Building a model of Pangaea with Duplo Blocks

  1. The blue Duplo blocks represent North America.
  2. The yellow Duplo blocks represent Europe and Asia.
  3. The green Duplo blocks represent South America.
  4. The red Duplo blocks represent Africa.
  5. The red (transparent) Duplo blocks represent Antartica.
  6. The yellow (transparent) Duplo blocks represent India.
  7. The white Duplo blocks represent Austraila.

Today in science, Ajin and I built a model of Pangaea with Duplo blocks. 300 million years ago, Earth did not have seven continents. Instead of the seven separated continents, there was a huge super-continent which is called Pangaea. Pangaea is formed by South America, North America, Antartica, Austrailia, India, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Alfred Wegner came up with this theory that Earth’s continents were once all together. (Alfred Wegner is a german scientist who hypothesized about Pangaea.) Alfred Wegner got an idea about his theory when he found fossils of the same organism from two different continents. As you see in the photo below, you can see that the continents match like a puzzle.

This is a photo of Pangea:

However, during 300 million years, the super-continent- (Pangaea) slowly moved apart. This is called the continental drift. Continental drift occurs because of the plate tectonics. There are three types of plate tectonics. The three types of plate tectonics are divergent (constructive), convergent (destructive) and transform (conservative) boundary. The divergent boundary is when the plate moves apart from each other. The convergent boundary is when the plates come together. Transform plate boundary is when the plates slip to the opposite direction.

In conclusion, Pangea is a super-continent is a group of seven continents. The theory of Pangea was hypothesized by Alfred Wegner. Also, continental drift occurred because of the plate tectonics.

Art Student Led Conferences

My favorite task was zen eye because I learned more about zen tangle. After coloring the zen tangle, I used Green screen to insert me inside the photo. When completing this task I learned about zen tangle, green screen, and eye coloring. I was really happy with my artwork because it was a first time to use a green screen in Art class.

I think this quarter was my favorite quarter because I created more than 5 artworks in 2 months. I think this quarter was very joyful because I did a variety of activities. (Such as painting, clay work and zen tangle.

Whoopee Cushion Poster Annotation

In Language Arts/Writing, we started a new unit. This, Unit is mostly all about advertising. Today in Writing, I compared and identified some of the posters. It was really a good opportunity to use some of the skills that I learned before. Most of the poster were very retro and old. Most the font was bold which helped me remember some of the key- words. Also, important words were repeated which represent R in AFOREST. Overall, I think it was a great opportunity to learn about the advertisement because advertising is everywhere!

Just Do It! Nike Slogan

Just do it! Nike is a very popular brand among athletes, and we are here to find out what the purpose of their slogan is. We think that it means to take risks and don’t be afraid to try new sports. We think Nike actually chose Just Do It as their slogan because people these days, care how others think about them. By saying Just Do It, this might make people try something new too. When people take risks, people will succeed and when you fail, try again. In sports, if you don’t take risks, you will not be able to accomplish anything. Nike is one of the highest quality sports gear you can get. So remember Just do it!

Mummifying fruits!!

Before Week Without Walls in social studies, we mummified fruits! This was very interesting because it was the first time for me to actually mummify a real thing. These days we learned about Ancient Egypt. We learned all the different orders in social class and their own roles in Ancient Egypt. So first, we scooped tomato and apple’s seeds with the plastic spoon. For a human, I think it is the same thing as clearing all the organs. Then we got 2 full spoons of salt and 1 full spoon of baking soda into a bag. At last, we rapped the cleaned fruits with a strap of tissue and kept it into the bag.

This is the photo of mummified fruit:


I think 3 most interesting things are creating a headline for the ancient Egypt news, Minecraft project, and mummifying fruits. I chose ancient Egypt news because it was actually a chance for us to develop our creativity, imagining what could have been a breaking news in Ancient Egypt. Minecraft project was interesting because I learned how to play Minecraft in Macbook and displayed our own Minecraft. Social Studies is awesome subject!!! Also, I really want to thank Ms. Wolf for giving us such a nice opportunity 🙂 

How to set up a Humming Board!

Have you guys ever heard of humming board before? Humming board is actually a program you can use to create something and do robotics. By using the application called scratch and birdbrainserver. Scratch is basically an application that you can code and make your robot move. Birdbrainserver is like a bridge which helps you to check if the board and your computer is connected

First before you start create new robots, you should set up the humming board. Here is how you set up humming board:

  1. You need to download an application called, birdbrainserver and scratch. Make sure that you have an power cable .
  2. Now, connect your power cable with the board.
  3. Go in to birdbrainserver and check if your board is connected. WE had some hard time figuring out if the board is connected or not, but you can know if it is connect if the birdbrainserver is colored instead of black and white.

Thank you!! This was how to connect humming board!


John Carter, Princess of Mars.

This week our lit circle was much better than last time. I think it is because we learned how to be a better reader, and it was actually a very helpful way to understand the book. Our book is actually very hard and challenging than the first book. There are many words which are unknown and the expressions are very advanced. However, Ms. Bailey told us about taking notes and gave us a lot of sources such as audio, and simplified version. 

As a result of our discussion, I learned some of the important information that I missed from my teammates and it reminded me very well. Even though the book is very hard it is okay because I can ask my teammates. 

Next time I will prepare to the discussion more deeply and tell more of my ideas. Instead of just listening to other teammates, I will also, share some of my opinions. 😛