My Minecraft Project Reflection



What are THREE new things I learned about GEOGRAPHY & EARLY HUMAN SETTLEMENT? 

The first thing that I learned is that the Nile river was considered as a gift to the ancient Egyptian because it flooded every year and it leaves behind a nutritious layer of mud called silt and it could be used to build houses or plant crops. The second thing that I learned is that the deserts is useful because its hot and dry and has a harsh condition so that would keep any invaders away and keep the settlers safe. Finally I learned that long ago the early human settlement would settle near the Nile river because the Nile river has almost everything that they would want such as fish to eat, silt to plant crops or build houses, freshwater to drink and use in daily life and it can be used as the 

What are TWO things that I am proud of in my project?

I am very proud of my Minecraft world because even though it’s not fancy or very precise like a real Nile river but it was welled done and I think that I showed my two water features, 2 topographical features and 2 natural vegetation. I explained my map clearly so I’m really happy with my Minecraft world.

What is ONE thing I would do differently if I were to do this project again?

I would make my script better for my video and actually explain more detailed and make my world more precise to make it look like ancient Egypt with a long Nile river. 

End Of The Year!

The end of the school year has come and I would like to go through the things I’ve been doing through out the last year of elementary.

The most interesting and important thing that I’ve done was the sustainability and the amazing race project. Amazing race was challenging and it was interesting because we had to use the google map to find the roads and we walked a lot and all of us walked around district 1. We learned the roads and learned how to cross the roads in Vietnam.

The funnest thing I did was Buu Long. It was adventures and self reliant skills. My favorite part was Ziplining.

The most challenging thing was (again) amazing race and ecosystem search at Cat Tien. It was really hard to find a cycle of eco system in one spot. The decomposer and the consumers (really hard).

This summer I am going to Cambodia, then Italy then Phu Quoc after that back to Cambodia. This summer is going to be long, I’ll miss school.


Organic Cleaning Product Reflection

Our group’s idea was to work on Organic Cleaning Product. We chose this idea because our school is using a cleaning product that can cause health problems. Diethylene glycol is the chemical that can cause you health problems, it irritates your eyes, throats and skin. So then our idea was to make a cleaning product that is healthy for everyone and can cause no harm to students and adults at SSIS. 

Our project is very sustainable, because we are not using any materials that is harmful to the environment but is even an eco friendly product to the environment also. It is super sustainable to our school also is because if we use this product, then we wouldn’t have to use any harmful chemicals in our daily life.

This considers ecology because this can save us more money than using the cleaning product we have, because since the product we are using right now is shipped from the USA so it would cause us more money. Economics considers about the environment. Our project is eco friendly and sustainable so that considers economics. Ms. Wai Mun and the school’s leaders would agree about our project because it is sustainable, and this is politics cause it is considers to leadership. Considering in cultural, people would agree and on this project because it is sustainable, eco friendly. Everyone would want to use a product that has no chemical and is good for our health. The cleaners is a really big part of this problem because they are the one who is going to be mixing and using this product for our whole school so they should be happy doing their daily job. 

To do the groups final proposal, we had to do our own proposal first. We took each part of everyone’s proposal piece and did a final decision put it in our final proposal for the Shark Tank. For our infographic, we went into a website called to make our infographic. When we are done with our infographic, we uploaded onto prezi. Our final step was to make a pitch for the Shark Tank. Organic cleaning products (Infographic)

I learned how to make a good proposal and understand how adults would do in their Shark Tank. The most interesting I learned was collecting information and learned how to make your school sustainable. The challenging of this project was that agreeing on the same thing. Our group did really well on collaborating and sharing the work evenly.

I thought that this project was interesting and fun (only except the budget). I think that if we keep on doing this sustainability project then our school would be very sustainable. 












5th Grade Hackathon

In 5th grade, we did an activity called Hackathon. A Hackathon is a project for making your school, house, or world a better place. We were working on how to make our school more sustainable. My group was working on Reducing Plastic. We brainstormed some ideas of how we are going to make our school a better place.

We made our STAR poster,

Situation: There is to much plastic waste in our school, especially in the cafeteria.

Task: We are trying to stop people using plastic and selling food in plastic containers in the cafeteria. For example, if people forget to bring their water bottles, then they will buy plastic water bottles in the cafeteria.

Action: Instead of using plastic, why not using “fake” wood or metal, inox. The cafeteria should really stop selling the plastic bottles.

Results: I hope that people would stop selling plastic bottles and try to avoid plastic equipment in the cafeteria, and the whole school should do that also.

My idea is very sustainable because we could try to stop plastic. If our school tried to avoid plastic, then soon the whole world would avoid plastic, and then our world would be green and fresh.

Avoiding plastic would be very good for our world, because then the factories wouldn’t produce plastic anymore. The cycle of making plastic contains lots of chemicals and when the factory makes them, then we also get air pollution.

Ecology: When our school stops using plastic, then we could be one of the most sustainable schools. This is very good for the environment, no plastic, no pollution.

Economics: We could afford to stop selling plastic equipment in the cafeteria.

Politics: I think that Mr. Sylte would agree to work on this idea, because this is to make our school a better place and make our school more sustainable and green.

Culture: I think that it will fit in most people’s culture, because everyone would want a green environment and earth as a better place for us to live in.

My group did not get chosen to go to the stage with the shark tank, because my group project was similar to the other group, and ours didn’t also get chosen because it didn’t have much information. But I thought that we did the best and tried.


My Trip To Cat Tien!

Last week we had a field trip to Cat Tien. We stayed for 2 nights and 3 days. This trip is a project about sustainability and the ecosystem. The two most interesting that things that I did at Cat Tien was the night hike when there was no flash light and we were walking in the dark, it was kind of a bit scary and fun at the same time( I saw a shooting star! )  The second most interesting thing was the night safari because I never knew that there is such a wild place like in Cat Tien. There were wild barking dears as huge as a cow. 

At the moon bear center, the guide told us about moon bear facts. Moon bears can’t eat meat in the rescue center because when the bears gets hungry, they will start to fight and maybe sometimes eat each other. 

Micro Ecosystem was the hardest part because it was hard to find decomposer and consumers plus it was also sunny. That was eventually the hardest project in the entire Cat Tien trip. 

For my opinion, I thought that the micro ecosystem was not that exciting and we spend to much time on it and soon it gets boring and plus if you spend to long kids get bored. I thought that next year the 5 graders would enjoy this trip better if we get to sleep in tents on the last day before we go back to HCMC and stay at the bonfire longer. ( wish we could do that).


      Night Hike



Article Reflection

My topic was about diamonds or, I would say, precious stones. I spend lots of time to research about this topic. I used, Britannica… I used lots of sites to get information. It was hard actually to find the right links that connected with my topic. Our whole class had to write out a draft and an outline. Then we had some lessons with Ms. Brown to make our article more interesting. Ms. Rayle gave us articles to practice highlighting the important information. We learned to highlight our own articles too. I think that I did quite a good job on this article. If I did this project again, I would put in deeper details to this article. I published this article with Pages, which is an app to publish articles, magazines, and newsletters. I used one type of text font and one color for my article. I thought that I did good on CARP.

Contrast: How well did you use colors to make your article attractive and easy to read

Alignment: Do things look neat? Is it clear which order a reader should follow through the article or I-Book, or how they should navigate your site

Repetition: Did you repeat things like colors and fonts to keep the article, I-Book or site neat and attractive

Proximity: Are related things (such as text and pictures) placed near each other




My Reading Goal!

For the past three weeks, our class has started working on our own reading goals. I also set myself a reading goal. My goal was to read faster and try to finish my book within the three weeks. I didn’t reach my original goal, because I switched books. I kind of met my goal, because I just started a new book in about three days, and I am halfway through the book. I might meet my goal during the Tết holiday because I will spend some time reading. Here is the book I have been reading;

This book is about a young girl, about 13 or 14, who was married. She ran away, then she was hungry, so she followed a pack of wolves and studied their actions to ask for food. Her name was Miyax, she was from a tribe called the Eskimo, and her dad was a hunter. He told her that once was hunting and he didn’t have any food to survive in the the tundra, so he asked the wolves for food. So now Miyax was copying her dad. Now she knows the wolves’ action so now she has food to survive in the jungle.

I would recommend this book because it is interesting and fun. There are some weird moments in this book. This book is a little bit grown-up.

Gummy Worms Experiment

I learned that gummy worms soaked in baking soda and putted in vinegar would let out lots of gas and was fizzing a lot.

The most interesting part was that the gummy worms didn’t dance around like we( my partner and I) expected to be. The gummy worms just got clear and stickier and softer.

If we did this experiment again, we would use other substance that would make the gummy worms react more to it.


The Amazing Race

We went on the Amazing Race in 5th grade. This is a unit in our 5th grade. A unit about self reliance and taking risks. The teachers made 12 groups of 5th grade students. We went to District 1 to do our race. There were seven challenges. We had to walk to each station. Some stations were really far from each other. We went from 8:05 AM to1:30 PM. We walked for the whole day. Some challenges were hard and some were easy. My group and I got lost several times on streets we didn’t know. It was hard to find the teachers for each station. There was a balloon at each station, so that we would know that this was the station. We had one station left to go, but we didn’t have enough time, so we didn’t finish. Our legs were really tired when we were done with the challenges. We all had an amazing time.

img_0006         starting line

img_0057            resting station

img_0090-3          finishing line



Buu Long Adventure Activities

My favorite was Zip lining. You could feel the cool breeze on your face. I could see almost all the Buu Long Park. The way up the hill was hard to come up. Because it is so muddy and rocky. When I was getting ready to go down the zip line, I slipped when I wasn’t ready and the harness pull me up. It was scary when you weren’t ready and then you were already down the hill, i thought that it was funny. The second best activity that I like was rock climbing. It was really hard to pull yourself up on each rock. If you step on the wrong rock then you can’t pull yourself further up. Although I didn’t finish up to the limit, but I still had lot’s of fun. I didn’t do abseiling, so I don’t know how it feels.

rock-climbing     Rock Climbing

29867195945_4cdbc5baa4_z    Dr. Keller getting ready for zip lining