Movie Review for Casablanca

Title of Film: Casablanca
Date of Release: November 26, 1942
Director: Michael Curtiz
Humphrey Bogart AS Rick
Ingrid Bergman AS Ilsa Lund
Paul Henreid AS Victor Laszlo
Claude Rains AS Capt. Louis Renault
Conrad Veidt AS Major Strasser
Sydney Greenstreet AS Signor Ferrari
Dooley Wilson AS Sam
Movie Review

The movie was released on November 26, 1942 and is stated one of the best classic film in Hollywood. The Warner Brothers are telling a mix of drama, romance and also a bit of crime between two people and trying to flee the country. The main point is not on the couple but on trying the leave the country without the Germans not knowing. The crowdedness of a nightclub cafe, located in Casablanca, setted the atmosphere for the whole movie. With Michael Curtiz being the director of the movie we know it’s going to be good although confusing at the same time. To make it more eye catching to watch Humphrey Bogart (Rick), Ingrid Bergman (Ilsa Lund), Paul Henreid (Victor Laszlo), Sydney Greenstreet (Signor Ferrari), Claude Rains (Capt. Louis Renault), and a Negro Dooley Wilson (Sam) are part of the classic romantic film.

At this time people were trying to escape Casablanca to go to the US. Some went to Casablanca to get an exit visa. During this time period of World War II having letters of transit, letting you to go anywhere, is the best thing to have. There were two German officers that were killed and everyone is now blaming Rick for having the letters of transit. The main character is a tough, cold looking but warm fellow named, Rick as played by Humphrey Bogart, but is a sensitive man on the inside. He used to love a sweet, kind hearted girl, played by Ingrid Bergman, in Paris but was she left him with a note. The irony is that she walked in Rick’s night cafe with her husband, Victor Lazlo, played by Paul Henreid. Throughout the movie, it is seen that both her and Rick love each other despite her relationship between the men. She sees her past lover and shows sadness through a song that a Negro pianist, Sam, played by Dooley Wilson, played, “As Time Goes By” for her and for Rick in a dark corner with Rick drinking from his pain and love for Ilsa Lund.

I personally would not recommend this classic from to teenagers or younger people to watch Casablanca. The plot of the movie is great but will be confusing if not paying attention to the classic movie. The movie more directed towards young adults, who like old classic films, and older generation because of the confusingness of the film. Although an amazing director directed the whole movie some of the transitions were choppy. The whole “look” of the movie was filmed in black and white setting in the 1940’s during the World War II.

Personally one of my favorite part was the irony of Rick’s past lover walking into Rick’s cafe with him saying the line, “Of all the gin joints in all the towns in the world, she walks into mine.” In the end, I still think they both still love each other despite all of what happened in 10 years, except the part of Rick treating her like trash and worthless. To be able to understand the movie completely you might have to watch it couple of times. But yet again it did win a Academy Award for Best Picture, Academy Award for Best Director and Academy Award for Best Writing Adapted Screenplay. If other people like it you don’t also have to like it as well. If your interested in the movie, the movie will be available for you on Putlockers, download it or even on YouTube. I still find it hard to understand the weird, interesting relationship but I have yet to watch it and still enjoyed it.

Social Studies SLC

Enlightenment Thinker Script

Karstan- Mozart
Andy- Talking Picture
Selina- Bach
Hannah- Maid

Script :
Scene 1 :
(Mozart sitting at piano, playing one of his own pieces (10-15 seconds). Bach’s statue head starts talking)

Mozart: I, am Amadeus Wolfgang Mozart at a very young age I knew it was my destiny to become a composer. Even my father Leopold was a very successful composer and violinist. Since the age of 6 I was able to play so many different instruments. I was already very talented in the art of music.
(Continues To Play)

Bach: That was an excellent piece.

Mozart (shocked) : Oh my gracious me! You can speak?

Bach: Oh my gracious me! I can speak?

Mozart: Who might you be?

Bach: Who might I be? I’m Johann Sebastian Bach. I’m the famous organist, who could also play violin and the harpsichord. Also one of the greatest composer of the Baroque era. You met my youngest son, Johann Christian Bach before.

Mozart: I am the greatest composer to ever live. Through all my hardships I have challenged the church by creating my own music. Music that is not influenced by religion. I have use my innovative musical talents to create hundreds of different symphonies. What might you have done to earn such a title ?

Bach: I, dear Sir, have composed intricate music and raised the standards of music during my time. I made full use of the possibilities of art in my time, and I have challenged the musical standards of my society.

Scene 2 :
(Maid is dusting the painting)

Painting: Mozart was born in a middle class family with his dad named Leopard, an author of a famous violin-playing manual. Only him and his sister survived from his other 5 sisters and brothers.

Maid: (Jumps back in shock) My goodness, you can speak!

Picture: Yes, yes I can. I’ve known Mozart my whole life. Yet, he doesn’t know who I am.

Maid: (Steps closer to the painting) My my, that is quite tragic.

Picture: I watch over him for his whole life pretty much. I was even there when he became inspired by Bach.

Maid: I can see why the young sir would be inspired by him. Bach is an amazing musical composer during the Baroque era, I love his music. He is truly amazing, even German royalty was able to enjoy his music from the year 1717 to 1723. However, that poor man (sigh) was left an orphan by his parent’s death in 1695, and was permanently blinded by an unsuccessful eye surgery in 1750.

Picture: Yes. That was a pity. But other than Mozart’s fame as a child musical prodigy. Mozart could be a really important man in history too… Even if he doesn’t know it yet. You remember Beethoven right ? That little boy ?

(Maid nods)

Picture: He was born in the year 1770, when Mozart was just 14. When he came over and met Mozart, I saw the passion in his eyes, one day that little boy would even exceed Mozart’s fame today and become an even more famous musician in history.

Maid: Wow, who could imagine.

Painting: Mozart hasn’t noticed yet, but i’m actually his dead father. I’m kind of got stuck in this painting because I wanted to see how Mozart is doing. I’m glad that he’s better now at managing his finances. To think that he wasted so much of his money during his 20s. (shakes head slowly)

Maid: Goodness gracious! I had no idea.

Day 24: Last Ecodome Day

Today is our last Ecodome building. After we put in out cricket / grasshopper we let it set over Winner Break to see if it dies or survives. On the first attempt our cricket survived. But on the second attempt it died within the week it was in the ecodome. We didn’t really add anything new in the ecodome. We didn’t remove anything from the ecodome we only added. Here are the things that we changed / added:

– One more plant
– Grass

I think why the crickets died was because of the temperature or no food / water. But a good thing is that our plant grew.

ELA Research Paper Reflection

When writing a research paper it has to be formal. I’m at really used to writing research papers, but since last year Ms. Beals taught us how to write research papers. And, it really helped me write one this year. It was difficult at first but when I started to do it more and more though-put the school I fit more and more use to writing a research paper/essay.

One thing that I’m most proud of my paper is the essay itself. At the beginning I thought that I wouldn’t be able to finish or write a research paper. But in the end, I finished the paper and it turned out better then I expected it to be.

One thing that was a little difficult for me was the introduction and the conclusion paragraphs. I was never good at writing introduction and conclusion paragraphs.I wish both of those paragraphs will improve as I write more and more essays and papers.

( essay below )

How Do Stars Get Their Names?

There are trillions of stars in the universe: large, beautiful, burning balls of hydrogen and helium all out there for our viewing pleasure. Over the past century more and more stars and planets have been named based either on letters or numbers in the Greek, Latin, and Arabic systems. However, not every single star in the solar system gets named, only those visible to the human or telescopic eye.

Before a star is named it has to be born. Exploding into existence and creating a gaseous mixture called a Nebula, a star burns its way into the universe. Nebula is usually the gas that gets left behind and tends to be a big cloud of purple gas. Just like humans, stars get old and die, having an approximate lifespan of 100 years. Stars die because they run of hydrogen, leaving only helium. Then, helium starts to trade gases with iron, eventually becoming smaller and smaller until it ultimately dies completely, turning into a black hole

However for their 100-year existence, stars twinkle above, drawing the curious eye of scientists for hundreds of decades. It wasn’t until approximately 1,000 years ago that scientists started naming the stars in the solar system after letters, and eventually numbers when they ran out of alphabet, in the Greek, Latin, and Arabic alphanumeric systems. “Well, for most stars, their names come from a mix of Latin, Greek and Arabic terms. In fact, some have more than one name or designation,” said Doctor John P. Millis, Ph.D. As scientists ran out of ideas for naming, they started to use numbers. For example, Orion and Sirius are two of the brightest stars in the universe.

A constellation is a collection of bright stars that group together to form a whole picture. While individual stars in a greater constellation may have their own names, scientists thought it appropriate to name the clusters as well. Much like singular stars, constellations are also named based on the Greek, Latin, and Arabic alphanumeric systems. A few notable examples even non-science focused observers would know are Orion’s Belt, The Big Dipper, the Little Dipper, and even the clumps of stars associated with the twelve zodiac signs. As the smaller stars came together to form larger pictures, scientists used their patterns to help come up with fitting names. “There are 88 officially recognized constellations in the sky, and these astronomical patterns have a fascinating and long history,” said Joe Rao, instructor and guest lecturer at New York’s Hayden Planetarium. Another interesting note, even though stars in a constellation might appear to be close to one another, they can actually lie 10 or more light years away from each other. Scientists of the past used to believe all 88 of constellations revolved only around Earth and not anywhere else.

There could be much more that only scientists know that they haven’t announced to the public yet. When you look up at the starry night, try to find the brightest star. The light you see at night might be Sirius or a planet.


Today we are checking if our cricket or grasshopper is dead. Unfortenly, some people’s creature died and some didn’t. Our cricket didn’t die. It shed it’s skin and I never I knew a cricket can do that. My partner and I used very little items but our cricket still lived. The sponge that was had in the container was for water. Because if we had a lot of water the cricket can possibly drown in the water. The sponge was also for the plant that we had in the container. We also had some type of dirt for the cricket’s death bed.

Our Ecodome Project was a success. We thought the cricket had no change of living the container for almost a whole week. My partner and I might not change any thing. But might change very small things.

Here are some of the items that we used for the cricket’s home.
– Plants, for decoration and maybe oxygen
– Dirt, for the cricket to stand/crawl
– Some sort of dirt, (placed in the corner) a death bed for the cricket
– Sponges, for the cricket and plants
– Cabbage, for the cricket to eat
– Sunflower seeds, for the cricket to eat
– Rocks, to hold up the plants and for the cricket to climb


So in class we are making a Ecodome. We are making a little habit for a cricket or grasshopper. We have to leave it in the container for about a week. Then we check if it’s died or not.
For my Ecodome Project, I wrote down some of the items that will be using for the project.

– Dirt (maybe a handful), a place for the cricket to stand/walk
– Water (Small amount), so it can drink and for plants (in a sponge)
– A lot of plants, so it can climb
– Fruits/veggies (a small bowl full), so it can eat
– Some type of dirt, a death bed for the cricket
I ended up not using some of the components that I wrote down.

Social Studies Quarter 1 Reflection

In Quarter 1, we wrote an article about a renaissance person. In the Scientific Revolution paper, I did pretty good on the researching. I found a lot of information about Leonardo da Vinci. I had a lot of grammar mistakes in the paper and was not able to correct all the mistakes that was in the article.

I’m pretty comfortable with researching. It can also can be a little bit hard because sometimes I can’t find what I’m looking for or researching for. But half the time I was research about my subject was pretty easy because Leonardo da Vinci had a lot of information about him.

Article (Down Below)

Hannah Ly
Block C
September 27th, 2016
Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the most intelligent people. He participated in the science revolutionary during the 1500s. He was well known for his paintings and work that make people even more curious about his discoveries. Da Vinci did incredible things that no one that time has ever done before.

Some people thinks that da Vinci only knew art, science, and inventions. But they were wrong. Although he was known for his paintings. When you draw five horizontal lines in the middle of the Last Supper painting and turn the hands to dots. It turns out to be a music sheet. Musicians played the music and it sounded really unusual and they played it backwards and the music made more sense.

When Da Vinci was little, he had a hard time reading and writing. Da Vinci had Dyslexia so whenever he wrote it was hard for others to read his handwriting. Even though he made a lot of inventions, he mainly didn’t finish them because he was always distracted.

Da Vinci was the first one to explain why the sky was blue. At first nobody believed him because his explanation was hard to understand. Later on he explained about the cause of the color blue in the sky. It took him a long time to explain why the sky was blue.

Although, he was a little strange he was still one of the most well known inventor during the 1500s. He explained things no one has ever explained in history for example the reason why the sky is blue. Leonardo finished projects no one has even laid a finger on or even thought about. Even a thousand years later Leonardo Da Vinci will still be well known.

Water Filter 3

What methods (chemical, mechanical, biological, or natural) are you using in your design? What steps do you need to do tomorrow to improve or test your design (systematic testing)? What is your prediction of how it will work? Add a picture to show your model.

We are first putting all the materials together, but not tapeing it. Next class we are going to put all of them together if it works. And we are going to test if the tap water evaorpes. All the pictures we took during class were the ideas and design.