Vietnamese Presentation About My Family

At my Vietnamese presentation I talked about my family in Vietnamese. I think I had a very soft voice and I should’ve been louder. What I thought that I did well during my Vietnamese presentation is that I had good eye contact. I prepared very well, but when I sat down my mind went blank and I said, “uhhh” a lot. Altogether I think I if I did it again I could’ve done better, but I gave it all my best and I think I did pretty well.

Welcome! To My New School Year!

          A new school year; with my first blog, starting the year. Let me introduce myself. My name is Naomi and I’m in the 5th grade. I’m new here at SSIS. This is where you will get to see my school work and projects that I post. Amazing right? So I’ll tell you what I like in school. I love math, reading, drama, Vietnamese, Physical Education, art, and music. Basically everything except writing, because I always get blisters and my stamina in my hand is not that good. Typing is so much better because the laptop checks your grammar and spelling. They have tons of fonts like the one I’m using now. It’s also better than getting a big, visible blister, also it hurts and everyone can see the blister. I also like swimming because it cools you off, when you’re sweaty. I like math and reading because I get interested in to the story or topic. I also like drama, Vietnamese, music, and P.E. because I don’t do it very often during school. Thanks for reading and taking your time, but I have one question. What do you think that I should fix about this blog?