning, we had no idea what to do with the students there. However, the local students stepped up to us first, and we began to talk and became friends. Even though the weather was extremely hot, they never lost their smile and were very nice to us. The most meaningful moment in the Malay school was teaching them Korean, and learning some Malaysian from them. They looked interested and were eager to learn new language. I was also glad to learn some basic Malaysian from the students. This experience was extremely meaningful to me because I got to know a lot about their culture, and this was my first time exchanging our culture with others.

Another activity that I enjoyed was biking. At first, I thought it will be boring and tiresome because of the weather, however, it turned out to be the exact opposite. Although the weather was extremely hot, I was able to enjoy the nature and the view of the local village during biking. I also learned many things about different trees, palm oils, and rubber. Not only I got to enjoy biking, but I also got to know more about few important things about Malaysia.

Even though the schedule was quite tight and tough, I enjoyed many of the activities. I also was able to obtain more information about the history and the great culture of Malaysia, especially Malacca. I believe that this trip was very meaningful, and I learned many things from this trip. I really enjoyed having time with my friends outside of school in Malaysia.