The Week without Walls project

The rainforest / The canopy walk

“A lot of people were scared up there, but I challenge myself and other people not to hold on to the bars ” Long, WWW student


The boys in group B, walking on the canopy walk. Photograph by Mr. Sylvester, 2014


Ever wonder how it feels like to be on top of everything? Well, let me introduce you to the canopy walk. The canopy walk, a walk on a platform tied with rope 30 meters high above the ground up a mountain. Being up there gives me the feeling that I’m on top of everything in the world. Even though, walking up this high is pretty scary, but the scenery here is spectacular. In addition of the canopy walk, the rainforest research centre of Malaysia also offers us a tour around the rainforest providing both knowledge and amazing views of the rainforest. Walking in the forest gives you a natural feeling, not to mention how good the forest smell.


The bike excursion


Group B cycling through the countryside of Malacca. Photograph by Minh (Mike), 2014


Cycling, one of the most enjoyable sport that anyone can play. When combined with the countryside scenery here in Malaysia, it will be the most enjoyable sport that anyone can play. In this activity, me and my friends get to ride a bicycle for three hours around the countryside of Malaysia. But to make sure we don’t get lost, we also have guides to lead the way for us. Not only did they lead us the way, they also gave us knowledge and protected us from cars on the street. Riding through forest near rivers, feeling the wind blowing through your face. It was overall fun and enjoyable experience getting to cycle around the countryside in a country that you been only for the first time. But it was quite tiring to cycle through sands and hills, but is was worth the effort.


The Photo hunt

“It was fun getting to run around the city of Malacca.” Sean, WWW studentPhoto hunt

Group B finding the first location of the photo hunt in the city of Malacca. Photograph by Mr. Sylvester, 2014

Ever hunt photos before? Well, don’t you worry ‘bout a thing. Photo hunt is a fun and simple task. All you have to do is just find the exact location you were told to find and take a picture of it. My photo hunt in Malacca was exciting. We have to compete with the other group to find all of the locations first. Moving around the city looking for photos is very interesting as you get to learn some of the cultures along the way. Getting to see importants building that was here long


WWW Malacca Malaysia Memories

Week Without Walls, five days in Malacca, Malaysia. My five days in Malacca was an interesting trip for me, as it was the first Week Without Walls for me.

The actual trip was really 4 days, the first day we spent all of it in traveling. Still, the 4 days was packed with activities that help us learn and have fun at the same time. We (group B) met at school at 11.45 am, and leave Vietnam at 15.30 pm.

We arrived at a Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at night so we went to rest at a nice hotel called V-hotel. The rest of the 3 days we did so many activities such as a walk in the rain forest, a bike ride around the country side, and to visit both Malaysian and Indian kids. Overall, I had so much fun and I learned so much about the cultures which was an amazing experience.