G4 Sleepover

On Thursday In our school we did a sleepover and it was great. Before I went the sleepover I was really nervous. And after my ASA all the grade 4 went to the auditorium and we played some tag and it was great too.  Then we went to eat dinner. After eating dinner we did some activities. Finally it was 8:55 we was about to sleep and before  the class smelled good and when I went in my sleeping bag I felt very insulted and when I touched my sleeping bag It felt really good. Also I saw some kids chating to each  other and I heard them talking. Also we did a body scan and  it just knocked me down so I slept then 10 min later I woke up and I couldn’t sleep and it was fun but I really missed my mom. Then in the midnight I woke up again. Then I slept. And in the morning someone pulled my leg I thought it was a ghost but it was my friend Miso and the day was really great.

G4 Talks!!

On Wednesday in the  Auditorium we did this thing called G4 Talk and before we went up the stage with my partner Tristan I was really nervous. And my friend said that its not nervous so don’t panic and don’t be scared. So I relaxed  Then soon after It was our turn and I was so nervous that I even thought that there was a butterfly in my tommy. And when me and my partner went up the stage it wasn’t nervous at all. And our title was E cigarettes and I did a mistake and it was all fine. Also I thought that lots of my teachers helped me and I have to be thank you to my teachers and G4 Talk not bad so after I wanted to do more and more. And I learned that even though you did it lots of times you can be nervous.  And thats what I learned. Also it was really fun and when I did a mistake I just came down and just kept on going. And it was all fine and G4 Talk was over.

G4 talks!


Today in the auditorium we saw many peoples on the stage. Ms Fox was teaching us about sleeping. She taught us something that we didn’t know like kid need lots of sleep. I thought it was great when the performers was preforming the things we learned already. Also we had a sheet of paper, and there were some questions. One of the question said like this. “Why do you think Ms Fox choose this topic?” And I thought because she might wanted to remind us by telling these stuffs again and again and thats what I thought. the things i learned from the G4 talk was Ms Fox told us kids have to sleep 9hours to get lots of energy and