Human Rights Project Reflection

I feel like this is definitely not one of the best piece of work I’ve done as a group because I didn’t work well with the group and we weren’t efficient with our time. What I liked about this project was that I learnt a lot about human rights, I’ve learnt some things that I’ve never thought I would learn. Something I disliked about the project was that, working in a group of 3 was challenging. Something that this piece reveal about me as a learner is that I’m very independent so when it comes to communicating with my group I tend to just tend to do the work without talking to my group about it. If I was a teacher, one comment I would make is that I could see is that they did not use their time efficiently.

PE 8 Student Led Conference

What activities/sports did we do this year so far in PE

We did target games, invasion games and throwing and catching games. We also tried to improve our fitness overall by doing the pacer,push ups,curl ups and of course the 7 minute challenge. We also had a swimming unit where we learnt life saving skills. Some of the target games were, bocce, frisbee bocce, frisbee golf, archery etc. During the invasion games we played games like basketball,soccer and olympic handball.

What were your highlights

In the beginning of the year when I was first introduced to the pacer test. I was scared, but I got 61 the first time which I was really proud of because that was the highest in the class. Then the recent one I did I got 75 which is an improvement of 14 lines. I pushed myself as much as a could and it paid off.

What were your challenges/successes

When I first started the 7 minute challenge, I found it difficult to run for 7 minutes straight, but now I can run for 7 minutes straight.

Describe your effort in PE

I always try my best in everything I do in p.e, the only time I don’t do my best is either when my mind is not there or when i’m sick. In class work and actual physical activities are the same, I put my 100% effort into both of them even though in class work is a little bit less exciting.

Focus on one Project

I recently created a book about the 6 target games. We had to make a materials lists, write a description of how to play the game and add an image of us playing that game. And at the end, we had to include a tip. I was really happy with the end product.


Mandarin Level 2- Student Led Conference

Describe one of your best successes in this class. What did you do to make it so successful?

One of my best successes was the weather project. The weather forecast project was a big success for me. This is because Ms Taoli regularly tested us on the words so that we would forget them. She also showed us how to use those words in a sentence. I also worked with a good partner, expanding my vocabulary. Adding new words into our presentation. I also learned how to describe a person, weather vocabularies, sickness vocabularies, also how to describe myself.

Describe a challenge you faced in this class. What did you do to overcome that challenge?

I think that remembering the sickness vocabulary was very hard. This was because I knew how to write the character but I didn’t know what the word meant. Sometimes I would write the word “sore throat” and I would think it’s “cough”. But thanks to kahoot, I started to remember all the characters with the exact translation.

Sickness Unit

During the sickness unit in mandarin. We learnt a lot of new characters for example, sick, sore throat, headache ect.  This is useful because when I go travel outside of Vietnam to a country that speaks mandarin and I get sick, I can go to a hospital and buy medicine.

Chinese Version

在家 Home

Huei (Patient) : 爸爸!我想我生病了,咳嗽, 还头痛!

Minh Long (Dad) :你去看医生了吗?

Huei: 我还没去呢。

Minh Long: 好的。我们一起去看医生。

Huei: 等一下我要去厕所。

Minh Long: 好的! 我等你去厕所。


Minh Long: 走吧。


在医生 Hospital


Minh Long: 你好。


Minh Long: 我的儿子生病了.


Minh Long:好的.

*Doctor comes over*

Min Ho: 我听说你的儿子生病了。

*Doctor turns to son*

Min Ho: 你哪里不舒服?

Huei: 我生病了,咳嗽, 还头痛!

Kaitlan: 跟我来我给你药.

*Kaitlan gives Huei the medicine*

Minh Long: 我要回到我的车去拿我的钱。

*Minh Long gets the money*

Huei: 多少钱?

Kaitlan: 是三百元.

Minh Long: 好的。

*Minh Long gives money to Kaitlan*

Kaitlan: 谢谢。

Min Ho: 谢谢你。

Minh Long, Huei: 谢谢,再见!

Minh Long, Huei: 走吧!


English Version


Huei : Dad! I think I am sick, have cough and headache!

Minh Long : Did you go to the hospital yet?

Huei:I haven’t gone yet.

Minh Long: Let’s go to the hospital.

Huei: Wait I need to go to the toilet.

Minh Long: Okay I will wait.

Huei: Im done!

Minh Long: Lets go!



Huei : Hi

Minh Long : Hi

Kaitlan : Hello. Why are you here?

Minh Long : My son is sick.

Kaitlan : Please wait, I will call a doctor.

*Doctor comes over*

Min Ho : I heard that your son is sick.

*Doctor turns to son*

Min Ho : Where is not comfortable?

Huei : I am sick, have cough and headache.

Kaitlan : Follow me, I will give you medicine.

*Kaitlan gives Huei the medicine*

Minh Long : I will go back to my car to get my money.

*Minh Long gets the money*

Huei : How much is it?

Kaitlan : It is 200 yuan.

Minh Long : Okay

*Minh Long gives money to Kaitlan*

Kaitlan : Thank you.

Min Ho : Thank you so much.

Minh Long, Huei : Thank you, bye.

Minh Long, Huei : Let’s go


PinYin Version

Zàijiā Home

Huei (Patient): Bàba! Wǒ xiǎng wǒ shēngbìngle, késòu, hái tóutòng!

Minh Long (Dad): Nǐ qù kàn yīshēngle ma?

Huei: Wǒ hái méi qù ne.

Minh Long: Hǎo de. Wǒmen yīqǐ qù kàn yīshēng.

Huei: Děng yīxià wǒ yào qù cèsuǒ.

Minh Long: Hǎo de! Wǒ děng nǐ qù cèsuǒ.

Huei: Wǒ shàng wánliǎo

Minh Long: Zǒu ba.


Zài yīshēng Hospital

Huei: Nǐ hǎo.

Minh Long: Nǐ hǎo.

Kaitlan: Nǐ hǎo. Nǐ wèishéme zài zhèlǐ?

Minh Long: Wǒ de ér zǐ shēngbìngle.

Kaitlan: Qǐng děng yīxià, wǒ qù jiào yīshēng.

Minh Long: Hǎo de.

*Doctor comes over*

Min Ho: Wǒ tīng shuō nǐ de ér zǐ shēngbìngle.

*Doctor turns to son*

Min Ho: Nǐ nǎlǐ bú shūfú?

Huei: Wǒ shēngbìngle, késòu, hái tóutòng!

Kaitlan: Gēn wǒ lái wǒ gěi nǐ yào.

*Kaitlan gives Huei the medicine*

Minh Long: Wǒ yào huí dào wǒ de jū qù ná wǒ de qián.

*Minh Long gets the money*

Huei: Duōshǎo qián?

Kaitlan: Shì sānbǎi yuán.

Minh Long: Hǎo de.

*Minh Long gives money to Kaitlan*

Kaitlan: Xièxiè.

Min Ho: Xièxiè nǐ.

Minh Long, Huei: Xièxiè, zàijiàn!

Minh Long, Huei: Zǒu ba!

Weather Project


Digital CSI Reflection.

Screenshot from 2014-12-18 14:21:17

CSI stands for color,symbol and image. My CSI represents the word Industrial Revolution. The colors I chose were dark grey and light grey, the reason I chose these colors was because when I think of machinery and when I think of machinery, I think of the color grey. I decided to draw gears as my symbol because it links to machinery. The image I chose was a factory since that was where everything was produced and exported out to the world.

Newton’s Vehicle Evolution

During the design of our Newton Vehicle, we had to keep the three laws of motion in mind. We learnt that for the vehicle to move, for the wheels to role, we would have reduce the friction of the wheels. If we were to make the vehicle again, I would have lower the mass of the by using a smaller box. But other than that, everything else about the car was fine. What i learnt about newton’s three laws of motion was that if there isn’t enough mass applied then the object/vehicle won’t move. So like I said, if I were to change the vehicle I would just make it lighter. If I were to do another project like this and I had to base my “thing” on the checklist, I would go through the checklist 1 by 1 instead of just doing trial and error.

Screenshot from 2014-12-18 07:54:35

How Newton’s three Laws effected our vehicle.


Newton’s first law stated that an object will not move unless an outside force acts upon it. For our vehicle we used a balloon, when we released the balloon the vehicle moved because the balloon exerted enough force to move the vehicle.

Newton’s second law states that, the heavier the object the more force it requires to get it moving and the lighter the object the less force it takes. For our vehicle we tried to make it as light as possible. So we used cardboard, plastic bottle caps, light wooden chopsticks and a balloon as our power source.

Newton’s third law states that when an object exerts a certain amount of force to another object, the other object will exert the equal amount of force back. For our car, when the balloon exerted air at one direction, the car moved the other direction.

Getting our vehicle to move 1.5m.



In science class, we were assigned to design a vehicle that demonstrated our understanding of Newton’s first,second and third law of motion. The vehicle has to cover a distance of 1.5m without the use of a motor and without us pushing or pulling it. But to do this, we had to research about gravity, friction, inertia and the Newton’s 3 laws of motion.

Gravity is the force that pulls things together, which is basically anything you can physically touch. If the object has a greater amount of matter, the greater pull force it has. Mass is the measurement we use to find out the amount of matter within something. Friction is two objects rub against each other,  if friction did not exist, an object wouldn’t stop moving until it collides with another object. The different types of friction are static friction, fluid friction, rolling friction and sliding friction. Inertia can also be referred to the law of inertia which is simply Newton’s first law of motion. What this is, is that an object will remain unchanged and will stay at the same location unless an outside force acts upon it. Newton’s second law states that the acceleration of an object is determined by the mass, the greater the mass, the more force it takes to get it to move; but the lower the mass, the less force is required. And Newton’s third law states that when an object exerts a certain amount of force onto another, it will receive the same amount of force back. If it doesn’t for example if you punch the wall and the wall exerts more force back then you will hurt yourself. One of the law I think we will have to keep in mind is the second law. Because we are trying to make a car move using balloons, will the balloon exert enough force to get the car to move 1.5m?


Curious Alien

September 12 1585 AD, on a bright and sunny day,  maybe not so sunny since it was like 7p.m at night. I had just finish my homework from school so I decided to go outside on the wheat field to lie down and relax and just enjoy the breeze. Then I saw a light emerging from the clouds and I was asking myself, what could that be? After a few more seconds I started to realise that this light thing isn’t human like technology. Then it got really close and soon to realise, It was a UFO! You know when you were a kid and you saw supernatural like things, you get hyped. I thought I was going to earn a fortune out of this UFO. I was hyped, walking back and forth planning my future plans and what i would do with the money. A short moment after the UFO landed, an alien stepped out and said to me “ I speak the very good english, maybe not that good with my grammar but I will understand.” He also told me he wanted to know about the Catholic Church at the time and why I am a protestant with my parents but my grandparents are Catholics.  

So then I told him the whole story of why me and my parents believed in different things from my grandparents. Me and my parents were protestants and my grandparents were catholic. Me and my parents had our reasons to being protestants. This was because the church was selling “indulgences” what this is, is when you commit a bad sin, you could by this indulgence to not get punished. They sold this to get the money to finish building St Peters but we didn’t think this was a good way to earn the money to finish building St Peters. Martin Luther, a german priest which is also a Catholic priest but protests against the church and challenge them for selling the indulgence; which means in a way he was a protestant. The church also sold Simony, the more money you pay, the better job you will get for the church. Luther thought that what the church is doing is very bad so then he posted 95 theses on the door of the Catholic Church which are basically 95 arguments against the Catholic Church. Other people like Desiderius Erasmus, Jan Hus, John Wycliffe, were also involve in the reformation.

On the other side of the universe, my grandparents were Catholics because they were born a lot longer ago and they can’t suddenly change to protestant because they have been a catholic for a very long time and they worship the pope. And they would do whatever the pope says and never question the pope. Back in that time, no one really had any problems with the pope or questioned the pope. The only person that questioned the pope was Desiderius Erasmus.

7 Minute Challenge

What is the 7 minute challenge? This challenge challenges the way you pace yourself while running, how long you can last basically and if you know how to manage your pace. We usually do this challenge out on the soccer field which has an area of 400m all around. We will then have 7 minute to run as far as we can and try not to walk or stop at anytime. Maybe on the first two or three challenges it would be okay to walk but as we progress, we try to keep a constant jogging pace all the way through.

My goal for the 7 minute challenge was to reach 10km after running the 7 minute challenge 6 times and the 14 minute challenge once.  And at the end i actually reached 11.1km which was more than i expected. I think the reason that i reached 11.1km at the end was because i was motivated and i tried very hard every time, i had someone running with me, sometimes more than me. And coming from a competitive person, i would try my best to beat that. The biggest challenge i faced was basically the heat, i don’t do as well in the heat as i would do in cooler weathers.


Activity HR Active HR (60%-70%) Active Hr (70%-90%)
Popcorn 110 66-77 yes 77-99 no
Rest 62 37.2-43.4 no 43.4-55.8 no
Suicide run 140 84-98 yes 98-124 no
7 minute challenge 180 108-124 no 124-158 yes