When we first got the recipe for no bake cookies it only served three people. We needed to serve six people so we had to multiply every thing by 2. We made a table to show our work.

Since some of the ingredients on the recipe where fractions we had to double them for example: Butter was 1/8 so I multiplied it by 2/1 I got 2/8 we had to reduce it so 2 divided by 2 =1 and 8 divided by 2 =4.

We started our Unit 3 launch yesterday. I tasted 3 kinds of fish sauce and number 1 was my favourite. My favourite station was the fish sauce station because we got to eat pork with the fish sauce. 2 things I love about Vietnam are tet because they put up lots of decorations and I also like pho because it is yummy.

Our unit was called The ❤️ of Exploring. We learned about how The ❤️ of Exploring is to help make the world a happy place by service learning. Something that I heard was Dr. Norkeliunas talking about choices. Dr. Norkeliunas reminded me of something in my life when I had to make a choice of who to sit with and I ended up asking the teacher to make the choice for me. If you make the wrong choice it can impact people in a bad way.