caravelle field trip

Today we went to the Caravelle hotel. We went because we are learning about energy, and how the Caravelle hotel saves energy.

This Jimmy looking at poop water treatment, they are cleaning the poop and pee water.





This is the presentation talking about how much water we use at home then the hotel


This is Gavin the super cool bicycle that generates electricity.





This the cooling room in the hotel.

this is the cooling system

this is 4DR taking a picture

learning journeys

on learning journeys i had a lot of fun .doing the stream table with my mom and we found out  that the water brings the sand to the end . we all so watch my doc she like it  .I also show my mom my team story line . I also read a book to my mom


cultural fair

Today we went to the cultural fair. The cultural fair is about Vietnam . It happened in the  auditorium we went around the auditorium learning about Vietnam.Why it happen it happen because we are learning about Vietnam. Station #1 is about traditional dresses . Station #2 is about tradition instruments. Station #3 is about traditional games. Station #4 about rice. Station #5 Vietnam traditional hat.Station #6 is about fish sauce. AT  Station 1 we learned about Vietnam traditional dresses name ao dai and ao dai is made out of silk from silk worm .At Station 2 we learned how to  play the Vietnamese flute . Station 3 we played a Vietnam traditional game co quan .Station 4 we leaned how rice is made , and we ate rice .we learned how Vietnam traditional hat was made and we got to decorate  the hat. add station 6 we taste test different fish sauce and the 1st one is best. My favorite part is when we ate the meat with the fish sauce because it taste really good. .


Today we went to a place in panorama. When we got there we went in a place called spin&gogh. When we got there we saw a lot of things that look like Lazy Susans aka pottery wheel then was sat on one of the chair .The instructor sat down and show us how to do pottery and it was fun . then we made decoration for the box. I learned how to make a bowl and a box ,also learned  how to make a pokemon head .My favorite part is when we made the bowl because it felt satisfying.

Exploration Station

Today is the exploration  station.They was 4 station.The station are Drama, Art, and Music.My favorite station is art because Tristan and I made a stop motion movie .It was very fun.Tristan was very happy about it.The we went up to class then we show off our infographic.

Amelia Earhart Q&A

What did Amelia Earhart explore? /She explore lan and planes.

What motivated her to explore? /The fly show

What characteristics did she show? /She is brave, kind, and independent.

How did she go about exploring?/She wish about flying planes . She got trained.Than is did it.