Ancient Egypt Minecraft Video [Nile River]

Second blog in Grade 6! I have create this Minecraft World near Ancient Egypt and it is around the Nile River and I create a video talking about the six physical geography in Egypt.  Link to the Video

Something I learned about geography and early human settlement is that there is this thing called the “gift of the Nile” and so they choose the places near the river since it was considered as a gift. Another thing that I now know is that the Mediterranean Sea is a really big sea and it connected all the way to Canaan (Even though my Minecraft representation of the sea looks small). The last thing I know is that the settlements they chose to stay probably benifits them and there job for example farmers could use the Nile River for a better dirt to use when planting etc.

Two things I am proud about the project is that the depth of the Mediterranean Sea in the Minecraft world looks reasonable and the even though the Mediterranean Sea is huge, I think the size is ok for a representation. Another thing I’m proud about my project is that I didn’t use a seed for the world and so I digged and build the place by myself without any help from using seeds or mods to make my job easier and quicker so that I can record earlier.

One thing I would do differently for this project is that I wish that I practice a bit more when reading my lines and that I didn’t stutter so much that I need to record fifteen and more ruined recordings from me getting nervous and stuttering in front of my laptop with no one watching at all. I need to learn how to read fluently so that it won’t happen in the future when it comes to these kind of projects.

Thanks for reading lovely people :> 

Monochrome Art Reflection

This is the first blog post in 6th grade and we need to write an art reflection about an art painting which is called Monochrome Painting! Our task is to make a monochrome (which is light colors in the inside and darker colors of the same tint outside) but we made a practice painting and the skills we were learning to do were trying to create light then dark like a palette. I think my mini-painting is okay and if I need to improve it, I’ll Try to use more of the blue on the outer sides.

Then later we did the final painting still with monochrome but it included foreground, mid ground and background, this art shows aerial perspective because I use the contrast wisely and tried to indicate each color and so my background is this light and a little mountain, mid-ground is a mountain with a mini bridge, and the foreground is a person sailing his boat and hills and mountain with a dog.



Volume (Reflection)

Hello! 4 days ago we started a new math unit which is volume. Then we learned about the equation for volume which is: length X width X height. Later on we started to do this math sheet, and in the math sheet we need to build a model with the measurements instructed and we need to work with a partner. We got 1ft3  and we can’t make it in time because making a 1ftis pretty hard and because we were timed so it just got more complicated.

Today, my teacher wrote on the board “How many different rectangular prisms can we do with 24 cubes” and we need to build different rectangular prisms but with only 24 cubes. We have to work with a partner and build models with 24 cubes, and we need to record the base, height, layers, and the total volume. There is six model type of rectangular prism you could do with 24 cubes!


Cat Tien Reflection

Hello! Last week, we went to Cat Tien and stayed there for 2 nights and 3 days and we did activity there :). We did several cool activity there and now I have to answer some questions let’s go!

1. One of the places we went in Cat Tien is the Moon Bear Center and the before the Moon Bear was release to do their daily routine, we got some food and put food around the place they will be release. Some food they gave us is peanut butter, apples, pear, bananas and watermelon. After were done the moon bears is released, the moon bears used their paws to reach the ones on the trees and it looks so cute :3

2. At Cat Tien you would expect a lot of dirty stuff and bugs in the cabins but it’s a lot better than I expected and the food was pretty good. One thing that I’ve never seen before is Moon Bears, Scorpions and Gibbons! One of my favorite moments is the food, these two activitys called Night Safari and Night Sensory Hike because I just love the night! I like the night safari because we get to sit on a truck (?) and look for animals and I like the night sensory hike because we walked into the woods without any lights and sometimes lie down on the road to enjoy the stars :3.

3. Well we have a unit going on which mostly about sustainability and going to Cat Tien connects to sustainability because there is a natural habitat and there is a ton of resources that could be used again and again for example: A TON of trees and water and other things.Kết quả hình ảnh cho cat tien moon bears

Close Reading

So yesterday, we started on reading about the ecosystem and how it work and we started to do something called close reading, also we have to answer some questions too so let’s do it ^-^

Describe what Close Reading is
1. Close reading is where you start reading to search about one thing then you read it again to find answers for another reason and you read again until you find all the things you want to know.

Did you actually read the text 3 times?
2. I did read the text three times 🙂

Did you read the text again before filling out the 3 sections, or did you look at #2 and #3 and just try to answer them without rereading the entire text?
3. I read the text again and answer #2 and #3!

What is a Main Idea?  Can you give an example in your explanation?
4.  A main idea is like the ‘boss’ for each paragraph and each paragraph has to support what the main idea is trying to say, it’s like a title of a book and the pages of the book helps to support the title and what it is trying to say.

How can Close Reading help you…think about heading to middle school and high school…
5. It might help by helping you get the right idea of what’s the main idea of a book and the books are going to be harder to understand and you need summarize the hard books especially the non-fiction ones.

Green Dragons

Hi! This week we are starting a new unit called Green Dragon where we mostly focus about the environment and how we could protect the environment.

Today, we learned about the sustainability practices which means that we practicing on how to make things ongoing and living, and we started on brainstorming on how could we ‘protect’ a certain place etc homes, school

I also have some question:
1.Why is have to learn sustainability practices
2. Where do you need it most

I also know that I have to know how to protect and keep certain things safe and I always heard of “save the environment” and I haven’t actually know how to save the environment with different ways except to “not using this product”.

Anyways that is it for now so bye!


Hack Your Classroom

This week, we started this project in Grade 5 called “Hack Your Classroom” where we try to make something that will be helpful for the classroom and we have three things that we could try to make it in. We could make it with a VR, 3D Printer and with the LittleBits. I chose the 3D Printing since it is cool and I am working with my partner Grace! Our design is this “tray” that fits in your desk and it will separate the things, this is our plan because sometimes it is hard to find the things you need so we planned it to be like a tray with these wall/separator that separates the important things you need for school.

Think- Pair -Share

Hi! It has been a long time that I posted here! So my math topic now is quadrilateral and this is my question for the day! And it’s a true or false type of thing.

1. This shape is a quadrilateral?
a. True, because it has four sides

2. This shape is a trapezoid?
a. No because it doesn’t have all the angles in a trapezoid

3. This shape is a rhombus
a. No, because it doesn’t have some if the rhombuses features

4. This shape is a parallelogram?
a. No, because it doesn’t have any acute angles

5. This shape is a rectangle?
a. Yes, because it has four sides, four right angles, and it has 2 pair of parallel sides

The Lemonade War! (A book) Reflection

Hi! We are doing a reflection on this amazing book named The Lemonade War!

What book are we reading in class together?
Ans: The Lemonade War

What is the conflict between the two main characters?
Ans: They are having a lemonade war because Jesse skipped a grade and moved to 4 grade and that makes Evan mad thinking that the classmate will think he is a loser?

What would YOU do if you were Jesse, and coming home from the beach?
Ans: I would ignore until he speaks about the results

What would YOU do if you were Evan, and coming home from your friend’s pool?
Ans: I would probably be really silence around Jesse like nothing happened

Any other thoughts you have in reflection about this book.
Ans: Nope

Math: Multiplying Decimals

Hi! This week we are starting on multiplying decimals and we just did (from the day I posted this) some practice with these visual blocks and most of us (counting me) got the first question wrong, probably because we don’t know our place value (only maybe). In the morning, we need to color each questions to overlap it and the overlaped one should be the answer to the main question.

Well there is not much to say so bye!