Industrial Revolution CSI

For our last project in History Semester 1, we had to make a digital CSI choosing 1 word from the pack of words from the Industrial Revolution Quizlet vocabulary so I decided to choose the word Industrial Revolution. This is because this is the word that most of the words on Quizlet link to. I choose to put in trains in my drawing because I think that it was one of the most important transport during the Industrial Revolution since it helped to transport things around Great Britain. I think that this is a fascinating discover because before the inventions of trains, people would use horses to transport and the horses would get tired easily and it takes a longer time. Another thing was I added a factory, factories contributed a lot in the Industrial Revolution. Instead of working at home, people would then go to factories and start working. The mechanics were all made in factories nothing was made at home. This is the age of machines. The machines helped to make many difficult things that our human hand couldn’t make. I choose dark colours because since grey represents the machines and it making out of metal. Black representing the smoke and pollution that the burning of coal has giving us. I choose the colour dark red since it represents blood, blood being the humans working in the factory. Overall I’ve really enjoyed this topic and the part where we get to make the CSIs.

Semester Reflection

Since I’m knew to this school this year, I’ve very much enjoyed it. I’ve made new friends and learn numerous things both educational and life lessons. One of my best success this year is  that I’ve kept up with my new school and I didn’t fail any classes or got many low scores.  An area I need to work on is my writing skills how to write short efficient and not too long. Also to improve my choice of vocabulary.

Life Saving 2014

During this semester, I’ve learnt the topic of Life Saving in P.E. I’ve really enjoyed since I had little knowledge of life saving. This topic has taught me numerous things about how to enter the water safely as well as how to save others when they are in danger. The life saving techniques I’ve learnt this year are front and rear rescue. My favorite was rear rescue because I think that it’s easier since the person can just lay on your back and u can just drag them back to the wall.  In addition, we also played a few games in P.E at the end of the class such as water polo, underwater hockey and volleyball. My favorite was  the water polo with the floats where someone was on top of the floats and one was pushing the floats. I enjoyed this because i found it challenging how the 2 people must communicate whilst trying to protect our base and to get the ball but we succeeded and brought our team to victory. I would put my effort quite high because I’ve participated in all activities and finished all of my jobs just in time. I’ve missed 1 P.E class but I still had a chance to catch up. In conclusion, I’ve really enjoyed this topic and I would want to extend this topic so I could learn more sophisticated life-saving skills.



Newton Design Reflection

During the whole topic of learning about Newton’s Law, forces and how gravity and forces work, I have learned many things and how it can aplly to my everyday life. Since I’ve learned many things, I’ve always applied my knowledge and understanding towards design our vehicle. I’ve never learnt the Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion before therefore it was a huge challenge cause I had small knowledge of physics and motion. This helped to expand my science vocabulary as well as expanding the knowledge in physics. I’ve also learnt that the Earth has a bigger gravitational pull this is why I’m not floating in the air. Throughout the designing process, even though we failed once but we kept on trying and not giving up. To fix the problem, we reduced the amount of friction between the body of the vehicle and the ground between the wheels and the body. Having a small limit of materials left, we used materials such as cardboard for our body and as well as bottle caps for the wheels. Slimming down our car reduced it’s air friction. If I’d had a chance of doing this project again, I’d try to use other ideas for example making the straw bigger so more air could come out faster so that the our design could move faster and further. If I could extend this project, I would look how different materials changes the speed and why sport cars travel faster than normal cars. This was an interesting topic to me and I’ve learnt numerous things.



Making and Designing the Newton Cart (Blog #2)

We gathered all of our ideas and we decided to build a balloon car. We used 4 bottle caps for the wheels and a bottle for the body and attached them using straws. Our model is shown in the image below. However, when we tested out our finnish project, the car wouldn’t move no matter how much we inflated the balloon. The cart didn’t move and this was  a huge problem. So we brought our group together and discussed how we could improve our design. The problem was that there was too much friction between the straws that connected the wheels to the body of the car. The straws could move or spin properly. We changed our ideas which involved connecting the wheels with the skewers and then putting them inside the straws which would be attached to the body. This would make the wheels spin faster and better without it getting stuck inside the cart. We tested our vehicle again but this time, the car was able to move more than 2 meters from the starting point. As with the original vehicle design, our car shows Newton’s First Law by not moving at all when no force is exerted on it. It will also keep moving when force is applied to it until friction eventually slows it down to a stop. If we put more air into the balloon then it will travel further but if we put less air then it will travel a shorter distance , this shows the Newton’s Second Law because it shows that if the mass stays the same, but the net force changes, the acceleration of the object will change. The way the car uses the balloon to propel itself shows Newton’s Third Law because when the air inside the balloon is forced out, the air around our cart gives out  an equal force to the air being forced out in the opposite direction making it to accelerate. Screenshot-from-2014-12-12-164130

The Newton Laws of Motion Mobile

Screenshot-from-2014-12-08-075903In science we were assigned our project on making a car using scrap materials that shows Newton’s 3 laws of motion. First, we discussed the assignment and brainstormed ways of using Newton’s Laws of Motion in our vehicle. We decided to build a balloon car meaning that to move it, you need to blow air air into the balloon and then releasing it, the air exerts a force onto the balloon and the balloon exerts an equal and opposite force onto the air. The First Law states that objects to not change their motion unless a force is exerted upon it meaning that if we don’t blow air into it then it wouldn’t move at all.We then moved onto Newton’s Second Law, which states that an object’s acceleration depends on it’s mass and the force exerted on it. We chose to show by if we blow more air into the balloon then it will move further but if you blow less air then it would travel a shorter distance. Newton’s third law says that when you apply force to an object, the object is applying back an equal force. When you release the air in the balloon air inside the balloon is forced out, the air behind the vehicle applies an equal force to the air being expelled in the opposite direction, causing it to accelerate. 

History Narrative Journal

Prompt: Imagine that you are a teenager living in Germany in the year 1585 AD.  Your parents are Protestant, but your grandparents were Catholic. One day, as your are walking to school, you see a UFO land in a wheat field. You run over to investigate and out steps an alien from a distant universe. Luckily, this creature speaks perfect English (you do too, I know…I know…you’re in Germany). The creature seems especially interested in belief systems and asks you to explain why you and your parents are Protestants, but you grandparents were Catholic



Dear Diary,

The sun was scorching hot as the dusty wind blew into my blue eyes. It was irritating at first but as  the pleasurable scent of fresh wheat surrounded the atmosphere, I closed my eyes and listening to the soothing music coming from the birds. Unexpectedly, the windows were flapping hurriedly. Packing my school supplies as I sprinted towards the window suspicious for what was happening.

“A SPACESHIP, A SPACESHIP.”I yelled surprisingly.

I ran downstairs and straight into the fields of wheat. I took a step closer and closer and here comes this strange looking creature that walked out of this metal spaceship. It said ‘Hello’ to me. It had a fury strange looking tale and an exotic looking face with a smooth half gold half black body.

“I mean no harm towards your planet. I’m here to ask questions on your civilization.” it spoke in a soft voice.

I was surprised that it spoke English perfectly. It began asking me why aren’t there just Catholic and why was there Catholic and Protestant.

I began explaining “The Protestant Reformation began in the early 1500s and ended in the 1600s. Before the protestant reformation, western Europe was still a part of the Roman Catholic Church. The Pope and the Catholics cared about their power and wealth that they started selling indulgences and simony for money when nuns and priests would break their vows by getting married. Many people weren’t pleased with the church’s actions therefore they wanted a reformation for the Catholic Church. One of them was Martin Luther. So there was 2 sides.”

“Oh I understand, why were your parents Protestants and your grandparents Catholics?” he asked again curiously.

This was unexpected question to hear from an Alien who was interested in human history. I began explaining:

My grandparents were born when the protestant reformation didn’t start yet and their parent’s supported the Catholic Church. At that time, Martin Luther hadn’t written his 95 theses and so everyone would follow the catholic church. The Catholic Church was very powerful at that time and was feared by many people. They were as powerful as the Kings and Queens of other countries. Anyone that was against the church would be burnt alive because the Pope would say that going against the Catholic Church means going against Jesus Christ. Citizens and people were frightened by the Pope therefore they would join the Catholic Church. My grandparent’s parents wanted to avoid negative things happening to them therefore they were with the Catholic Church. When my parents were born, the protestant reformation already started. Since I’m from Germany and Martin Luther was stronger in Germany because he had German supporters. Germans saw Luther as a hero. Because Luther was stronger in Germany, and my parents are German, they have a higher chance of following Luther. Luther had the bible translated from Latin to German therefore when my parents were children at that time, they read the bible and realized what the Catholic Church was doing which was wrong. They were selling indulgences and simony. Bibles were the first things to roll off the printing presses which means there was a higher probability that more children would read the bible instead of other books.  Luther also wrote the 95 theses that helped him with his argument against the Catholic Church which brought even more supporters. The religious war ended in 1955 as Luther made his own church in Germany and called themselves Lutheranism. Since my parents live in Germany, they followed Luther and became a protestant. “

After i’ve finished my explanation, the alien who i thought was my only friend drifted away slowly into other planets searching for more history .


7 Minute Run Challenge

In P.E this year, we had to participate in the 7 minute run where you would have to run as much as possible for 7 minutes. You achieve a certificate for each KM you reach for example 2km meaning bronze, 5km meaning silver and the list continues. My aim for each run was about 1km even though i started with about 900k. I improved over many runs. Even though i skipped 1 run, i still achieved a silver.  In the final run which was 14 minutes, i achieved more than 2km. I’m overall proud of my scores and i would like to push myself harder. The 7 minute run is an interesting topic in P.E as it helps you exercise as will as push your limits.


photo 4


Activity HR Active Zone 60-70% Healthy Zone 70-90%
Rest 80 156-169 169-194
warm up 1 126 Yes
warm up 2  140 Yes
warm up 3 142  yes
7 minute run 140  yes



Robotics and Coding – Pong Ball/ Reflection

We were introduced to Scratch, we were assigned with our first assignment.

We got taught on the basics of Scratch and were provided with clear information and steps the whole way through.

Our assignment was to make a Pong game on Scratch.

I’ve learnt more skills on Scratch for example making new things.

I’ve discovered more things and more sections where i could make my game more advanced and better.

I‘ve tried to make new things and expanded my knowledge and it was quit complex and challenging. 

I’ve added points

the more points you get , the faster the ball goes

the background changes every 3 seconds

I found the making the scripts and adding points and making it faster difficult

I’ve tried new things but after many attempts i would get them correct

In conclusion , i’ve managed to put all the pieces together and my pong game successful and i can play on it.

My pong game movie !!!!!