Principles and Elements of Design Video



The elements of design are shapes, forms, colors, lines, texture,  and space. The principles of design are balance, emphasis, rhythm, unity, movement, variety, harmony, and proportion. I had already achieved balance, movement, and emphasis in my collage. If I were to add rhythm onto my collage, I could’ve printed my digital art several times and cut out the same interesting shapes and paste them throughout the whole collage.

First Composition



Final Print Collage with Lino Prints

Final Print Collage with Lino Prints

My collage has a mechanical design, it also has movement and balance between corners and a focal point on the middle. For my lino print, they both have nature designs one is tangled vines with thorn, flowers, and leaves. Another is a cartoon of a fictional bird called a chocobo. The print quality of the vines is not fully clear but can still see the image, as for the chocobo it is clear but the color of the template I used made it not noticeable. Overall, I think the lino print didn’t do much to improve the overall design of my collage except that it added a natural design onto it. They would help if the vines were placed on first and was much bigger than the one I created then I would overlap it with the main design of my collage. As for the bird, I should’ve made it realistic.

Final Print Collage

Final Print Collage

This is a picture of my Final Collage, I chose this layout because it creates movement from the corner to another, I have these shapes that are placed on opposite corners to create balance, and I also have a focal point on the middle of the collage. What I like about my collage are the blue shapes on the corner because they really are interesting shapes and it reminds me of a shooting star in a mechanical way. I could’ve chosen cardboard as my template but then it wouldn’t match the color scheme I had in mind so I chose a black card. I also could’ve done dried rushing (you use paint but it’s dry) for my collage so that the background wouldn’t look blank or plain. What I learned in printing is to put more pressure and ink to create a clear image.


The templates I saw when researching about printmaking were wood and paper. One of the print techniques is a monoprint, meaning a single print. Another print technique, called a 3 cut print is similar but the difference is that the 3 cut print is the same print but with additional patterns or details  and is printed three times or more. Surfaces we can use to print on are wood, paper, ziplock, and polystyrene




Printmaking Pics and Videos


Printmaking is where artists creates an image of their own and paints on top of it then paste it on a blank piece of paper (printers are not used in the process).

3 videos on how to printmake:

The Linoleum process is where you carve your image, paint on top of it, then paste it on a blank piece of paper.

This type of printmaking is where you paint your image then you don’t paint on top of it again, instead you paste it on another paper.

In this process, you use a wood material to carve your image, next you use a roller filled with paint to paint on top of the wood, then a piece of paper is pressed down on it to print the image.

I’ve done printmaking before, specifically Linoleum Process but in a different way. I’ve learned that there are different ways to printmake, we can printmake on different materials besides paper, and after printmaking your first design you can add another design onto your first one or create a new one on top of it.

Where I Am From Digital Art


This is my digital art of my Philippines Canvas painting, I improved it by using 2 new color schemes and merging them together using Sketch Book X. The words are hard to see so I used Type Drawing to input the words that are hardly seen and are important. The task wasn’t so hard because of technology, you have many great options to choose from to improve your artwork.

Abstract Art

Abstract Art is an art that does not represent anything realistic but shows its effect through through shapes, colors, and textures.
I like this abstract art because it represents a clash between something good and something bad like heaven and hell or anger and peace. I think it represents that because of its colors and design. The design is like a whirl pool but half of it has contrasting colors. The main colors consists of blue and orange, also there are other sub colors that represents the good and the bad.
Picture 266
I like this art because it reminds me of mixed emotions. This is because the colors that were used were mixed with other colors. The design looks like it was randomly splashed in so it doesn’t represent anything realistic.
This art does show something realistic but the setting of the painting represent a night feeling, making it abstract. The colors the artist used are mostly dark colors to get a night background but he added brighter colors to create light for the lanterns. The artist also used toning for the painting.
This art is quite different from the other abstract art because it highlights one particular object in it which is the moon. What makes this art abstract is that it also gives a night feeling because of the setting and the contrasting colors. The setting is indeed night however not in a modern way but in a natural way. The colors used are a lot of dark colors but at the same time light colors as well.
This is my final concept of my abstract art, what I like about it is the different colors I used and where it is placed. The colors represent specific emotions such as happiness, sadness, and anger and it has texture because it has a lot of buildings everywhere.

Philippines Abstract Art Canvas


My canvas painting design is three images of my home country merged into one but those images is the same area but in different angles. The colors I’ve chosen for it is a color scheme of red, white, black and yellow, pink, green and dark blue, blue, and white, these colors represent certain themes of a game that I am passionate about. Instead of representing the themes of the game, I decided to use the colors to represent the emotions the game displayed, that is sadness (blue), happiness (yellow), and anger (red). The painting has multiple texture because I used sponge and a toothbrush to create it. The painting doesn’t have a pattern because most of it were randomly sponged in. It took me a long time to decide what my abstract art is going to look like because there were many good options to choose from and I am happy with what I chose. My canvas is abstract because it doesn’t represent an object however it displays emotions.