League of Legends

League of legends is one of the top games that are played all over the world. The game is an offensive and defensive battle type of game and player are suppose to defend and offend at the same time in order to win a game. There are uncountably many strategies to make benefits for your team which will eventually lead to victory. There are 5 roles in this game to defend and offend 3 towers; Those are listed down below. There are 138 champions in total in this league and the players are supposed to pick a most suitable champion in each role and their own play styles.

Top: The champion who sticks to the top lane on Summoner’s Rift. Normally played by tanks or bruisers—i.e., melee characters who can either take or deal, a lot of damage. Or both at the same time!

Mid: Like top, except for the middle lane. Mid-laners are usually champions with solid ability power, or AP for short.

Jungle: The one champion who doesn’t have an assigned lane. Instead, junglers move around the jungle, killing the monsters inside and dropping into any of the three lanes to help their teammates by, say, assassinating an unsuspecting opponent.

ADC: One of two champions assigned to the bottom lane. ADCs are supposed to spend the early part of a game farming minions, leveling up, and buying as much gear as possible to keep increasing their attack damage.

Support: The other champion who plays on the bottom lane. Supports do lots of nice things like: keep ADCs alive, help them land kills, and place wards on the map to increase their team’s visibility.

What I thought about this game is that it’s very simple to play there are not a lot of stuff to know to play however at the same time it can be very complex. Since it depends and offense game you have to think about your play every second and how it helps your team. Also, you have to communicate with 4 other team members to fight the other party. The player should know how to manage the early game, mid game, and late game if a game goes on. This game is very fun once you know how to play I strongly suggest people who love offense and defense game, and people who wants to play game with friends.


Reflection:  My writing is a review type of writing explaining about game, league of legends, the most played game all over the world. I decided to review on a game to review because it is my favorite game and known well. I was trying to explain about this game and what is about as clear as possible. I think I successfully explained about what League of legends is and able to let the reader know about con and pro about this game, and specific role and way to play.