Today was play day for explorer. I enjoyed because it was funny. everyone said funny.

i learned many things about explorer. like when christopher colombus thought he found india but he actually found Guanahani.

This book is called "spray paint mystery" if I rate this book, I will rate 5 out of 5. because this is mystery book and this book's main character Cameron's dad is detective. He likes mystery.for this case some body spray. first cameron thought  Migluel. but there Nickey comes up. trann helps cameron to solve this case.

“Dad I’m so excited to go to Japan!” I said  . “Hackchoo!” dad sneezed. “Gosh...he sneeze so much”. In the air plane we have nothing to do… “dad I’m board.” I said. “Wait 30 min more.”

AFTER 30 MIN…. “ Finally…” I said. “Let’s go to hotel !” In the hotel… tomorrow let’s go to USJ!” “Hackchoo!” NEXT DAY…. oh god… It’s take forever to get a ticket…” I moaned. “I will line up so go sit in the bench.” “OK” 20 min later…. “Finally we get ticket dad!” “ let’s go!” in usj “if you ride that jet coaster I’ll give you a nintendo switch!. He pointed at jet coaster. “No no no way!” fine then in there if magician picks you then i’ll give you nintendo switch. I thoat it was impossible. But I tryed he showed many magics. Then he ask for a volunteer. I raised my hand… then magician point at me and he make me put in the box and in the box there was a sign that said go away when macian said abra cadabra so I heard magician say abra cadabra so I get away from the door in other side. After the magic finish I go to shop and bought the nintendo switch!!!!!!