Christmas Break (CWS)

My Thorn on winter break was being tricked by people into thinking that there would be a new student joining Ms. Wolf’s class. I was just on hangouts the other day and found out there was a student going to Ms.Wolf’s advisory. They told me his name was Phuc, and he was Vietnamese. After talking to them on hangouts, I decided to go and check KakaoTalk. A boy said, “Don’t tell anybody that Phuc isn’t coming. We need to trick the girls into thinking that he’ll be coming to our school.” I was so mad and decided to go ask the people on hangouts to confirm this. My other friend sent a screenshot of that chat, and finally confirmed that Phuc isn’t joining us at SSIS and it was all a prank.

News article~



(29/3/2006) Yesterday, in the region of Osaka, Japan. a black gorilla  which attacked a man, and which zookeepers are now trying to calm down the gorilla so they could bring it back into the zoo, was found on the streets.

It seems as a wild gorilla had been attacked by a hunter and was cut and scraped. These abusing actions has caused the one which was attacked got out of control, attacking everything it sees.

People from the zoo are crowding up on the electricity pole where the wild animal is now. To help rescue it and bring it back,  we are now taking care of it’s depression and injuries.”The wild animal needs some more look outs are else they’ll go extinct.”

It was also heard to have a family, but then the family was nowhere to be seen. More news will be sent out by the news reporter,   who was the one who observed the monkey, and who will start searching and have more information from the family.




Hello guys!! Last week, the whole middle school went on a trip for week. For us, 6th graders we got to go to Mui Ne. So I will tell you my highlights for that week. My favorite part of WWW was the dance, in the dance we followed the moves to Just Dance. There was one part where the slow dancing started. No couples were made, just girls with girls and boys with boys. But in the middle of the slow dancing, a girl came over to me and said “He’s waiting for you!!” I was very confused. So I looked onto my left and saw the boy that I liked making eye contact with me, I quickly changed eye contact to a girl on the dance floor. Then suddenly another boy came over and said the exact same thing “Go to him, he’s waiting for you!”. I looked on my right and saw the guy I liked again, but in the middle of crowd of boys chanting “GO!GO!”. I was a bit creeped out by my surroundings, so I went onto the dance floor and joined my dancing friends, Btw it’s not him. :))🖤

My goal is to have less than 8 mistakes and pay attention when writing a lot.💕




1st paragraph

Schools should be responsible for disciplining cyberbullies if it happens on school grounds. One reason is that it may affect the student’s privacy and hurt their feelings. To illustrate, some SSIS students tell teachers about the cyberbullying that is happening, instead of their parents because they feel embarrassed and think that they don’t understand the situation. This shows that because they want the teachers to understand them because it takes out upon school grounds. As a result, the school should be responsible upon other students cyber bullying or violating other’s privacy because teachers are the ones that see it because it happens at school so the parents don’t understand.

2nd paragraph

The teachers should be responsible for punishing cyberbullies because when they see a student getting bullied, they need to tell the principal or the bullying can affect the victim’s grades or learning.According to The New Bully at School, “The courts have also ruled that schools can step into prohibit cyberbullying when it causes significant disruption in school or interferes with a student’s right to be secure.”The evidence shows that it can affect the student’s learning because it will distract or interfere with a student’s ability so much that they would change themselves and tell a lie to be not made fun off. They can be thinking of this and not focus on their work and get very low grades. This example illustrates that student’s education and learning can be affected by cyberbullying.Therefore, teachers should be responsible if they see a victim getting bullied and  report it to the principle right away.


  1. What new insights do you have into cyberbullying? What aspects of this problem do you know about now that you weren’t aware of before?

New insights of cyberbullying for me is how people are responsible for cyberbullying if it happens on/not on school grounds. I wasn’t really aware of how much cyberbullying can impact and affect a victim. Like how it affects them emotionally, how it impacts school learning and education and how it can both impact and affect a victim so much they want to attempt suicide.


  1. What did try throughout the writing process? How did it help you be successful?

It helped me by providing me new techniques for writing. For example, giving evidence and reasoning the statement. It helped me be sucessful by letting me practice and experience what a good body of writing is like.


  1. What is your biggest take-away from our class discussions about this topic? Why?

How many percentages of people in the world get affected by cyberbullying, and how people have the courage to share their feelings to the world when we watched the video about a woman. How people deal with cyberbullying when it’s exposed, teachers, principals,counselors and parents are responsible for the cyberbullying depending on if it happens on school grounds or not.




Hi guys! I’m back from a very long time…but oh well I’m back. This time in social studies, we wrapped up our topic by making a project!

  1. What are THREE new things I learned about GEOGRAPHY & EARLY HUMAN SETTLEMENT?
  • How they harvested their food. How they tried finding perfect fertile plains and female peasants scattered seeds and male peasants watered and cut crops.
  • The rivers and features of Canaan and Egypt, such as the Nile river and the Mediterranean sea from Egypt.
  • How people settled, like how they chose just the right place. They had to find the perfect fertile plains and a body of fresh water to farm.
  1. What are TWO things that I am proud of in my project?
  • I’m very proud about how I managed to learn that much about video making & editing
  • My video and the process upon how I made it. Like audio recording, screen casting e.t.c.
  1. What is ONE thing I would do differently if I were to do this project again?
  • I want to change my voice with auto tune or something, and more things that will entertain the viewers. Like some background music and some transitions.


Memoirs! ???

Hey guys! About a few weeks ago we started learning about memoirs which are kind of like comics but they’re mainly different. Our item to learn about is a book called Marshfield Dreams. Memoirs are actually memoirs, they are sometimes written as short stories. We make new memoirs every time we read a new chapter of the book, we talk about new author craft moves. One of the best to use in memoirs in fact you should use in all of your stories are good verbs. Don’t put to many adjectives, have many other things. Or it will end up like uhhh…too much rice in your bowl? Also you guys should also try to use good sentence structures. Like “I fell on the floor” Has been switched to “I hit the floor” or something like that. See you guys next time! Bye!

Volume ?

This week we started learning about Volume, we also did things related to it. First we started doing tests then worksheets, after that we started doing actually tasks like making models. So the first task was with a partner, but with a boy. I was with Fahim, we worked on 1ft2. Our model was 2D so we did it on paper. The other group like ours was working 1ft3, their model was 3D. After doing that task, we did another model task. But this time also with a partner, but we have to use all 24 cubes which are 2cm to make as many different rectangular prisms as we can. Then we had to make a model fast, because everyone will make the model we made. And that WE FAILED!


Weeks ago we started working on proposals. So we also had small activities to relate. So we first started having a survey to pick our top 15 choices we were interested in. So I did I was in a group with Thoa and Yung eun, The topic was about outside learning spaces. I was interested because I wanted a hut and I also wanted to build furniture. We started working on a doc could MISO. The M stands for media the I stands interview S stands for survey and O means Observation. We used MISO for planning our work and thinking about our proposals we’re going to be making.

Cat Tien!


1.                  What did you do at the Moon Bear Center?  Be as descriptive as possible.  Make it interesting to read.  Remember, Mrs. Johnson has to read 19 of these.  Don’t be boring.

We got split into 2 groups, 1 group would spread peanut butter everywhere and also put chopped fruits around an area. While group 2 would stuff bananas, banana leaves and bear food into a body of bamboo then we also hid it. I was in group 2, after we were done the people that were working there started releasing the bears into the fenced area. It was so cool how they just started sniffing and I saw one that was using it’s paws to break apart the bamboo! It was so cool, I never thought that it’s claws where so strong. After a while 2 bears started playing and fighting each other. I saw one that was all bald at the back, one of my friends asked why. The expert said they rescued that bear at a museum, it was treated really bad so it had a skin disease so all the fur would come off.

2.                  What did you like and what was an unexpected surprise at Cat Tien?  What was something you’d never seen before?  What was your favorite moment?  Be specific and accurate.  Consider using thoughts, action, and dialogue!  This is a positive post.

I didn’t expected the food to be that good, I also didn’t think that the cabins would be that clean. Things that I have never seen before was a cross spider, scorpion and a weasel. My favorite moments were either the night sensory hike or the night safari, Because they are both really relaxing and there were so many stars. I even saw some shooting stars!

3.                  How does Cat Tien connect to our unit about sustainability?

Cat tien relates to our unit because that place has a lot of sustainable things such as trees, fresh air, water and more.