The past few weeks, me and my partner Sanghoo have been reading the book Eleven. I need to improve on picking good questions. In the book Eleven I like how the author writes her books as a mystery book. I would recommend this book to my mom and Gram because they both seemed interested when I showed it to them.  

I have been reading SEEDFOLKS for the past few weeks. I would rate it 2 stars because To me it was boring. I sort of liked it because it was thoughtful but boring. If I could recommend somebody to read this book it would be my mom because she started reading it but didn't get to finish it.

What did Amelia Earhart explore?

Amelia explored airplanes and the world.

What motivated her to explore?

The thing that motivated her was when she first went got into the plane at the airshow. After that she was in love with airplanes.

What characteristics did she show?

Amelia was brave and not afraid to do things above her level.

How did she go about exploring?

She flew airplanes And navigated them.

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The thing I enjoyed best was reading in the morning. The thing that I didn't enjoy best was the beds being to hard and Sangeun flopping over on my bed also, somebody was snoring! I think I showed making good choices by ordering a watermelon juice instead of a nestea.

Tomorrow is our G4 talk day. My G4 talk is called, Exit The Inside and Enter The Outside! I am doing it with Sangeun. Today I am feeling nervecited and confident. Tonight I am going to video my self and practice my speech over and over until I know it by heart and won't need to even take a glance at the words. I think my partner is feeling nervecited to. But I also think that she is feeling ready. I think we are going to impress the audience. I am really excited to wear the microphone.

We have started the year with our unit, Independent Me.
So far, an important fact I learned was is that a nine or ten year old should have no more than 24 grams of sugar. The most interesting activity was the chicken wings with Mr. Edwards we got to rip out the bones and muscles. I had a hard time with  the lungs because it smelled bad and my bled. I would still like to learn what happens to the lungs when you smoke. I think it's important for me to learn about body systems because then I know what is right for my body.

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On Wednesday we went to see a owl but it was dead. When we turned it over blood comes out of its nose. Seeing the owl was really cool. We are not sure what kind it is but we think it is a barn owl. We also don't know if it is a boy or a girl. It was brown and white and had black spots on its chest. Ms. Fox showed it to us. One more thing we did we did was Andrew built a tower that was a little bit taller than Ms. Weiss. It was built out of base 10 and 100 blocks. Andrew had to stand on a chair to build it. At the end we got to nock it down. It was very loud . Everyone screamed.